Dick of Gold

Oh gaaaaawd why did I stay up so late doing this? *sob* Why am I always awake at 5am?

Okay, I'll make this short.
For the record, dicks made of gold don't get into my panties, either. :P
So I made a little mistake when I drew the last comic. I'd intended Nic to be more glarey and not actually doing the face-palm thing because that's the reaction I wanted at the end of THIS comic. But since I'd done it I didn't want her to be reacting in exactly the same way here so I worked on some more exasperated looks. I settled on her face-smashing into the rack next to her. But here are some other sketches I was considering:

That's it for now. I'm gonna try to sleep and I'll entertain you all more in a day or two. :)

PS: I just applied to win a corset, electro-toy and suspension cuffs over at www.fetlife.com/sit_on_santas_lap ! Cross your fingers for me! :)


Rub Soldier said...

Having now read them all, all I want is more :)

Vera Wylde said...

I'm rather fond of that first sketch but in the end I think the one you used is the funniest and most effective.

TJC said...

What? No way, I spent AT LEAST half an hour with that golden paint!

Love the concept sketches, but the one you used in the comic is just pitch-perfect. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Do you actually own an outfit like this? If so where can you purchase something like this?

Nic said...

I do. I do most of my shopping online but anywhere you see things like "clubwear" you can usually find skimpy, strappy little numbers. Try hitting up stores known for their stripper gear like TouchofRomance or anywhere in the garment district and downtown LA. :) Still, online is the best way to go. There's some CRAZY stuff out there!

Melissa said...

Happy with this one! Brings more attention to her cute little ass.

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