CLICKIT!!!! ^^^^^

Okay, times are hard, we're all on board with that. See?

So, at the sage-like advice of PrettyBoy I am having a massive firesale on all t-shirts!
Yes, you read that right.
All t-shirts are just $7. That's as cheap as I can go and have them still pay for themselves so, yeah. Fucking buy them! This offer is ONLY for the month of December. As soon as that new year hits the price is going back up. Clean me out, please.

And you're welcome. :)

This comic memory is a kick-back to the very second comic.
Also, I'm still sick. >_<
Leaving for Vegas tomorrow (assuming the plague doesn't keep me on my back) but I'll do my best to keep the updates regular...

Mild Mannered Artist By Day...

Yargh, I'm siiiiiiick!
Hate. >:I

So, yes, I hope this one is funny. I used to be somewhat notorious for showing up pre-dressed with just a hoodie and skirt hiding my Dominatrix gear. I still joke about my "Clark Kent" disguise. Especially since I wear big geeky glasses normally and not while at work. :)

Anyway. I'm too snively and annoyed to want to write too much more. Sorry to be curt with you all. I'm hoping to be well by the weekend cuz I'm going to Vegas to work (selling the tens units.) And the weekend after that I'll be at AdultCon so maybe I'll see some of you guys there. :)

For now I'm going to rest while I can. See you guys in a day or two. :)

Featured Fetish: Shibari

Shibari has way too many beautiful extensions for me to depict, really. It's broadly classified as Japanese rope bondage. After that there are endless styles and techniques that can be used.

I didn't go with a full suspension pic here because I thought that could be used as a whole other fetish but I liked the idea of adding a little hair bondage in.
I admit I didn't show the beautiful and complicated rope and knot-work that shibari experts master but it's not my specialty. I went with a very basic expression of the art.

Rope bondage is a great tool with so much variety. Because it can be time consuming it's usually utilized for art more than utility, though it's fantastic for both. :)

Bet you guys have missed the Featured Fetishes! I'm back on board with them and looking forward to getting back in the swing.

Apartment Life

Yes, the horrid truth is that this happened. >_<

I'd intended to update you all with this and whatnot when we'd first found a place but my life didn't slow down so this is a touch belated. Mid-January we're actually moving OUT of the place we've just moved into.
Still excited to be moving about. PrettyBoy has turned me onto nomadic living!

After the holidays we house-sit for 3months (not the ducks this time!!!) and then we look for a new place! So, I'm sure I'll have other hilarious move-in/move-out stories for you all.

We, uh, replaced this showerhead, btw. Not before it gave me a good knock in the forehead, though. >_<

Anyway, Happy early Thanksgiving, as I don't expect to do a themed comic. Who knows, maybe I will... but just in case, have good holidays!
Not much news otherwise so... see you guys in a day or two. :)

btw, guys, we have more Lunatic Odyssey videos for you all but, in order to protect his copyright on some of his work PrettyBoy is going to be moving his account off of YouTube. So, if the videos go down in the meantime and whatnot don't worry, we're aware, and we'll get them all up and posted again asap. :)

Tips For Sex-Industry Workers To Keep Warm

Or is that last one just me... ? ;P

Yes, well, all legitimate suggestions!

EDIT: This was scheduled to go up on Friday night while I was out of town but, as I feared, something went wrong and it didn't post. I asked PrettyBoy to post in manually for me in this instance and he did not. You may all blame him for the delayed update. -_- New one tomorrow!

Feels good to be comicing again! I know I already said that but I'm still reveling in being back at it. :) Hey, whatever keeps me motivated!

By the time this goes up I should already be up north visiting my bestie on the farm he now lives on. Hopefully all went smoothly and you're reading this as a timely update. :) And hopefully I'm drunk on good wine and food!

I know I don't draw Nic with body hair very frequently. I've kinda had a crisis of character for a long time where I'm not sure if it's her or just me that has the body hair. I never really made it a plot-point that she's since grown it out after her fateful test with Eve so long ago...
I dunno, what do you guys think?

Most of my latest clients have been seeing me BECAUSE of my body hair. It's a nice niche for me, since it's a personal preference and a rare choice in my business. And I like getting positive attention for it. :) Heck, even the negative attention at least amuses me. You gotta be able to laugh at yourself (though I'm usually laughing at others.)

Uhmmm I feel like I'm mostly rambling now. I also feel like I had something to address to you all that now evades me... Ah, well, couldn't have been terribly important then, I guess? There's always next update.

Oh! Here's a topic.
Clearly I'm very far behind on Featured Fetishes. Would you guys prefer I just pick up at my usual pace and do them twice a month between regular serial updates or would you like me to do a boatload of the pin-up-esque FFs in a row in lieu of regular updates? Or something different? Do them every Friday for awhile instead of every other?

Sound off. Tell me what you want. Art Slave is here to please you, Master. (Or Mistress. Whatever. I top from the bottom like crazy, don't I?)

See you Monday!


Okay, so I'm definitely a little rusty... but it's a comic! That's something. I'm getting back in the swing. :)

Feels good to be working again! By the way, I've dropped my commission prices for the holidays as well. :) Just like the merch sales, it's all gonna go back up in the new year so get ahold of me now while prices are low!

Going to visit my best friend for the weekend. :) Very excited. I should have some comics scheduled to go up in that time so hopefully that will all go smoothly while I'm away.

Another big thank you to those of you gifting me this holiday season! I can't wait to do up some snazzy photoshoots and I've sent out a few prints and whatnot as well. :D

Uhm. Guess that's all for now.
And yes. Dungeons get very cold in the wintertime. D:

Back in Buxom!

I always forget my layout doesn't like long comics. >_<
Oh well, clickit!!!

No idea why I've been so gay and excited about rainbows lately...

So, comic is starting back up again I SWEARS.
Just in time for the busy holiday season! D:

Credit PrettyBoy for his cruel and unusual motivations...

Have some videos!!!

Also, there wasn't a big response for my gift exchange idea but... fuckit! Even if just one of you guys wants to do it that's fine by me.

So here's the wishlist.
Here's the store.
My email is
All of this info can also be found in the sidebar, of course. If you don't get a response within a few days (I'm very punctual) please mail me again, you may have gotten caught in spam. D:
(You'll note the dropped prices on the shirts and prints, yay!)

Also, I have learned that not many people read this commenty section, since I keep getting asked how the road-trip is going, where my ex went and what happened to my business... I know my witty and sophisticated banter isn't as compelling as the pretty moving pictures but if you want to know the details of my personal life this is where it's at, folks!!! ;P
I'm confident no one will be offended by this. Since they won't be reading it anyway. Ha!

It's good to be back!

Gift Exchange Idea?

Hi guys!
Sorry this isn't an arty update again. :(
I fail at cartoonist.

Some bad news happened but I'm working my way through accepting and forgetting it and focusing on all the awesome stuff in my life right now. That should help me get back to updating, truly.

I thought you guys might enjoy this recent photoshoot I did. I own waaay too many corsets. D:
But....uh..... feel free to send me more. ;)

And, speaking of which, I wanna break an idea to you all.
What do you think of this...
I want gifts for the holidays. I don't have the space and I totally don't NEED anything I want but I WANT. I want. I want...
(Hey, at least I'm honest.)

So, I was kicking around the idea of a sort of holiday trade or gift exchange? PLEASE sound off in the comments and tell me if you like this idea. So that we can all get what we want I'm thinking that for every gift you send me off of my wishlist I'll send you a t-shirt of your choice.
You like?

I'm thinking if you get me an item of anything under $10 and I'll shoot ya a sticker. $10 or more I'll send you a print of your choice and a sticker. And if you send a gift of $20 or more I'll send you a t-shirt. And if you send $25 or more I'll send shirt, print and sticker. And if you do $50 or more I'll send you a shirt, all 4 prints and 2 stickers.

Does that sound fun? Fair? I don't know. Give me your feedback!

I want to reiterate I'm also totally fine with my previous and long-standing trade offer that every item you send me I'll send you a photoshoot of me wearing/with. However, I won't have the time to do shoots AND send merch so if you gift me something please choose and specify if you want merch or if you want photos. I'm only gonna do either/or for this, sorry. It's a busy enough time as is. O_O

I still wanna hear from you guys first but if you LIKE the idea you'll have to email me with the details of what you want (as far as shirts and prints etc) Sorry, it's not a polished system. :/
Also, I won't send out the merch until I receive the gift, seeing as lots of people "reserve" items on my wishlist that I never receive so I figure better safe than sorry.

However, if you're on PrettyBoy's side and feel that I have ENOUGH junk as it is then I've got something for you, too. Holidays fast approaching, I'm going to drop the price on my shirts and prints. :) I know it's hard times, I'm feeling it too, so if you've been saving up for a NicBuxom shirt or think it'd make a great gift for that special kinky someone then from Nov. 5th (I need a second to change the buttons and whatnot) to the end of the year I'll have those two items on abit of sale. :)
You're welcome!
(And for the sake of clarity I'm not dropping the stickers cuz they're already so cheap and I'm not dropping the art-book cuz it's a collaborative thing and we split it.)

Happy early holidays! Feed my greed!
Please sound off!