Happy Halloween

It's a big one, so click!

Yay! It's NicBuxom's first Halloween! Sorry this didn't go up at midnight like usual, because it was such a large one and because I did full color it took me a bit longer than usual. Plus we are having a little bit of drama with rent and such and it all slowed me down. I'm feeling a little ookie tonight so I'm not even sure I'm going to celebrate Halloween like I normally would but we'll see...

So! This is Nic as Velma (she won over the Mario costume on the twitter vote), Natasja as cowgirl, Honey as a naughty nurse, Miyu as a cheerleader, Coco as a kitty-kat, The Twins Missy and Prissy as devil and angel, Margarita as a bellydancer and Eve as a cop!

The joke is that any of these costumes have and are used in roleplay sessions. :P

And I have a few little treats for you all, this Halloween! No tricks! I promise. :)
I really have dressed up as Velma, multiple times, for those of you who don't already know me for that. ;) Here's a pic or two of that IRL, in the dungeon:

But, I've also been Mario! Here's that one:

Both of those costumes I compiled and made completely by myself. I even stitched the "M" on the Mario hat! :)

I'm thinking of making this comic into a poster/print. If I did, would any of you be interested in buying it?

Also, I found my first "webcomic" that I started with a friend a long time ago. The art is pathetic really and we had a shamefully short run but the jokes (written by my old friend Jeremy Cohen) are actually pretty funny at times. I'll swallow my pride and submit it to your scrutiny here!
I actually kinda like the art/coloring style on these two:

Also, look at how small and boyish I was!

It's sorta based around my friends and I and our interactions and lives at the time. Are you noticing a trend of self-absorption with me yet? ;)

One last goody for you all!
Tomorrow at 3pm Eastern (that's noon for us here on the west coast) I'll be on a live podcast about sexy/fetishy webcomics over at: WebComicsBeacon.
Give me a listen! If you can't make it live you can always listen to the recording later, too. :)

Alright guys, that's it for today! Enjoy the update and have a fun, safe and spooky Halloween night!

Soul Sisters

So, I got a new sketchbook after filling the last one up. But this one bleeds a little bit when I ink. :/
It's not THAT big a deal but my stuff doesn't look as clean to me and that bugs me a bit. Plus, I need new ink refils on my pens really badly... D:

Heehee, the twins crack me up. I always thought it was strange when I'd see young girls doing intimate things with one another and then saying they're only friends. *shrugs* I dunno.

Okay, next update is on Halloween! Lucky you all! If you've got nothing to do on Halloween you can come see Nic and the gang here. ;)
Actually, in seriousness, there's a Halloween party and costume contest at my club that night. If you're in the LA area and you've got nothing to do lemme know and I'll give you the details, it should be pretty fun. :)

Okay guys, not much more to say on this matter.
The IUD totally rocks, btw. ;)

Twin Trouble

Bet you didn't all see THAT coming!
Yes, we don't actually have any siblings working here with us but the young girls tend to REALLY look and act alike, alot. ESPECIALLY if they're close friends. I tend to have trouble telling young people apart sometimes because they're all working so hard to "fit in" and replicate one another. Missy and Prissy are both 18, btw, and will continue to be refered to as The Twins. :)

So, yay, lesbianism!
Sexiness in this comic should escalate slowly. In about a month we're going to actually start seeing into the sessions a bit here and there and so various stages of undress will come with it. :)

I just got a very sexy gift from my wishlist from one of my biggest fans, MrStealthBuda and I'm just oh so excited about it! I've been trotting around the dungeon here in them all night, getting admiring comments from the other gals. I'm just giddy over them! I can't wait to send him some photos in thanks! ;)

More Paths

I'm extremely tired right now. I can't say I have an excuse to be so, I've just been tired alot recently. I actually had a bloodtest today to get my thyroid checked to see if maybe that's why, since it turns out it's not the anemia.
I'm just one big jumble of health issues, yay!

But on a nicer medical front I'm getting the IUD checked tomorrow and if we get the clear I can officially have sex without condoms! Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Okay, ahem, less about me, more about the comic now, amiright?
Just another fun little "how'd you get here" moment. Natasja, the top girl, is Russian, btw. This is her first time speaking, I know. Actually, I think it's the twins first time, too! They're named Missy and Prissy. I really wanna get my character page up so you guys can see their names...
In fact, there's ALOT of things I wanna get up. Sharky! Please! Halp!
Comon, everyone, beg and plead my web-guy and honey Sharky to work on the site for us all! :) The fate of the comic rests in his hands!!!

Oh, and I wanted to address the punchline in this one. It's a little more anti-feminist than I might normally be comfy with but honest to gawd there are girls who take this job as a rebellion of sorts.
Plus, the twins are just young and not all that bright. *shrugs*
They can't help it, I made them that way!

Also, I can't resist teasing you guys...there's going to be somewhat of a reveal in the next comic. Keh keh keh keh keh...
You'll just have to wait and seeeeee! :P

Featured Fetish: Spanking

Featured Fetish Day!
Ah, Spanking!
Probably one of the largest staples of bdsm play!
This one is HUGE. Hand spanking is a personal favorite of mine and it's probably one of the top things that come to mind when people think about Mistresses and punishment. Most people have been spanked in their lives, even if only as a child!

Here is Eve and Nic, doing OTK spanking. OTK is our slang for the highly popular spanking style of "Over The Knee." If you were spanked as a child, this is likely how it was done!

The funny thing is, I was NEVER spanked as a kid or in school or otherwise. I've always been very obediant. My parents say they never needed to spank me. Now, of course, I love it! And I've got the booty to back it up. ;)
I really, really need more spankings in my life!

Oh yea. I got that twitter all you dern kids have been talking about. :)

I'm horrible at figuring it out yet but it will come. I'm expecting to tweet about comic updates and maybe what I'm up to during the day in the dungeon.

Just Business

It's LITERALLY her job!
Don't let Nic's sad expression in the end take away from the punchline. :)

So, I've been home about a week and I've been busy, busy, busy all over again. Yesterday was the half price party at work and I made a fair amount of money. Which is great because I spent ALOT on my vacation. :/

I'm tired because my sleep schedule still isn't back to what it used to be and I've been picking up extra work days to make up for my time away. I have to wake up kinda early tomorrow so I should be getting to bed any minute (but I probably won't.)

Also, in a week I get my IUD follow-up and if all is well I can officially have sex without condoms! Whee! I'm very excited. Here's hoping for the best!

I was very happy with this comic. Everything came out just dandy! I need to start working on backgrounds. I loathe them so I avoid them but I can't do that forever...

Oh, one more thing.
If I started a Nic Buxom twitter would anyone be interested in following it? I figured I could give little updates about how the comic is coming along, the update schedule and what I'm doing at work etc. :)

Double Trouble

I'm back! I'm home!
Good for me, I updated on time my entire vacation!
I'm extremely tired still, trying to get my schedule back together. Tonight is my first night back at work, even though I only got in two days ago, sheesh. Plus the IUD is bothering me a bit again. Soon (about 2 weeks or so) I go in for my checkup to see if it's expelled or not. JOY. Cross your fingers for me, all!

I was pleased with my lineart on this but I got a bit shakey while inking and fucked up some of my nice linework. It's not horrible or anything but it DID change some things that I'm not pleased with. Still working to pin down a definite design for most of the girls, but I'm pretty comfy with Nic so far.

Eve is one cold, cold lady. Does Nic deserve this for being cheeky when they first met?

Eve's Return

Okay, I am updating this the same evening as the last update, since I don't know when I'll get another chance at the comp and I like to be punctual at all times, including with my updates.
So, again, forgive any drunken typing. Lord I'm tired.

Sooo, do you all recognize her? Why, that's EVE! Eve was the not-so-sweet Dominatrix that tested Nic in strips oh so long ago. Hmm, this doesn't bode well for little Nic. Time to put that tough ass to the test, eh?

That's all I really have to say on the matter for now, because I want my floor-bed. Until next update! The next one will be from home. :)

Featured Fetish: Schoolgirl

Whoo. I wasn't sure I could get this one up on time since my friends here in Portland don't have wireless but I have found the time to borrow their computer and I was bright enough to bring a usb cord and card reader with which to transfer my images.
I'm a little drunk right now so please excuse me if my typing isn't top notch.

We saw a live show tonight by the Clumsy Lovers (I hope that's right) and they were excellent. Much dancing and drinking ensued.

I've been having a really grand time visiting my friends, both MissManda and Ed&Cait. You guys are awesome. Long live long friendships. :) <3

So, this is the schoolgirl featured fetish!
This is probably the MOST popular roleplay we get. We have sweet innocent schoolgirl personas to be corrupted as well as wicked and naughty schoolgirls that tempt teacher. I went with a naughty schoolgirl because I can think of lots of future features in which to portray the more innocent of schoolgirls.
I have about a million schoolgirl skirts to my name, because I like variety. I know a more traditional look tends to be a blue or green plaid but something about this little lady just called for pink, in my opinion.

Okay, it's late and my schedule is screwed up from all of the travel and we're getting up early for a festival so to sleep I go. Enjoy! I am very proud of this one.