Featured Fetish: Hypnosis!

Wauuuugh! I'm so beat.
Had two sessions today as a top. Both were fairly heavy players. Now I am tired.

So! Here's the new idea I promised you all a bit ago! The Featured Fetish!
I want to do it TWICE a month, now, instead of just once. I'm thinking 1st and 3rd Saturdays. It's kinda my excuse to do fun, fetishy and full color pin-ups once in awhile. Please let me know if you like this idea, hate it, think it should be more or less frequent, have a fetish to be featured in mind, anything! I want to know! Give me feedback!

The featured fetish today is Hypnosis!
I chose this as the featured fetish debut since it is near and dear to my heart. Not only does my partner practice it with me but my friend Lex over at HypnoFantastico gave me a little bump when he posted kind words about us here and I figured I owed him some hypno fanservice! ;)
I really hope all of you hypno-fetishists out there like this little feature. I wasn't sure on what exactly to draw for this feature so I thought I'd go with a fun, whimsical sort of hypno-stereotype like we see in lots of cartoons. The swirly eyes, the swinging pocket watch. And, the cute hypnoslave of course! :P


Anonymous said...

Marvelous :)

wcw43921 said...

Thank You for your shout-out to the Hypno-Fetish. I like your artwork--nice and cartoony. Good stuff.

Should you ever decide to do another Hypno-cartoon, here's an idea--Margarita is swinging a glittering crystal before Nic's eyes, and Nic is staring at it intently and taking off her panties, which are about to join the rest of her clothes in a pile at her feet. Nic says--"I keep telling you, I can't be Hypnotized--"

I have to ask--do any of your clients ask to be Hypnotized? Have any of your clients asked to Hypnotize you, or ask if you could pretend to be Hypnotized?

Once again, Thank You--and continued success wiht your webcomic. Take care.

Nic said...

wcw43921, What a cute script idea! I may have to use it in the future and credit you. :)

I'm actually interested in working with hypnosis in the dungeon but have been concerned about advertising it purely because I have anxiety that if I get someone who doesn't go under that he'll be annoyed...
It's probably a silly worry but it's still in the back of my mind.

I do have one client who comes in to hypnotise us girls from time to time. He tends to want to hypnotise the Doms, I think because it's a fun power-trip! :)

SpiralAqua said...

I love the pic, and I would burst with joy if any hypno fun shows up in the story itself. :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't knew this fetish, hehehe.
Nice idea. But I was expecting to see more of your cartoon :( (easy blog addict mode ON, hahaha).
What about panty fetish? Lord, love it so much :$

IvanHajduk from DeviantArt

Anonymous said...


Thanx for the shout out to us! I actually started reading thanx to Lex & Lizzidoll. Love the comic and can't wait to see where it goes.


Anonymous said...

I actually think we deserve some more cleavage and maybe a bit of an up-the-skirt glimpse... *pouts* < /end complaint>
LOVE the pigtail ball thingies... hehe I had those when I was lil! =)

Nic said...

Well, she's meant to be in shorts, for one. :P

Things will get racier and racier as time goes on. We're just getting started!

Crios said...

The fetish-sphere is more complicated i ever think.

Unknown said...

As a hypno-junkie... THIS IS AWESOME!

Blnkstr said...

There's a client who comes in to hypnotise the Doms? That sounds like a fascinating story itself! Please, more details! :)

Nic said...

It'll be featured in the comic at a later date! :)

Rub Soldier said...

I love the idea of hypnosis fetish, I think you are on to something :)

faceseat said...

it would probly take to much time. but it would be cool that along with it you can link to some of your favorite stories of that fetish?

Deviant Gent said...

I don't really see the appALL GLORY TO HYPNONIC

Nic said...

Hahahaha Gent, that makes me want to draw a little swirly-eyed Nic gif! :P

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