Mad Nation Needs Donations!

Where have I been?

What has been sucking my soul, my talents and my attention lately?

Well, okay, to be fair the whole answer is complicated...
But a BIG PART of what's been eating my life is MAD NATION. PrettyBoy's post-apocalyptic, steampunky, western webseries! We are entering Season 2 and I've been dedicating most of my waking hours to gathering us an AMAZING cast and helping film and promote this awesome upcoming season.

And we need your help!!!

We need to reach a goal of $15,000 in order to give you guys 5 completely new and shiny episodes!

Donate just a dollar and you'll help us SO MUCH. Times are tough, but everyone has some change to spare!!! Just $2 will keep you updated with exclusive interviews with our cast and behind the scenes footage.

Can't spare a dollar? You can still help us for absolutely FREE. All you guys have to do is take 5 seconds out of your day and share our kickstarter link. Put it on facebook, twitter, your blogs, email your friends and family, tell your rich Uncle Henry! We can really use your help. This project is WORTH it. We just need people to SEE it.

See? See?
Why do I think it's worth it?

Previous seasons were a white-boy fest. I'm just gonna say it! (Sorry PrettyBoy!) But with me and another strong queer lady helping PrettyBoy at the wheel we have an ASTOUNDING cast this round! We've got hot women of color and size in positions of power, slinging guns, beating up dudes (I know how you all like that ;p)! We're going to show you things nobody else dares to do! We're thinking outside of the box and you're gonna CARE about our cast! If you donate just $2 (or more) you'll see some of our amazing cast and crew telling you just why they are so excited to bring our characters and story to life. You'll also see some amazing art from my fellow queer artist friend.
 And I'll leak you a secret... I will be taking part in the art of the MadNation comic! Just donate and select one of the rewards that includes the MadNation comic to see new work in a much darker world, from me!

If those aren't enough reasons then you just need to watch the punchy pitch video and cruise over and look at our great rewards. I mean it. This thing is worth it and you can be a part of it!

 Check it out!
So help us out, even if it's just by promoting us! Every little bit helps and we're going to make something fantastical for your all!

Thank you, please share and donate generously!

The BuxomBabes will return soon! <3