The Problems With Peeing On The Job

Potty humor. Literally. ;p

So, yes, seriously. I hate peeing at work. It's never easy.

And just to give a little explanation on the 2nd panel, if you're wearing a corset you have to take it off to take off your garter. And to take off your garter you have to take off the panties you're wearing over them. And to take down your second pair of panties you have to take down your garter and stockings...
It's a whole thing. Sometimes I have to strip 5 layers off just to pee. >_< And then I have to REDRESS from being butt-naked. It's a whole process. All while tottering in heels on slippery floors. Bah!

So, I'm not getting that many votes on my Threadless submissions and I admit I'm abit hurt. I know approximately how many of you there are and the votes are low. I wouldn't be irked but for something that only costs you 5minutes and no money you COULD all be paying my rent. Anyway, I don't mean to whine about it.
I REALLY appreciate you guys who did vote. You know who you are. You guys are AWESOME. <3

And I'm not gonna stop, despite the pithy turn-out on voters. I've submitted another design that I hope will do better! Would love for you guys to be kind and take a second to vote on this new one, too. :D

Vote For Me!

Like my art? Then VOTE FOR ME!

If you guys really and truly love me like you always say you'll take the 2 minutes out of your day to vote for my Threadless submission.
I'd really appreciate it...

I kinda need the money to live...

Oh, and while you're at it, vote for my text submissions, too, here and here.

Love you guys. :)   <3

Punny Love

Happy Valentines!

heh heh.

It's early, I know, but I couldn't wait. Use it, if you wanna! :)
Happy Valentines!

(PS I have had no less than THREE Valentines gifts/plans fall through this year. My life has been a failure lately baaaah.)

I'd Rather Be...

So, um, that's how the cam stuff is going. Haha.

Seriously, though, it's going well but every single time I just wish I could be painting or drawing instead. That's the lazy artist in me. I've been really art-focused lately but I'm so desperate for money (to live) that I feel guilty everytime I just sit down and draw. :(

Times are, indeed, hard. I promise I won't talk about it too much more in the future but transitioning is hard.

Fingers crossed and all that. *fist-shakes at the economy*

Convention Cons

I forgot to mention in the last post that I've lost all of my pens in the moving process so I'm using what's on hand. It takes longer and I think it reflects. :( I must go buy more.

Anyway, just a tidbit from the last AdultCon. The convention has been going downhill each time it goes on, getting smaller and smaller and making less and less sales so I think this may have been my last one. :/
Anyway, because it was so slow I figured I was gonna try to have fun one way or the other so I devised a little "buy me a drink" sign to hang above my ass. People are always taking pictures of my butt so I knew this was likely to get some attention and indeed it did! I had a good many drinks and it improved the slow days.
However, more than actual drinks purchased for me were people asking "does that actually work?" I got REALLY tired of fielding the same question over and over, especially when surrounded by empty bottles and fresh drink in hand. Instead of assuring people it was working I started telling them to buy me one and find out. They didn't. Dicks.

Ha, so, yea. Anyway, it was fun enough. Wish I'd made some money, though. :(

And speaking of money, this is the source of my woes lately. I usually try to hold back on turning this into a huge complaint forum for myself but I've been struggling for months now and it hasn't been looking up. I know it's hard times for everyone but that's meager consolation when I'm fretting about the possibility of being homeless in a few months since rent is hard to come by...

Because of that I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be in the dominatrix business. This isn't a prank, btw (abit early for april fools anyway.)
It sucks.
It sucks REALLY bad.
I still love my job. I still love what I do. But the client base just isn't there like it once was and if I can't get by then I can't rely on it anymore...

I miss the good times when money came free and easy. I miss being able to make a living at something I love.

Anyway. For now I plan to try to keep up with it afew days a week and look into other possibilities on the side. Even if I have to quit the official business I will see my regulars (like TheShocker) on the side when they are available.

Also, fret not, I have loads of comic scripts stored up for you guys so this doesn't mean the end of NicBuxom by any means. I'm just sad that I may now become a retail slave who does bdsm on the side. :(

Anyway. Enough sad stuff. I'll keep you all updated on how things are going and if I find something new to do with myself. At the very least I'm sure retail will lend me lots of new sadistic fuckers to comic about....

Oh yea, and I forgot to mention last time that I have a tumblr now. It's not art based, though, it's strictly sexy photos of me so don't bother with it if you're in it for my intellect and talents, you'll probably only find it interesting if you're captivated by my ass. ;P