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Not that I don't love a cold beer, too...

It's an ICE CREAM pint, not a beer.
Get it? Get it? Not too subtle?
Yea, I'm lame. :P I swear to you stuff is developing. I had a few months where I was out of work and I had to make some changes in my lifestyle. You'll see...

In a bind?

Just a cover page for the upcoming storyline. :) You get some color! Yay! And it's true, I've never EXCLUSIVELY topped. But you'll see how that goes. :P

From the beginning now.

Do I smell a storyline?! Still experimenting and learning. That second panel is a teaser that will be explained at a later date! Please do let me know what you think of the word bubbles in this. Do you prefer them to the previous comic?

It Begins

First one. Hoping to make this bi-weekly if it gets a good response. Yes, this story is true. No, I never played with him. He sent me the money and never got back to me. This is from when I was working independently.
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