Moral: Blood Thinners Suck

Whoof! So, guys, I'm updating on time but I'm a busy, busy lady. It's still very possible that my Monday update might be late.
I played with two guys yesterday (and turned down a third) and two guys again today. Tomorrow I'm going in early to play with TheShocker yet again and then I'm going to the club at night to get spanked on stage a bit. Then Sunday I'm seeing family and then Monday I'm back to see TheShocker off.

So, yes, I'm a busy girl this week.

I'm extremely tired right now. Not sure what to say about the comic, just details about how SHITTY it is to have a heart condition. Only three more on this topic and then I SWEAR we're back to bdsm. :P

OH, OH EDIT!: I totally forgot, how silly I am! Tonight I took the big box tens unit all the way up to 99 (that's the highest, doesn't go to 100) on high! On my pussy. And then cattle-proded my own pussy.
I've now broken two records for TheShocker and our dungeon. :) I have labia of STEEL!

So Goth

Eek lots of updates lately, eh?

This is just an old somewhat self-mocking joke I used to make to my friends. I've always worn lots of black simply because it goes with anything and I think it looks best on me. I don't aspire to subscribe to any sub-cultures really, though. But, yea, the gaping, bleeding wound within my heart... *lesigh!* How can those white-faced poets compete!? :P

Anyway. The hole is not the end of the story. A hole would have been a pretty easy fix but I've got the added bonus of having some dangly bit hanging out right next to the hole. No one knows what it is (hard to tell/see just from angiograms and esophageal echos) and no one wants to try to patch the hole because they think if they jostle that little dangling chad in there and it comes loose and sucks through that I could have a massive heart attack and/or die.
Thaaaaaat's good enough reason for me to leave it alone for now...

To be fair, that WAS about 5 years ago. I'd bet that by now there's someone who could do something about this for me. However, I am STILL in debt from the hospitalization 5 years ago and I don't have health insurance just now. PLEASE don't get me started on the state of health-care in this country...

So, just giving you all a heads up, I have TheShocker in town Thurs-Mon so the next two comics might conceivably be a bit late. It all depends on how busy he keeps me. I'm trying to stay on top of everything. :)
The next week or so completes the heart conditon story.

Comic 100!

Wheeeee! My first real milestone!
Happy 100th strip everyone!

I feel like time has just flown by. I still feel like the new kid on the block in the realm of comics, I feel like I just started this project yesterday and yet it's been about 9 months already! Sheesh.
I can see and feel that I'm getting more comfortable with my character design and with art in general. My coloring style has improved (I still suck but hey, I'm learning) and pretty soon I'm going to work on a different inking style. I'm proud to see how dedicated I can be when I'm really excited about something. Go me!

And thank you guys! Thank you all! I've so enjoyed speaking to you all and hearing your questions and feedback. You've all been so supportive and funny and you're the reason I try to keep myself to such a tight schedule. You all motivate me, thank you so much, you're a fantastic bunch!
Also, huge thanks to everyone who's linked to me and gotten my name out there for new readers! Reddit, Danielle Corsetto, Pablo Wapsi, Lex, The Webomic Beacon, Between Failures and anyone I may have been daft enough to forget or overlook, you're all stupendous and I thank you so much for your interest!

Celebratory spankings!

About 5 Years Ago...

Yes'sir. I do indeedily have a heart condition. I mention what it is in the next comic in this arc. We don't have a history in my family and nobody ever knew I was anything but healthy till I suddenly had a heart-attack one day.
In the middle of sex...

I can't make this shit up.

Also, I was slimmer back then and I tried to reflect that a bit. Not sure if it came across but it's not that important. This happened with my ex, before I was with Sharky, though he's had the pleasure of accompanying me to many a doctor visit. :/

So, this is comic number 99! Which means to keep up with my schedule I'm going to cheat a bit and upload a celebratory comic 100 tomorrow instead of my usual Wednesday update. :) Then, after that, the next 5 comics or so continue with details about my heart thing.

Featured Fetish: Puppy-Play

Another featured fetish here! By request, puppy-play!

So, first, the crazy outfit on the chick is just cuz I felt like it, doesn't pertain to this fetish at all.

Puppy-play is a roleplay in which the submissive pretends to be a dog. It's great for humiliation and obediance training. There are ENDLESS toys for puppy-play. Most often here we don't play with the puppy mask and gloves unless a client brings his own specifically because they're expensive and specialized pieces of equipment. There are also tails, harnesses, all sorts of things. We usually just use the staples here: a collar, leash and great verbal direction. If we're feeling particularly mean we can add a toy for fetch or a bowl for floor-eating.

I like to make puppys bark for added humiliation and also to sniff my butt. I can use that either as a reward or as an excuse to punish them. :) It's also fun to lead them about on their leash, making them crawl up front to be seen by all of the ladies. Sometimes I'll force them to lick the ladies feet like a slobbery little dog would.

This roleplay is also a great excuse to utilize cages!

Well, not sure what else to say on the matter... Let me know if you have any questions!

You Don't Want To Know What Happens If The Dumb One Gets It

Heh heh, perhaps and over-used joke but I love classics.
Perhaps a tip of the hat to a funny moment in one of my favorite movies of all time, The Three Amigos!
"I like the one who is not so smart."
"Which one is that?"

Okay, so, Saturday all of you get a Featured Fetish! This is the first time in awhile that I have no requests so I'm going to have to pick one!
And after that, we start a fairly long (by my standards anyway) story-arch about something VERY personal...

Dirty Thoughts

Sorry this is a bit late, guys. I had a somewhat tumultuous Valentines Day and it kept me busy. This is the last comic with Sharky in it for awhile. :)
We're monogomous, btw, but that doesn't mean we don't often find others attractive and share it with one another.
I drew the penis heart, triple Xs etc because I thought that was more fitting than hearts, since I only lust after people. :P

Okay, I'm tired so I haven't much more to say tonight. Talk at you all on Wednesday.

Happy Valentines Day

This Valentines Day love YOURSELF!

Or, you know, you could join me and many others in loving ME and send me a Valentines gift. :P

Practical Uses For Hypnosis

I think I've mentioned before that Sharky dabbles in hypnosis. That's HIS big fetish and he's admited to putting me to sleep in the past. :) I'm a bad insomniac and I think I bother him at night by squirming and chatting and fidgiting while I try to sleep.

So! Nic will begin growing her hair. I was never really bothered with being mistaken for a boy but I DID care about being passed up again and again at work for not having a more "traditional" and "feminine" look. Now, with longer hair, my business does better but I still have to fight the urge to shave my head entirely when I shave the undersides. :/

Okay, that's all for now, see you all Saturday! :D

Miss Male

Yaaay two updates in a day!
Okay, I admit, it's only because I got the last update (PiggyBacking Featured Fetish) up late. Pah!

Anyway, this is the beginning of a small change for our main character Nic, here, but you'll only find out how in the next update.
I have OFTEN been mistaken for a male in my days, especially when I used to have my hair in mohawks or cut/shaved extremely short. It doesn't happen anymore now that my locks are long but I used to make a handsome fellow back in my day! ;) Heehee, that's a photo from my first license when I was 16. I miss being a cute little butch!
I've always been more comfy in baggy torn up jeans and loose mens t-shirts but nothing can hide my big booty and big tits. My figure is ALLLL woman, so sometimes it was REALLY confusing as to how I could be mistaken for a man. I've even been refered to as male while wearing a short skirt!

People are so strange. I guess it's just our societal stereotypes at a glance!

End of my rambling (it's late, I'm tired, I expect forgiveness) and I'll see you guys for Wednesday's update!

Featured Fetish: Piggy-Backing

Featured Fetish time! I know you've missed it. :)
So, Piggy-Backing! Yes, this is a REAL fetish. And actually, as I've encountered it, USUALLY the guys want us, the ladies, to give them the piggy-back ride. I just thought it'd be cuter to have a chick riding a guy. Unfortunately... this came out creepier than I expected. I thought it would be bright to put the smallest Mistress atop as rider but now it looks like a little kid and gives a creepy incest vibe. I'm sorry! Wasn't my intention. D:

Anyway, Piggy-Backing! Piggy-Back fetishists are some of the kindest souls I've had the pleasure of playing with. They're always very sweet and playful. Not all girls do piggy-back sessions because they're quite difficult. Being a bigger, stronger lady I love taking them! Piggy-backers tend to be smallish. If a huge guy wanted this I don't know that we'd have anyone capable but they tend to be petite or at least slim. Also, they're always very considerate about letting me have short breaks. :) Piggy-backers keep AT LEAST their boxers on, they don't get a free chance to rub their bare cocks against my back or anything like that. Also, I can't recall any of them every getting boners during the ride.

Most of them discovered their fetish sometime in highschool or at a young age when a friend of theirs playfully gave them a piggy-ride. You can find piggy-back videos all over the net, or so they excitedly tell me. :)

In short, I LOVE piggy-back sessions! I have strong legs and can run about fairly fast with a guy on my back. :D

Oh! PS I forgot to say that someone requested I do a "carrying" fetish but since we don't get anything as specific as that in the dungeon I went with this as the closest thing. Second to that might be guys who like the wrestlers who can lift them overhead but that's for another Featured Fetish. :P


How're the guys to know what they're yelling in Russian? :P
Aren't you all happy I "translated" this one for you?

So, I hope this extra will tide you all over because tomorrow's featured fetish is probably going to go up late. I have it all inked but I'm reformatting my laptop tonight so hopefully I can get that update finished and posted tomorrow eve or Sunday at the latest.

That's all for now. I work tonight, Fridays have been busy lately. See you guys in a day or two!


Aha! Phew. Still managing to get these up on their update days! So it wasn't up at midnight... are you really gonna hold 18 hours or so against me? *cough*

Heh heh, anyway. So, if anyone out there reads Russian they're gonna know I don't and just used a translator. Apologies if it's horrendous. There is a bit of a joke in the Russian text but I shant reveal it so easily. I could have asked our Russian coworker to do a translation for me but we don't work the same shifts so it's hard to find the time to see her.

Either tomorrow or Friday I'm gonna give you all an extra comic. In part because I have guilt over being late recently and in part because I have a sister comic to this one and the last comic was an extra, offsetting my anal scheduling.

So, extra comic in next two days and then a new featured fetish on Saturday! Whoo! :)