Prod Per Late Comic

My roomy/dungeonmate Al is helping to keep me in check.

I've been a bad, bad webcomic artist and nothing quite punishes like a cattleprod per missed update. D:

It's only fair? *gulp*

Wah wah wah

Okay, admittedly, this is a filler update.
I've been drawing alot but not working on the comic quite as much. *cough*
Seriously, though, I've just been wanting to experiment alot and so far it's proving to be REALLY fruitful. Crayons are the shit!

Also, been trying to loosen the tight strings on my purse of emotions lately and allow myself to get alittle emo. It's not so bad.

And speaking of being emo, I am EXTREMELY frustrated and upset and disappointed to find that we're having troubles getting work on the new dungeon going and so it's been pushed back again and there's no set date for the reopening. I feel full of despair at this and my future is again quite uncertain. I'm hanging in there, though.


Where I've Been

Wahhhh. Life.
I'm sorry I'm so busy, guys. :(
I bet I miss the comic just as much as you all, if not more.

But the truth of the matter is, I'm BARELY home half of the week and when I am it's usually just to sleep and then head back out on my way again. I'm doing my best to keep you updated here and there but hate that it hasn't been steady. I hope these scribbles and sketches are okay for now, I wanna return to BDSM soon soon soon...

Oh, also, I've been coloring alot and I love it and I'm going NUTS with color, it's fucking awesome. Also, angst.

Featured Fetish: Socks

Socks fetish!
So, this is a weird fetish of mine, actually. I LOVE the way socks look and am a collector of cute long ones. I love stockings as well. However, I personally don't like to WEAR socks. I'm a big barefoot type, socks get on my nerves sometimes.

Obviously a sock/stocking fetish tends to go hand in hand with foot fetish, just dressed up a bit more! I have lots of clients who also like to croon about the soft texture of certain socks and stockings.

Sorry to be brief, I JUST got home from Vegas and I'm still tired and busy. Adultcon was really fun even if I was too fatigued to go and party as much as I wanted to each evening. I didn't grab as many photos as I wanted, either, but I'm sure I'll be popping up around the interwebs again soon, seeing as how many people had cameras pointed at me the whole weekend.