Counter-productive Kitties

I'm super stressed. *hyperventilates*
I've been really bogged down lately and therefore I feel like I have alot to tell you guys. This is another silly "excuse" for my lack of posts. But seriously... the cats won't leave me alone. Their favorite spots to sleep are on my laptop and sketchbook, but only when they're in my lap and I'm desperately trying to get things done. Or, really, ANYTIME I'm trying to get ANYTHING done.

Those bastards.

Anyway. They are alternately cute and annoying.

So, we're pet/house-sitting! The place is gorgeous but the kitties keep us up at night. I may have mentioned these guys before.... the fat one in the foreground is The Screecher. She is the culprit of the mental disaster I have been lately.

Also, I am trying to undertake about a million new business endeavors and having my fingers in so many pots (hehehehehehe) has worn me abit thin. The upside is I now have a number of new avenues to give me comic fodder.

Firstly, if you look over there to your left just below the donation banner you'll see a little button so that you can ring me up, now! So, yes, I'll be taking phone sessions. :) Haven't actually done it yet but I'm set and ready to go!

Secondly, I've joined a coupla different camsites! I won't be doing any nudity but I do dress up in saucy lingerie and dominatrix gear and I bring along some choice bdsm toys to spice things up so don't be afraid to come and chat at me, I spend almost all of my time in the free chat areas (until someone pulls me off for private.)
One thing, though, I politely request that if you pop on there you don't shout at me to show my tits the whole time. -_- Bleugh. I know it's bound to happen (fuck it already has a ton) but it's obnoxious and it's not gonna happen.
So, you can find me here and here if you wanna.
I will likely come off as abit corny but hey, what do you expect on a sexchat? (I guess you expect sex. Which I don't do. Man, I'm really bad at this whole sex-industry thing!!!)

Okay, so there's those. I'm also going to try to get started selling some photosets and maybe even some more illicit items (anyone want some stinky used socks?) and, of course, continue doing dungeon work as well.

So, I'm strapped. Add onto that that in about 2 months PrettyBoy and I need to commit to a new apartment and I've had alot on my mind (mostly money. Or... my lack of it...)

So! I'm actually trying to make myself a weekly schedule. And it's awful. It's like, work the dungeon these two days, do camwork these two days, spend this one day trying to do art and take calls at the same time and get one day off for normal shit like chores and TRYING to have some free-time.


Okay. Anyway. I guess after me being so absent you guys deserve a good ranting at.

My plan for the comic is to post a few more kitty complaints, some sketches about AdultCon (which went very poorly and I don't expect to ever work again) and then to just bombard you guys with FeaturedFetishes for awhile to catch-up.
Hope that's a'ight.

Also, I finally bought a jigsaw and I'm going to start producing pin-up cut-outs and I'll feature them on here for sale as well as trying to get them into galleries so... hopeful and excited for that!

Okay, more for you all later.


I dunno. Maybe the end there got a little abstract.
Hopefully you guys get that's it's essentially me being driven slowly mad by their constant chatter and disrespect. (And me wielding a cattleprod threateningly.)

They keep us up at night by yelling everything they say and blatantly ignoring our requests for them to quiet down. They use our dishes and never clean them. Never take out the trash. Have 9 extra people living in a two bedroom we expected to share with just TWO other people. Nobody pays the rent to the management, despite us paying them 2/3rds of the rent here. They've given out keys to multiple friends of theirs so that there are constantly strangers coming and going from our home. Constantly people sleeping in the living room. They smoke everything they can get their hands on inside with all of the windows and doors closed...
The list goes on and on. PrettyBoy even got in a short screaming fight with one of them tonight.

The good news, though?
Tonight is my last night. Tomorrow morning I drive out to Vegas to work AdultCon and I'm free of this horrid place forever. I've been trying not to bitch here too much about the living situation but it's gotten so absurd and I'm just so grateful to be leaving.

I've been trying to draw a comic for days but I've been so goddamned uncomfortable with our living situation that I just couldn't get anything done. That's partially why this is so sketchy. It's also partially because all of our belongings are packed up for the move and I couldn't find alot of my art supplies readily. -_-

Anyway, yes, PrettyBoy and I have been freakishly busy. I haven't much more to say on the matter, gotta do some last minute moving.