I live!!!

Hi guys!
So, I'm alive. Mostly.

I apologize that this isn't an arty update. I'd give you my life in a nutshell but that nutshell would explode violently...
...what does that even mean?

Anyway, Grandpa is still in the hospital. It got worse before it got better but he seems lucid now and we're... cautiously optimistic. Regardless of his improvements, though, it's going to be a LONG, long road to recovery...
So the holidays are going to be a bit different for us all this year. :/

Add into that a sprinkle of hard drugs and prison into the family mix and you may have a pretty good idea of why I've been absent. (PS it's not me doing the drugs or the prison. O_o I should hope that part would be obvious.)

If it were all my own personal issues I'd be alot more candid with you all but I feel, in the interest of the privacy of my family and friends, that I should censor myself somewhat. I know, I know, this is a weird and foreign concept for us all.

But, onto the good news! PrettyBoy and I found a place to room for now and we really, really love it! Our little space is pretty awesome. It's full of books, color, robots and free street furniture! It's almost a shame that we have to move out at the end of the year for our 3month house-sitting gig but that's just another adventure! Then you all get to listen to me agonize over finding a permanent home (but that's 6 months down the line.)

Anyway. Tonight I make my first visit ever to a prison facility. I'm not thrilled, to say the least, but add it to the list of weirdo things in my life.
Since I've got some time to kill today I'm going to work on some comics. (I AM, I AM!!!!)

And I have some fun ideas in store for you all, too, to reward you for your patience and to spice up the holidays. Let's just say they may include the words "sale" and "gift exchange."
You like?

Okay, I promise I'll be back on the radar soon.
In the meantime, stare at my swollen, horrible, sickly face in the Lunatic Odyssey videos. :p

Oh, PSS, my hair is copper now. :)

AND SO LONG AUUUGH *eyes shaver...*

EDIT: OH OH OH!!! One more PSSSSS thing! PrettyBoy and I just celebrated our 1yr anniversary a week or two ago. :) Joy!