Everytime I post anything on the internet ever...

This is somewhat in response to a doodle I posted on my tumblr that blew up a little bit. Everyone had nice things to say about it except for ONE GUY. There's always that guy...

I may post another comic on the topic. I'm not actually upset, more bemused. And amused. But it gives me stuff to art about because I find it funny. :)

So, I'm super disconcerted that this goddamned piece of shit comic took me literally ALL DAY to finish. I've clearly gotten out of practice when something I used to be able to knock out in an hour takes me this long. I'm mad at myself and inconvenienced by it. Especially since one of the only two major stresses in my life right now is that I am SO behind on commissions. I'm really sorry, you guys. I don't get much free time anymore and it takes me depressingly long to make any headway. -_- I suck.

The other stress is that income has fallen off a cliff and died for me. It's probably just the holiday slump but that's just when it's the most inconvenient, yay!

On the topic of good news, however, I have very suddenly stopped biting my fingernails. I don't know if you understand what a huge deal this is, I have chewed my fingers down to bloody stumps MY ENTIRE LIFE. And now I have these amazing talons that I can paint and scratch people with and haven't quite learned how to wield yet. It is awesome. 8D

Also, I dyed my hair to make myself feel better and it worked. :)

Clean Your Room

I was never spanked as a child, actually. So.... can't blame mom for my fetishes. ;P I just thought this was funny.

Also, I'm not saying we spank or otherwise physically punish one another in the dungeon when we're mad.... but I'm also not saying it's never happened!!!! ;)

It feels really good to be comicing again! I got bogged down in that long arc that half of you hated anyway and while I'm still annoyed at myself for not finishing it it's nice to be out from under it and just doing what whims I feel at each moment. I think I've spoiled myself by living that way and responsibility tends to drag me down. I still have alot of commissions to catch up on but in two weeks PrettyBoy is going back home to Massachusetts for a whole week so I'll have lots of time alone to art. :)

This weekend is my best friends birthday so I'm going out of town to visit him and the holidays are upon us! Now that finances are stable again (since I've been able to work) I expect to do a big closet clean-out and sell off a bunch of my stuff for fairly cheap. Everything on the "Benefit For The Booty" page will be discounted and I'll be posting more stuff so that if you guys need any holiday gifts fulfilled I may be able to help ya out! :D Just give me some time because it's way more consuming than you'd expect to photograph, upload and code everything so I need to get myself together, be patient.

Okie-doke, will post soon!

Happy Hauntings!

Sorry this is late.

I was actually supposed to go out to West Hollywood with friends tonight but they showed up nearly 5 hours late and I just wasn't up for it after that. I am an old woman, now. I can't get a party started at 10pm anymore. I want wine, quiet and sleep. Bleh.

Anyway. Just a rushed last-minute idea for you all. Hope everyone's safe and has fun tonight. I'm staying in with a bottle and a movie and a PrettyBoy.

I still committed to a costume, though, even if it was just to wear at home. What it lacks in originality I think I make up for in dedication. At least, I haven't seen another Walter White crossdresser who had the authentic hairy legs and bald head to back it up. ;)


Happy Halloween!


I seriously just couldn't stand the zombie story arc I had been working on anymore.... I still have a load of it written and it IS October so it would actually be appropriate but I am fickle and flighty and I was starting to hate working on it. So, instead I made this absolutely silly thing. Sorry it's sort of bizarre, I just had to have fun with things again.

I know I must be out of practice because this took me DAYS to complete, instead of hours like it should have. -_- Ugh.

Uhm, so, life is busy as ever. I'm working in the dungeon ALOT and money has been decent lately (especially since I'm sporting a wig again.)

PrettyBoy and I had our 3rd anniversary and it was lovely. All is still beautiful on that front.

My toenail is in the process of falling off. It's disgusting. I smashed it months ago and tonight AT THE DUNGEON the nail decided it was going to fall off. The girls fucking laughed at me while I was freaking out. This is going to put a damper on my foot sessions.... D:

I guess that's all for now. Do you guys hate me for abandoning my zombie arc? Should I bother coming back to it? Can I just keep doing ridiculous comics like this one?
Anyway, see you all soon!

I'm touched

This blog has been many things to me, a place to vent, to amuse myself, to educate... But my greatest achievement has been reaching out to you all, making friends and changing attitudes. I receive beautiful correspondence every day about how I've changed someone's life for the better, made them a little bolder, a bit more comfortable and confident in themselves. If I've made just one person smile a little more then what else can I ask for in a life well lived.

 I know this isn't a comic but one of you readers wrote me this and I just thought it was too sweet and too poignant not to share.

I was asked to leave it anonymous.

"I guess as long as I can remember, I have been a closeted fetishist.  I do not have an obsession, as it is not destructive.  I do not have a problem, as it does not intrude in my life or my relationships.  I do not have a complex, because I'm comfortable with who I am and what my erotic side means to me.  This was not always the case.

My particular brand of fetishism is mind control.  Not like the hypnosis fetishists that like actual, sleep/trance hypnosis, mine is more fantasy based.  Swirly eyes, arms out like zombies, blank stares, monotone voices, pretty much everything covered by Saturday morning cartoons.  What I feel makes my brand less common, however, is that it's the mind control in itself that's erotic to me.  Many sites and resources see it as a means to an end: sexual activity.  To me, a woman in a full parka mopping a floor would be just as erotic as one naked or in lingerie performing fellatio or some other erotic act, so long as she had spinning spirals for eyes.

Hypnosis and mind control fetishes are all over the place on the internet, with our communities and boards, but I've never, despite being a relatively active poster on many of them, considered myself part of any group.  Aside from the anonymity the internet provides (as evidenced by me not signing my name or handle to this letter) I have been very possessive of my fetish and can count the number of 'real-life' folks that know about it on fewer than the number of fingers and toes I have.  It always struck me as unusual, weird, out of place, even at times wrong.  I've seen it called a rape fantasy, among other drastic and repulsive monikers.  This did not help how I felt about my attraction.

Over time as I made friends, both in person and online, I began to understand the nature of fetishism and eroticism.  Because something is sexual, it is not inherently evil or bad.  To have a fetish, even one as crazy as I considered mine, did not make me a bad person.  I have grown and accepted this part of me, and have maintained successful, happy relationships with many friends, like-minded and not.  After discovering Nic's blog, I reached out.  First it was asking for a commission, which led to a dialogue.  In our conversations, she made me feel comfortable with how I felt, accepted it, didn't make me feel like I was wrong or crazy or weird.  Hell, she even let me share some of my own artwork with her, and even said she liked some of it.  Further reading of some of Nic's posts and blogs has helped me find the right state of mind to find the right friends; share with the right people.  I'm happy to say I consider Nic one of them.  My friends, the ones privy to this knowledge, have accepted me, every part of me.  Some find my tastes interesting, some find them alluring, some are indifferent, but the fetish does not make the man.  

Blogs like Nic's, as well as my correspondence with her, have helped me cement this confidence.  Reading her thoughts on sex workers, fetishes, eroticism, and men and women in general have helped me understand and appreciate the role eroticism and sex plays in a healthy emotional life.  Like alcohol, junk food, video games, anything that one does for enjoyment or escapism, eroticism is a healthy outlet when done in moderation, under the right conditions and at the right time.  It's ok to have a fetish.  It's ok to talk about it, to open up about it to the right people when trust is earned. It's ok to appreciate sex and the erotic.  I'm not a bad person, I'm not dirty, I'm not sinful, I just like girls with spiral eyes that walk around like zombies.  It's the unique spice in the flavor of my life.

When sharing these things with people who are open and understanding, it's not objectifying.  It's empowering.  My fetish was dark and scary to me.  It was something I was ashamed of, something I was terrified people would see, that would lead to their repulsion and my abandonment.  To share that with someone, to open that bridge of trust, to share that part of me that so few see, it's a symbol to that person that I respect, care for, and trust them like no one else.  Something so simple or silly as posing or acting as if hypnotized, like something out of a cartoon, it's not shameful.  It's not objectification, it's reciprocation.  It's taking your trust and entering into a safe environment to play out those fantasies with you.  Even my wife, whom I love to death with every ounce of me, plays along from time to time.

My own fetish aside, people that shun these feelings, stuff them down somewhere dark, that's where the danger is.  I have all the respect and admiration in the world for people like Nic, who take those things that society tells you to be ashamed of, bring it into a safe environment, and let you experience it.  It's not raw, sinful pleasure.  It's liberation.  It's trust.  It's expression.  And in moderation, in the right place, at the right time, it's healthy.  The only great shame is that the line between appreciation and obsession is a fine one, and sexuality is still so taboo and feared in society.  Expression and freedom are only a blurred line away from depravity and deviance, but that self-control is much easier to maintain when you have an outlet like the one the people in Nic's line of work provide.  

But just by talking to me, by being a friend, by providing her own words and experiences that I might learn from them as well, Nic has introduced me to a whole new level of comfort with my fetish.  My sexuality.  Myself.

Thanks, Nic."


Sorry for this weirdness. I've been feeling really arty but I'm already tired of my stupid zombie comic arc... but I feel obligated to finish it. Bleeehhh...
Everytime I'm doodling anything ever PrettyBoy glares at me, "Are you working on comics or commissions? You should be working on comics or commissions."

And speaking of PrettyBoy, tomorrow is our 3 year anniversary. :) Yay.
It feels like it's whizzed by and yet I feel like I've been with him forever and ever. We're keeping the celebration small because we don't have alot of cash.

So, thank you guys for helping us to reach our kickstarter goals! We'll have new Mad Nation episodes for you sometime in 2014 and we have rewards being worked on for you (like the MadNation comic, which I am in the process of drawing!!!)

I guess that's it for now. I'll try to give you a real update soon. D:
I don't know what else to say other than I've been working too much.
Kay, bye.

Mad Nation Needs Donations!

Where have I been?

What has been sucking my soul, my talents and my attention lately?

Well, okay, to be fair the whole answer is complicated...
But a BIG PART of what's been eating my life is MAD NATION. PrettyBoy's post-apocalyptic, steampunky, western webseries! We are entering Season 2 and I've been dedicating most of my waking hours to gathering us an AMAZING cast and helping film and promote this awesome upcoming season.

And we need your help!!!

We need to reach a goal of $15,000 in order to give you guys 5 completely new and shiny episodes!

Donate just a dollar and you'll help us SO MUCH. Times are tough, but everyone has some change to spare!!! Just $2 will keep you updated with exclusive interviews with our cast and behind the scenes footage.

Can't spare a dollar? You can still help us for absolutely FREE. All you guys have to do is take 5 seconds out of your day and share our kickstarter link. Put it on facebook, twitter, your blogs, email your friends and family, tell your rich Uncle Henry! We can really use your help. This project is WORTH it. We just need people to SEE it.

See? See?
Why do I think it's worth it?

Previous seasons were a white-boy fest. I'm just gonna say it! (Sorry PrettyBoy!) But with me and another strong queer lady helping PrettyBoy at the wheel we have an ASTOUNDING cast this round! We've got hot women of color and size in positions of power, slinging guns, beating up dudes (I know how you all like that ;p)! We're going to show you things nobody else dares to do! We're thinking outside of the box and you're gonna CARE about our cast! If you donate just $2 (or more) you'll see some of our amazing cast and crew telling you just why they are so excited to bring our characters and story to life. You'll also see some amazing art from my fellow queer artist friend.
 And I'll leak you a secret... I will be taking part in the art of the MadNation comic! Just donate and select one of the rewards that includes the MadNation comic to see new work in a much darker world, from me!

If those aren't enough reasons then you just need to watch the punchy pitch video and cruise over and look at our great rewards. I mean it. This thing is worth it and you can be a part of it!

 Check it out!
So help us out, even if it's just by promoting us! Every little bit helps and we're going to make something fantastical for your all!

Thank you, please share and donate generously!

The BuxomBabes will return soon! <3


Gah! I live! If only barely... So, I've been absolutely SWAMPED lately. And I don't want to go on and on about it but, suffice it to say, I have way too much on my plate. It's nobodies fault but my own but let's chalk this up to a lesson learned... still, in the meantime, the last thing I need is anymore responsibility clogging up the works. And so, I am FIRMLY ending the commission sale. I'm sorry for the short notice but you all had plenty of time and I don't want to make the current commissioners suffer any longer while I try to work my way through their mounting numbers. D: Ummm... so that's it for now. Been working and traveling alot as usual. Took on the role of Casting Director for PrettyBoy's upcoming Season 2 of his post-apocalyptic western web series Mad Nation. We're going to launch a kickstarter soon and I will be asking those of you who can to help us out with that. We have a crew of AMAZING actors (hand picked by wonderful little me) and it's going to be a badass season. Thanks to my involvement we have some really hardcore female characters, something the series has never shown before. It's gonna be good! Keep your peepers open for it! I can't say much more other than sorry for my absence and sorry to rush through this comic. I've gotta get it to you guys while I can. D: I'll try to keep updating as much as I can but it's proving to be a busy year... Upsides, though, are that our apartment and roomy are still awesome and I should FINALLY be getting a car sometime next week. Jezuzchrist has that been a long time coming!!! I will update you all more soon. Sorry this story line is getting dragged out WAY beyond where I wanted it to. I hope at least some of you are enjoying it. :/

Liberty and Justice

Hi! I don't have much time to post but this was a commission concerning the recent news of DOMA biting the dust and whatnot. I just thought you'd all enjoy it, too. :)

I've been crazy busy and it hasn't stopped yet. Booked the next week with The Shocker. Hoping things settle after that.

I love you all! Goodbye for now!


Back to the fantasy story arc.

Afew things have me disappointed with this. For one, I had REALLY hoped to finish this storyline in the month of May. Obviously that isn't happening so hopefully you can all stick with me abit while I get this out of my system.
Secondly, jesus christ this is taking FOREVER. I didn't even do the shading on this one because it took me ALL day just to get the flats down. Blargh. I hope it still looks okay. I had some fun with the colors.

And lastly, I've even rushed through the pencils and inks on the next few pages so they're sorta subpar. :( I just can't keep up with the comics and commissions and still do everything in a timely manner.

Anyway. Otherwise, enjoy the storyline. I really, really wish I had loads more time to work on this. I wanted to pour time and attention into it but I never have any time and attention to give so I don't know what I was thinking. XD

I had an excellent birthday. I've scheduled a photoshoot this Friday for those of you who sent me birthday gifts. :) I should have the photos edited and out to you in about a week. Going out of town this weekend for family affairs so I may be off the charts during that time.

Next page coming soon!

Happy 4th Birthday, Nic Buxom!

We interrupt this kooky story arc to wish NicBuxom a happy 4th birthday! That's right, four years the comic has been running, phew! Somehow it feels longer... Maybe because SO MUCH has happened and changed for me since I began this comic. My life is now almost completely different from what it was, but I still have my dungeon work!

And, honestly, life is better now. It may not be as EASY and settled as it was when I started this thing but I think I'm happier. :)

Speaking of birthdays, mine is in exactly one week! I'll be 28, oh geez. Wasn't I just a kid yesterday?

This comic is partially inspired by an old coworker of mine that I was quite fond of. She used to call her big, glorious booty her "birthday cake!" XD

Anyway, I'm keeping VERY busy with commissions and comics and work and life. I may have a car in the works, I hope this one goes through. My knee is feeling better-ish. I walk much better now but it still aches alot and I still struggle with things like stairs. No heels or running, either... but mostly back to normal at this point. Other than those two things life is excellent. PrettyBoy and I are doing wonderfully and our apartment and roomy are fantastic. Work has been keeping us both busy and we've got our creative side endeavors in the works as well! These last four years have been very up and down for me but I feel like I'm growing up and I'm finding it's hectic but enjoyable. :)

I'll return to the previous story arc soon! Happy Birthday Buxom!


So, alot of people didn't seem to be catching on as to where this storyline was going but hopefully it's now becoming very clear. :3

I have many more of these to upload for this month so we're just getting started!

Anyway, I'm completely exhausted. -_- This month is eating me alive.
DomCon was fun, but stressful, as usual. Those of you on my twitter or facebook page got to see lots of photos of me wearing very little clothing hah. I'm too lazy to post them here so go find them on your own. :P

I have about a week off now, mostly because I totally messed up my dungeon work schedule this week, blargh. -_-
I'm going to spend that week jamming on commissions and comics as fast as I can so hopefully I'll knock abunch of those out. Thanks everyone for being patient.

Now, I rest. *phew*


This is a continuation of the last post, make sure to start the story arc from the beginning! Go back one page!

This is a special made-up story-line for the birthday month of May! Both my birthday and the birthday of the comic, itself. :) The comic is only 4 years old but I'm 28! Yikes!

That's all for now. I'm working on art while in the dungeon because I'm on such a tight schedule this month that I've got to double-task! DomCon is this weekend, I'm looking forward to it! I'm waiting till the last second to pick out what I'm going to wear, haha. See you there!

Client Down!

Okay, disclaimer right now! This is NOT a real story. I've never seen a client die in session and I've never heard of it happening, either. I'm certain it probably has happened to someone, somewhere, but not in my experiences. :P
Sometimes we do get old guys that I sweat about playing heavy with but it always turns out fine.

So, this is not one of my usual true stories. This is a totally fictional story arc that I'm doing for the month of May! It's my birthday month AND it's the birthday of the comic! :D That's right, the end of May is the FOURTH anniversary of NicBuxom! Yays. :3

So, I know I usually do Freaky Fetish Month but instead I'm doing this random arc. Hopefully you guys still enjoy it, it's just a silly idea that I've been kicking around for awhile. :P

Also, I rushed through this comic and I feel like you can tell. :(
I wanted this arc to be really pretty and special for you all but this month is CRAZY for me so I'm going to be rushing horribly the whole time. Blaugh. This weekend is DomCon, one of the biggest BDSM themed conventions, ever! And it's run by the world renowned Mistress who runs my dungeon, too. :) (By the by, if you live in LA and want to attend DomCon you should email me! I may be looking for another pair of hands to maybe help me sell TENS units over the weekend! Plus, it would just be nice to see some of you there!)

Anyway, yes, there's DomCon, there's MY birthday, there's my MOMs birthday, there's other conventions to sell TENS units, there's business meetings... and then the commissions and comics and life in general doesn't stop so yaaargh. I have barely any days off this month. Just swamped. So please, everyone, be patient with me!

Anyway aahh.. yep, I guess that's all... Feel free to send me presents for my birthday, I've been shamelessly asking for things off my wishlist because I freakin' feel like it. Aaaaannd... enjoy this arc as it progresses!... I guess that's it! See ya!


Admittedly I rushed through this one abit. I'm a little swamped between commissions and getting back to work. Even though I'm only working two days a week at the dungeon now it DOES eat those days up entirely and I've still been traveling with my TENS unit job. I just got home from Arizona and I'm drowsy from the long weekend.

I guess this comic isn't one of my funniest but it's something that happens ALL THE TIME. I can talk day and night about illegal activity but can't and WON'T ever actually do it. Still, sometimes clients are too convinced by my performance (or perhaps it's just wishful thinking) and assume we can take things beyond the laws and limits. Most of them are genuinely surprised when I stop them and remind them that we're just roleplaying. I've even faked orgasms (something I've never done in bed!)

So, there's not alot of news on my life. Still at a stand-still with the medical issues and still no new car. I've committed to a few cars only to have the seller vanish or demand more money at the last second so it's not going well. :( Still... it'll be solved eventually, I suppose. I'm very impatient for my life to move forward and past these difficulties so I can get on to worrying about something else...

So, the last matter to chat about, it's officially May! And many of you may remember that May is USUALLY Freaky Fetish Month. It's a big month for me because it's both my birthday month AND the month of the birth of the comic. :) Of course there's also mothers day and DomCon so it's a busy time of year. I don't suppose I'll see any of you at DomCon?

Anyway, regarding Freaky Fetish Month. I've run out of good ammo. I have afew subpar strange fetishes that don't translate well into comics or that aren't that weird in my opinion... and I suppose I could scrape by with the "bottom of the barrel" freaky fetishes but I'd rather not do something lackluster in celebration of a momentous month. So, instead, I'm going to surprise you all with a bit of a side-bar storyline. It's just abit of silly, cliche fun but hopefully you will all enjoy it and if it's well received then maybe once in awhile I'll pick it back up again for kicks. :)

So, I will do my best to update with frequency but between everything going on and my new idea being a little ambitious (and commissions to still keep up with) I may struggle abit. But I'll try hard and I'll update soon! Come and see me at DomCon!

It Comes, It Goes

That's life. :P

So, I should have mentioned in the last post that the last comic was actually PrettyBoy's idea because he thought this one was too depressing but I enjoy darker humor so I thought this was too funny to pass up. :P

This is another "thank you" to everyone who has helped me out so far. At first it DID feel like a massive amount of money. But, as it always does, life found a way of draining me of it pretty swiftly. Good news, though, I'm no longer in the red. :) And that's because of you guys, so thanks!!!

There's been ups and downs on me getting back to normal. I've started back at work and my bosses and my regular clients have been very accommodating of my injury so that's going well, though I'm working fewer days than when I was at my best. Also good news, I may finally have a car replacement come Monday but I don't want to celebrate yet. Not until I'm driving it away and the money has changed hands. :P

In bad news, however, my knee is getting no care at all. I don't want to go on and on about it but the hospital I've been going to has proved itself completely incompetent. I'm going to try a new one because I'm basically back to square one... I injured myself THREE MONTHS ago and nothing has been done to help me. It's absolutely maddening. My referral to a specialist was DENIED and they couldn't really say why. Ugh. Everything on the medical front is HORRIBLE. I am walking better on my own, the limp isn't as bad. But no doctor has helped thus far. I don't want to bore you all with the tales of the long hours I've spent in waiting rooms (literally up to 14 hours at a time) only to be sent away with empty promises that the next guy will help me and with a hefty bill for a complete waste of my time. Days of this. Being forgotten and left afew times, slipping through the cracks of "the system" somehow. Many tears have been shed. It's an appalling failure in this country and I get to fight through it first hand.

But that's enough of that. Life IS looking better, overall. Once PrettyBoy and I can fight through the medical issues and the car insurance failures (looks like we'll be going to court soon) then things will start sorting out again, back to normal. I feel really up some days (like today) and some days I'm lost in despair. But, again, I guess that's just life.

Also, I've no idea why I drew myself wearing shorts in this comic. I never wear shorts. I hate shorts.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone...

Since my last post so much has changed for the better and so much of that is because of all of you. Between merchandise sales, commissions and donations you all have pushed me through the desperate time I was in. Now I can afford rent, a cheap new car (still looking!) and medical care.

And more than the money, so many of you sent me kind words that brought me to tears. More than financial help I received SO MUCH emotional help. And how giving and supportive you all were really touched me. I wish I knew a better way to express it other than to rush out this little comic and to just say thank you all, so much. I was despairing and now I'm looking forward into the future.

I will, of course, still be accepting donations, sales and commissions. However, a word of warning on the commissions, there is a wait. So many of you stepped forward to help me that I am a little bogged down right now. :) I certainly don't mind taking more but just be aware that you will have to wait for everyone who came before you. (That's part of why this comic update is so rushed, I have commissions to get back to! ;P)

I also have more items I will be updating to the Benefit For the Booty sale page with very soon, so keep an eye out! I just need a day to photograph and code everything.

And in good news I am now hobbling around abit. Honestly, I probably shouldn't be walking on the leg but I can't afford not to anymore. And so today is my very first day back to work in the dungeon! I am writing this from our cross-dressing room on an old fainting couch so I can prop my leg up. I can't wear heels and it's been a slow day but at least I'm back. There's going to be ALOT that I can't do with my knee in the shape it's in but I'm sure that my regular clients will be accommodating. :) The Shocker is in town next weekend. We'll see if I feel up for a cattle prodding...

I guess that's all. I just want to show how much I appreciate you all. I think the absolute best thing that has come from this little fundraiser is that I got to "meet" so many people that I didn't even know read the comic. I've struck up some really meaningful conversations with some of you and heard the voices of so many people I didn't know were out there. It's been a thrilling experience to talk to you guys. :)

I'm sick again but not badly so. Hopefully it will pass quickly. I'm only going to work 2 days a week at the dungeon to start and take it from there. My boss from my other job, my TENS unit selling job, is loaning me his car for the week which is so nice of him. People have really stepped up to help me in any way they can and I'm so heartened by the kindness and generosity in people. A few of you even sent me video games and cookies!!! XD Perhaps taking "keep the booty big" too literally! ;)

Thank you all, again. I guess all I can do in return is to keep updating and I will do so, slowly but surely, as I get back to some normalcy. :)

<3 Nic

Begging to Keep My Booty Big!

Holyshit this post took me DAYS to construct.
Please, please, if you would oblige me, please read my whole post. I am asking for things but not without return. :)

First things first, this was actually a commission that I am using here with permission. :) Thanks to the reader who came up with the idea! I've been slaving away at commissions for awhile now but I imagine there are worse things. ;)

I'm afraid, my friends, it's time for me to ask something of you all. If you have the time or inclination watch this video, it's beautiful and interesting and very, very relevant:

As you all have heard from me, I'm laid up with this knee issue. That means I haven't worked in almost two months and I've been scraping by on rent and food and bills etc. My savings are dwindling very rapidly...

Please don't tune me out, yet. I'm not asking for money for nothing (not that I'll turn it down!)

Before I proceed with this big, beggy post and before I get to "asking" I want you to know what any of your money donated has/will be going towards. Rent is obvious and so is food. Comon' you have to keep Nic's booty big and fat or the comic just won't be the same!!! But, also, I have medical bills cropping up and eating away at me. And there are many more to come. I have to give a HUGE shout out to NicBuxom reader Gomai who donated $500 so that I can get a discounted MRI of my knee! We worked something out in trade but he offered without me even having to ask and it means SO, SO much to me. I hope he realizes how grateful I am. You guys are all so wonderful to me. I don't know how to think him and other commissioners enough for their generosity. :)

Also, I have one last new cost.... PrettyBoy totalled my car. Yes, really... He's okay for the most part (afew scrapes and some issues with his wrist and joints) but my car is gone for good. Which means that even once I start walking and driving again I won't have a way to get to work. This is a huge issue and we need to buy me a new car so any money you guys send my way will also be going towards getting me mobile. And I'm not talking a brand new car... we're scraping the bottom of the barrel here and just trying to find a reliable little junker for $1500-$3000 but that is still alot of money with me out of work...

(And as an aside, while I am out of work PrettyBoy has been WORKING HIS ASS OFF. He is a self employed handyman and he's been busting ass to keep us both afloat. I have to give him kudos for being so overworked while I'm stuck on my ass at home.)

Those of you who have been kind enough to commission me have been truly keeping me alive and I thank you all so heartily for that. :) Sincerely.

And so, with commissions in mind I announce that I will be keeping the dicount commission prices open indefinitely. I don't know when I will get back to work and this is one way I can make money from home so PLEASE, don't be shy, take advantage. Many of you have already and I've truly enjoyed every commission. They've keep me busy and amused and I feel like I've been improving in leaps and bounds with all of the practice. I love it. So, commission away! (All merch will stay on sale, as well!!!) If you'd like a commission then check out the commission page for pricing and then write me at nic@nicbuxom.com and we'll work out the details!

Here is a wee peak, with permission, at some of the recent commissions:

And, of course, if you're feeling generous, there's always the donation button!

But that's not all. I've had to get innovative with how to keep afloat and so I have afew strange new ideas for you all to join in on!

Now, I don't know if this idea is going to work but it cannot hurt me to try!

I am cleaning closet on you guys. I have loads of nice things that I don't really NEED and so, if anyone is interested, I'd like you guys to have them. And at the same time you can help me out of this finacial bind (not the fun or kinky kind of bind sadly.) And that way I don't feel like I'm getting something for nothing. :)

I know many of these items are things you may be able to buy on your own online and whatnot (though some are one of a kind) HOWEVER if you buy them from me you getting the added benefit of really helping me survive. So, that's the incentive! It's so important to me.

And one last thing. If you buy ANY of the items I'm selling to raise money you will get a surprise sketch from me, signed. :) It's not as good as a full color commission or something but it will be completely unique and it will be the original copy so... why not!
I'll be sure to make each one something cute/weird. ;P

So, without further ado, items up for sale to help me live! The Benefit for the Booty sale! It's a little kinkier than a bake sale. ;P
Benefit the Booty!

All of the items, unless otherwise stated, are in good condition but keep in mind they ARE all used. These items are all things that have been mine for awhile and while I keep good care of them they ARE second hand. :) Though, as far as I'm concerned that could make them worth MORE to some of you pervy kinksters! ;P

Items include shoes, DVDs, lingerie, action figures, comics, jewlery, toys, books and more!

Also, shipping is included in the cost of everything so that we have flat rates on this stuff. Just leave me your shipping address.
But, if you live within LA I'm happy to hand deliver anything, as well! Just leave a note to me. :) PrettyBoy can drive me to ya!

And if you guys are creative thinkers like me and you have an idea for a trade or something we can work out together for me to make a little cash please don't hesitate to contact me! I'm happy to entertain other ideas. :)

And please, help me spread word to anyone you think may be interested in anything I'm offering here!

Well, that's all for now. I'm really grateful to any of you that help me in my endeavors to keep on despite my injury. I have an amazing readership and you all have always been so good to me. I will do my damndest to keep updating the comics here despite all of my commissions because I believe in keeping NicBuxom up, even if you can't afford to help me out. :3

Thank you all again, and keep kinky!


Yaaaay depressing post! No, it's okay, it makes me laugh so you can laugh, too.
But this IS how I feel lately. Gah.

So, my knee issue is decently serious and isn't going anywhere fast. I tore the ligaments in my knee and I need to have an MRI done to really see how bad it is and if I'll need surgery or not. The trial, here, is that to get care that I'm covered under I have to wait THREE TO FOUR MONTHS just to see a specialist, nevermind the wait time for any procedures...
My other option is to pony up $500 to get an MRI right now. That's cheap compared to most places but alot of money for me. (It's more than my share of the rent!!!!)

I'm currently stuck debating what to do. But what I know is that I can't sit on my butt for another 3-4 months. I just plain can't afford it!!! I'm not earning ANY money like this (except for commissions) and so my savings will only sustain me for another month or two before I'm completely, 100% flat broke. I've already had to use a chunk of it for the last months rent... :(

And speaking of commissions, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who's been working me for art lately. There was a HUGE influx and it's helped me immensely, you have no idea. You're all wonderful. :) PLUS, it's given me something to do while I sit on the couch...

Anyway, that is pretty much all that's going on in my life right now. Since I can't leave the house much there's very little else going on with me other than stewing about my medical issues... We did have one other money-eating nightmare. PrettyBoy totaled my car... So... Thankfully I can't drive right now but it's another expense to worry about. -_- He's okay, mostly. Only minor injuries like some bone displacement in his wrist.

The one good thing going on for me right now (and it's a huge deal) is how much we LOVE our new place to live and our new roommate. He's awesome and we're VERY, very happy here. :) It makes a major difference in both of our outlooks on life etc.

But, I've been chatting too much. I'm going to reopen my commission sale to keep me busy and to try to bring in some money to help me out. I'll do a more major announcement about it soon but if you're reading this feel free to write me about it! :)

Drawing In Corsets

So, this comic is oddly appropriate because just a few hours ago I DID take a rather nasty tumble and I really, really injured my knee. >_< It's not broken or anything so bad but my girlfriend who I had with me is a nurse and she said it's very likely I dislocated it.
I walked into the house from the wet floors outside and my flip-flops became skis on the hardwood entryway floor. Crack-crack-crack! My knee made some horrible pops as I wobbled terribly to regain balance before hitting the floor. Ouch...
At any rate.... it hurts terribly and walking is pretty much off the table for today (and in her professional opinion, probably a few days...)

Anyway. That's the news for now. Hopefully being bed-bound will help me get more productive with comics. I hate taking time off work but such is life and I guess I needed a break after all of the moving etc. We ARE trying to have a little housewarming this Saturday and a lame knee would dampen my hosting abilities. :/ We'll see how it goes...

Moving on, I drew this comic on a slow day at work. I was TRYING to be productive and get some doodling done but my corset was making it VERY difficult and what you see here is basically how I spent the day. :p Look down? Choke on boobies. Look up? Can't bend or reach.

I'm probably going to do one or two more silly corset comics in this sequence. I'm having some issues with internet connectivity in our new place... it's not horrid but it's slowing me down and it's frustrating.
For now, I leave you so as I may down wine and ibuprofen and rest my knee abit.

It's The Least Sexy Time Of The Year!

 Sorry for the absence folks! We finally moved! And we did it over the holidays!
I was busy, to say the least!

But, I'm back for the new year. :) We're settling into our new place and we're very happy with it! It IS with a roomy... but we like him alot! Hopefully it stays that way. We have a big bedroom and a pool on site and it's only a few blocks from our old place so it's working out!

I've been booked up with commissions from the holiday sale and they've been loads of fun! I still need to complete them because there was such a rush. Since I didn't have a chance to give you all a heads up about the sales end I'm going to end it officially on Friday the 18th at midnight. So get your orders in now if you've been waiting or saving up!

On this comic, yes, it's incredibly cold in the dungeon this time of year and we're still expected to all wear lingerie. We're lucky we can curl up with a blanket or hide in sweatpants but ONLY if no clients are around to see it so more often then not we're huddled together, suffering. :P

Well, I just got home from Phoenix Arizona so I'm abit tired. Going to hit the sack. I have new comics in the works for you!