Do You Have Sex With Clients?

This was meant to be an extra but I didn't have time to draw the actual comic scheduled for today. So, it and it's partner comic will be up soon, one a bit off-schedule.

Anyway, let me say straight off that I NEVER mind anyone asking questions about what I do. I don't expect you guys to know, that's what the comic is here for. :) I LOVE answering questions and educating about my chosen profession.

Still, I do get a bit tired of being asked this (usually by men who just asked to visit me as a client, no less) and I REALLY DID think that comics like these were clear enough an explanation. It seems strange that people would actually think we have sex but don't do oral. I don't know, odd to ME at least.

Also, please know that I would ALWAYS people rather ask me these things than just assume. :) I generally don't make fun of any questions but I had to put a bit of a funny spin on my very clear answer here, please don't feel too bad if you didn't know. And for the record, I wouldn't work a job involving sex. That's reserved for Sharky and goes against my personal comforts and wants. :)

EDIT: I just looked back on that last comic I linked and realized that I DID talk about us not fucking. Now I don't feel bad anymore. If you guys didn't already know this then you aren't paying attention or just plain aren't reading the comic. *fistshake*


Eek, up just in time for me to rush off to work!
This one is big and messy. Also, I considered making a political joke at the end but... fuck that shit! You guys are here for yucks, not to see what you see everyplace else.

So, this is quick, off to work I scamper. TheShocker goes home after tomorrow and then I should be back on track, sorry for all of the lateness!

Double Standard

Eeeek sorry! This is the first comic that has been officially late, as in not put up on it's update day. I apologize for being a slacker but I was away at my mums all day and I have no scanner and no internet there.

Anyway, perhaps I'll put up a little extra tomorrow to make up for it but no promises since TheShocker is back in town and going to keep me busy the next few days. :)

Oh, and on the comic, I have actually officially been to ONE stipclub. My first and only time was just this last year. A client took me to a full nude one. I have to say, I was expecting alot more... the girls didn't even do any pole tricks!
Also, still never been to a hooters. I have no problem with these establishments I just don't really run with a crowd that's into that kind of thing so it doesn't really come up. Plus, there's nothing to do in such places but spend money and I'd rather spend it out eating with friends. I'm more of a fatty than a lusty lady. ;)

Plus... it is true. I see naked ladies all day at work! :P


Okaaaaaay I admit it's short and rushed. I've had an extremely busy weekend with TheShocker, including going to club last night to play with him as a last huzzah before he left town again.

It was SO FUN.
My coworker and I hooked up tens-units to our **censored** and set them to the shock mode (which has three alternating levels at the push of a button) and then circulated our remotes. Tens units are electrical muscle relaxers commonly used to treat sports injuries etc but when set to the right modes they can feel like vibrations and more.
But that wasn't the high-point of the evening!

We made up a new cattle-prod game on the spot to accomodate all of the interested onlookers. My coworker, a close friend and I all volunteered our bottoms as victims to the cattle-prods (with a few strangers brave enough to give it a shot for awhile as well) and we let everyone in the room take turns rolling the dice. If your number came up you got proded by the dice roller so that way everyone got to be included. It was SO fun. People were cheering and moaning and rooting for numbers, it was FANTASTIC!

But, TheShocker is gone back home for now. He'll be back again next weekend to keep me busy again. :)
Okay! See you guys Wednesday! This is the last of the storyline with this weirdo. :P

Karate Fail

Long comic is long.

Okay, so, I'm extremely tired. I didn't get home from work until 1:20am and it's almost 3:20am right now. I ate and had a coffee and then worked on this extremely long comic. Blah blah...

I'm grouchy, sorry if it comes across in my writing. Tomorrow I'm going to club to play with TheShocker on his last night in town. He's back next weekend though, yays!

I felt like I had more to say here but I'm just so worn out right now, I can't think of what it is... Anyway. Enjoy the failed ninja move I talked about last comic, dunno that it came across well.


This really happened. The only thing I didn't include was that when I punched the guy he did this weird flailing sort of motion that made it immediately clear to me that he thought he was gonna pull some crazy ninja move on me and incapacitate me. You see how well that went. :P This was also done during a two-girl session. The lady playing with me was pretty shocked and we were both worried we were about to get in trouble or something but it worked out, you'll see.

So, the big news of today is that I finally told my mum what I do for a living! I've been meaning to tell my parents for a long time but the comic itself is what finally motivated me, since I wanted desperately to share it with her and my family. She took it well, said she wasn't really shocked and assumed I was stripping (I had a feeling she thought something was fishy since I was always vague) and while she seemed kinda uncomfortable and didn't ask me much she said she was just happy that I was financially secure and that she didn't have to worry about me. She told me she wouldn't be following my comic but, just in case, HI MOM! :) Thanks for being understanding!

Next on the list, my Dad! ;)

I Want You To Hit Me

Yes, I did a bad thing, I crossed the streams...
I'm sorry, okay, I planned this poorly... Anyway, I think it's still readable. Blah blah blah.

I am extremely tired and my throat STILL hurts. When the fuck will this go away?! I feel like I have the plague or something. *fist-shake*

Anyway... Yea, this really happened. You'll see how the rest of it went in the next few comics, too. :)

Featured Fetish: Smothering

Uploading from the dungeon today. I thought about calling out again because I had a feeling it would be slow and so it is. On top of that it's crowded. Too many chicks, not enough dicks!

Anyway, it's a Featured Fetish! Been awhile since I did one of these, good to get back to it! Also, I felt like Honey here needed a little big-gal love. This was a special request. Smothering is often used synonymously with Queening but I make a distinction since Queening generally refers to a woman forcing a man to perform oral sex by sitting atop his face. Since we don't do any sex here I balk at that expression and go with the more specific term Smothering.

Smothering is when we use our big asses to sit on and suffocate a guy. I LOVE smothering because I have a perfect ass for it and I like the feeling of power but I'm EXTREMELY selective about who I do it with, since oral sex repulses me and I don't want any disgusting slobbering going on down there by some perv. Most clients have to earn my trust and become a regular of mine before I give them this intimate honor.

Most gals wear full stockings, full panties and multiple panty pairs when doing this just to deter any slobbering perviness. I've done it with less but only with legitimate fetishists that I trusted not to get out of line. I'm strict on this topic.

Hope you all enjoy! See ya Monday, where we'll start with a short story-line about a specific client I messed up once. ;)


I apologize for the delay, I've been traveling around alot lately. I'm updating this one from my mum's place. :) I'm trying to get her to go see The Road with me, since I am obsessed with it. Almost finished the book but left it at a friends place last night (damn!)

More on nicknames. :) I think next update (Saturday) is a featured fetish, yaaaaaaaaay! It's been a long time since we had one of those! :D
Okay guys, see you in a few days.


Yep, we do have some nasty nick-names here and there but mostly they're just used to remind us of who the guy is. When the desk girl gets a call that a "John" is coming in to see you tonight it's common for us to ask, "Tickle John?" or something just to be sure of who it is. :)
If we have a mean nickname for a guy it's usually because he's an asshole or distasteful in some other way. We keep the nicknames to ourselves, I don't think any guys know how we refer to them privately. Not everyone gets a nickname, either, usually just the guys who see alot of girls or have somehow made a name for themselves around the dungeon, whether through positive or negative means.

I'm sick again... I can't remember if I mentioned that before. It's VERY frustrating. It's not the deathly sickness like last time, just a cold, but still... I'm so SICK of being sick!

Anyway, see you guys Wednesday. :)

Perhaps I'm Too Honest

Just got home from my session with Mark. He has to be one of my FAVORITE clients. I would rank him in the top two. I think Mark and TheShocker compete as my top two favs. He's given me license, by the way, to use his name. I've been somewhat hesitant to do so, though I can't say exactly why. Just for the sake of keeping this thing as anonymous as possible, I suppose.
Anyway. We had a fantastic session this evening, primarily consisting of ball-busting! That is quite possibly my favorite pastime. It fills me with such pleasure, no wonder men squander such opportunities from me! ;)
More than the play, though, Mark seems to get along with me on a social level quite well. We share similar outlooks and views and I REALLY enjoy discourse with him. From the first time we met I felt an instant liking towards him. He's just someone I get along with naturally. :)

Tomorrow we may play some more at the club. I've gotten sick AGAIN, though not as badly this time, so we'll see what I'm up to.

Anyway, about the comic! I do use a variation of my real name, just a nickname of it. Also, the client in the top panel isn't meant to look like he's skulking away for being mocked by the girls but that he's hiding behind a hood and sunglasses out of paranoia. We literally have guys come in like this and dash away to hide in a room. It's silly, really, there are no camera's inside or anything like that but some guys won't believe us. Oh well.

On Johns

I'm updating from the dungeon tonight, it's my first day back at work since being sick. And, of course, it's a slow one. Yet, better for you all, giving me the time to get this update posted! This also marks the comic that has us officially back on track. From now on updates will resume as they were before I fell ill, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. That means the next one goes up this Saturday. :)

I have a session tomorrow evening with a much favored client of mine! I expect there to be alot of CBT involving tens units, the cattle prod and my feet/knees. I also want to beat his ass a bit and we'll see if I'm up for it, it will be the first session since being ill so I hope I don't get worn down... But I think I'll be just fine! :)

Topless Twister

It's true. :)
The best part about topless twister is that the girls play dirty, often shoving agressively or tickling. We tried to play a game once with two teams of two girls each where with each spin we were in some way shackled to our partner. It ended up being a bit confusing and really fantastically difficult, but fun!

Hey, you've gotta make your own fun on a slow night. :P

I want to get one more comic up tonight. If not tonight it'll be up tomorrow and then we'll officially be back on our Monday, Wednesday, Saturday schedule. So don't get used to all of these mass updates! :P

Oh yea, and does the change in text color help with reading? I must know!

Hairy Admiration

We do have guys who are into hairy ladies from time to time. Unfortunately there aren't enough of them for me to just let myself go and stop hair removal entirely, though I'm not terribly diligent about it to be honest.
If I had a few good regulars who were really into that I'd be happy to be the hairy-legged girl in the dungeon but for some reason the hair lovers are notoriously bad tippers (most of them not tipping at ALL) and not coming in regularly enough or playing long enough to warrant the money I'd lose with other clients over the hair issue. Too bad. :(

We do have one Mistress who has hairy armpits and, let me tell you, guys LOVE it. The rest of us actually get asked regularly why we don't let ours grow just like hers. :P

This might seem like the beginning to a plot-line but it's not really, just a stand-alone joke on the body-hair that I have such issues with. This might be the last update for tonight. If so, there are still two more to go up tomorrow and that will have us officially back on schedule! :)

Also, I'm waiting for sharky to find the time to try to change the color of the text here for easier reading but does having it bold like this help?

Curves In All the Wrong Places

I am a comic machine!

This is payback for you all for all the time I was away. :)
I know this is two comics in a row about "body bulges" but this isn't meant to be a body complaint so much. Just some corsets and cinchers, especially those without busks, do a fantastic job of giving an hourglass figure but make a horrible pronounced belly-bulge. This might not be terribly noticable on thinner women but on us curvy girls it just looks awful!

On My Thighs

A short one, just a silly little factoid about me. :)
Sometimes I feel a bit foolish for wearing them that way but it looks way more ridiculous to have bulgey thighs. It helps when I buy plus sized stockings but then they're FOR SURE too long and I get lots of bunching at my ankles.
*sigh* No one makes lingerie for SHORT fat chicks! Actually, I think they just assume if you have big thighs the rest of you will be big as well but my calves and feet are rather small and shapely so they don't match 100% with the big thigh/hip region.

Anyway, not a complaint, trust me. I love my legs I just wish they wouldn't cause so many wardrobe malfunctions!

Sick Times

But wait, there's more!

This is a little extra I decided to throw in about my time sick. All of these things were ACTUAL side effects listed on the meds I had to take. The abnormal hair growth thing was just too funny not to mention and gave me an excuse to revive wooky-girl from this old comic. I'm still not really sure what it might have meant...

The better news, though, is that in reality I didn't feel any side effects besides fatigue. :)

Eve Speaks Out

Ladies and Gentlemen we now return you to your previously scheduled program. :)