The Shocker

I almost forgot to post this one up. I've had a long two days with TheShocker, he likes to play multiple hours.
I want to reiterate that the client characters look nothing like any of my actual clients so this is not at all representative of TheShocker. The stories, though, are true and acurate.
The cattle prod is actually a favored tool of mine. It's terrifying, which is why I love it. I can both give and take it and I like it both for different reasons. I enjoy taking it when we do the "cattle prod games" with this client because he'll play with multiple girls and we'll have games of chance (and some skill, like gambling) to see who gets proded and who does the prodding. I tend to be REALLY good at these games partially because logic is on my side and partially because I know TheShocker well after playing with him for over 2 years now. This comic basically depicts that sort of session, as we tend to all run about screaming alot. :)

We played yesterday and today and I'm going to see him again Sunday so I'll let you all know if there are any fun revelations when I put up the Monday update. I'm tired so I might not sound it but I'm just thrilled to death because TheShocker bought me one of the presents I wanted the very most off of my wishlist, the violet wand! Oooh it's my FAVORITE electical tool! He got me the entire set AND bought me extra attachments. I cannot WAIT to get my hands on some submissives to tickle and tingle with this thing. Ahhh I'm so happy.
I actually cried a little when he gave it to me, it thrilled me that much.

Anyway, I figure you guys might have a few questions about the prod. It's more scary than painful, though it DOES hurt pretty good. It feels like a sharp pinch or a bee-sting but it's a very fast and brief pain. I think the anticipation is the worst part. It doesn't course through your body like a taser or anything like that, it purely zaps the surface of the skin where it touches. Most people tend to kick and jerk when hit with it though I've seen a few take it with barely a flinch. A favored client of mine (MrMark) is that way and I'm excited to see him in the new year since he's one of the only people who will let me prod his cock and balls. It is SO fun, I love him!

The violet wand is an electrical toy that feels more like static shocks and is known and named for the beautiful purple "lightning" it emits. I love it as a toy for public play since it puts on a fantastic show. My favorite thing to do with it is to ground the person I'm topping with it so that the current is flowing through them and then conducts wherever I touch them. It looks like I'm shooting lighting from my fingertips, it's pure awesome.

Anyway, enough gushing about my favored toys and more sleep. We have another prod update coming Monday for you all. :)


ministan said...

As I understand it, most people who use a cattle prod in play only use it with one or two of the necessary six D-cell batteries, and have dummy batteries to take up the rest of the space. So you're not getting the full force of the thing. However, I could be wrong.

Nic said...

There are multiple different types of prods, ours doesn't use Dcell batteries and has no need for dummy batteries. This is the one:

ministan said...

Ah, okay... I was thinking about the ones with the long handles.

You talk about this customer as being a nice guy, but you draw him rather unflatteringly (as you seem to draw many of your customers).

Nic said...

Like I said in the description, I am NOT doing likenesses of clients. I thrive on being discreet but it doesn't mean I can't tell my stories without relating it to specific human likenesses. So, this looks nothing like him.

As for drawing my clients in an unflattering manner, that could be one of two things. For one, I'm not terribly good at drawing men. I'm working on it but women are of more interest to me. Secondly, though, we do get alot of unattractive fellows. I don't want to portray this business as attracting only hunky younger men. In fact, it is extremely rare that we have a young man since they generally can afford us. And while being older doesn't mean a man is unattractive by any means we do still get many men with typically unattractive traits, like being severly overweight or hairy.

These things don't bother me at all (Sharky is an extremely hairy fellow, if you've followed the comic from the start you'll know I'm very pro-hair, and neither of us are in great shape) but I DO want to portray them accurately. This is why I don't draw myself as a slim, statuesque character. I want to attempt to show the REAL side of this business. :)

ministan said...

I'm certainly not suggesting that you make every guy look like a male model. And I also (obviously) understand that you'd never draw an actual client likeness.

But the portrayal of this poor fellow is particularly unflattering, with his unibrow, pig nose, and pockmarked cheeks. If you'd given him a double chin he'd practically be the epitome of "ugly guy."

"In fact, it is extremely rare that we have a young man since they generally can afford us."

You mean "can't" afford us?

Also, FWIW, I think your portrayal of yourself and your co-workers is especially appealing and very well done, as is your strip in general. Please don't mistake a criticism of a small part of your strip as an overall one. In fact, please feel free to ignore it all together!

Nic said...

I did mean "can't", typo.

I guess I hadn't considered this depiction as ugly as you do. I just gave him a wide nose that's not that different from many of the other noses I draw, I didn't endeavor to make it pig-like. I sort of dotted his cheeks seeing more freckles or moles in my minds eye. Yea, I threw in a unibrow, mostly to make him somewhat unique. I want specific characters that are going to be repeatedly used to stand out. :)

Melissa said...

I didn't think he was horrendous, at all. He seemed to me like a pretty ordinary older man, and a very realistic client. Something about him conveys a sense of kindness, too.

Sabine said...

i didn't think the guy seemed ugly. I thought he looked like an adorable older man that's really excited to use his prodder. It made me laugh.

Nic said...

Thanks, I appreciate that. I wanted him to look normal, average and kind (just like the guy he really is.)

monotreeme said...

so, could you post out a rough copy of the rules of his "cattle prod game"

it sounds interesting
(disregard if you have posted it later in this series)

also, damn right aren't neon/violet wands fun?
I have an old sheath knife with the edge ground blunt that I really like when combined with the body contact electrodes

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