This is the beginning of another arc and it's conclusion, my Freaky Fetish followers, will be the weirdest thing I've ever done.
Well, at least in MY opinion. It's hard to tell what freaks people out when you work in a business like mine. :P Still, should be good fun! You might remember me referencing this little revelation at the start of the comic and I feel I've led you all on long enough.

Today I celebrate my mother's birthday. She, my father and Sharky and I all share the sign of the twins so these are always big and busy months for me. I'll catch you all up with the rest of the storyline later! Enjoy!

Invisible Knife

Happy Birthday to me! I'm now officially 25!

Okay, back to the Freaky Fetishes! You really can never judge a book by it's cover. The guys with the freakiest stuff in mind are often the nicest and the nicest dressed! In what other job is being really good at feigning death an asset? I'd go into acting but I feel like I already do that for a living! :)

I had birthday spankings this evening and my client brought me cupcakes and gave me a cane on top of that. I had a really great time! One more day in the dungeon and then I pack for PuertoRico! I can't wait! Sharky, here I come! :D


Don't mind the lines, guys!

This is just a little filler comic, a break from the freaky fetishes to tide you over until I can get my act together.I've barely been home in the last few weeks and it makes it hard to get comics up but I'm motorin' on a few tonight between sessions.

Today and tomorrow are my last two days in the dungeon before I leave for PuertoRico! Tomorrow is also my birthday. :) I'm getting birthday spankings tonight and perhaps more will follow!

And worry not chubby-chasers, I've gained weight, I checked. -_-

Oh, yea, and ask me some shit!

1st Year Anniversary!

NicBuxom is now officially one year old!

Aw, look, my little baby is all grown up... it seems like only yesterday...

Well, really, it does. I don't feel like I'm a year in on this project! I feel like I'm just getting started! And what better way to celebrate than with an adult baby fetish pic? So, hopefully there are many more long years ahead for me and NicBuxom.

I really appreciate you all reading and commenting and mailing me, it keeps me motivated to keep going on this, knowing that you guys love it and having talked with and met so many awesome people because of it. :) I love you guys!

PS Speaking of birthday's my real one is in a week! I turn 25 on May 28th! :)

Everybody Draw Muhammed Day!

This is just a quick extra I did up for Everybody Draw Muhammed Day.
EDMD was originally created as an activity in free speech, after SouthPark was forced to censor their episode featuring a cartoon of Muhammed but it has since morphed into a protest of Islamic terrorist organizations that threaten death to any cartoonist who portrays Muhammed. You can read more about EDMD here.

The original creators of the day backed out once it began to get big but me and people like me still believe in what the day stands for and the message it sends and so perhaps many others will go through with it, like I have.
If there's one thing I believe in, it's our freedom of speech and expression and I'm willing to put my life on the line for it.

Plus. If they can't take a joke, fuck 'em! I was initially going to draw Muhammed getting a spanking because he's been a very, very bad prophet. Heh heh heh.

Pie Guy

More of Freaky Fetish Month!

I couldn't even illustrate how messy and horrible and shocking this was. I literally couldn't recognize the girl under the pies.
To be fair, though, the PieGuy was super nice. :)

And yes, this is real. It always is. How could I make this shit up!?

Okay, be sure to check in tomorrow for another update. I'm motorin' away to get us all caught up! :D

Featured Fetish: Gloves

Okay guys, here's a Featured Fetish, since I was away at DomCon during the weekend and missed this one. The glove fetish is fairly common and usually revolves around the look and the feel of the gloves. The most common ones for folks to fetishize are leather, silk and latex. Usually opera length gloves are very popular but some of the smaller ones can be well-liked as well. I like to use gloves during sensation play.

My weekend was insane and I'm still trying to catch up from it. I'll give you all more stories and hopefully photos in a different update, I just have to wait to hear back from the many photogs that were shooting this weekend. I had a fantastic (if exhausting) time and made lots of new friends. :) Except one or two assholes the scene really is populated with GREAT people. It was a pleasure meeting you all!

I will try to get us caught up asap with more freaky fetishes. :)

Luchador Surprise

So... tired...

So, it's 4:30am but I stayed up to get this comic up for you all. I plan to get at least one more up tomorrow but hopefully a few. I got my t-shirts today! They're amazing! I'm too tired to post pics right now but I'll throw up some quick ones tomorrow. DomCon starts Friday and runs through Sunday so I'm gonna be a busy gal. It'll be nice to bump into some of you there. :) I'll have t-shirts, stickers and prints available.

Okay, another true freaky fetish comic. It really seriously happened, basically just like this. The guy didn't warn me at all that he was into wrestling, I just locked the door and turned around to find him in a luchador mask. Startling, to say the least! He's the only wrestler I've played with who wants to wear a mask the whole time, heehee.

Okay, I must to bed or I'll die. Talk at you all more tomorrow.


I keep wanting to just say, "Yes, really" as my summary of these comics, haha.

So. Yes. Really! Pedal pumping is a fairly big fetish but it's rarely carried out in the bdsm scene. You can find endless video clips on youtube and other popular sites of women mashing their car floor-pedals. There are all sorts of variations, pedal pumping in heels, pedal pumping in boots, pedal pumping barefoot and even roleplays like pedal pumping when your brakes have gone out and the car is out of control!

This comic is a representation of the ONLY time I've ever seen someone into pedal pumping carry it over into interaction with another human and completely independent of a vehicle. We're literally roleplaying that he's a pedal and that I'm driving using him. There's more to the guys particular fetish but I'll likely break those down in other comics. Sometimes one guy is good enough for a number of posts. :P

Sorry I've been late so often you guys. Turns out this is a crazy busy month for me ESPECIALLY with me trying to get merch and other things done in time for DOMCON. DomCon is now officially only a week away. I'm probably selling there first and then I'm going to post everything up here for you all. :) I have limited stuff for now but once I sell a little I'll be able to go bigger!

Okay, gonna try to get you all another comic by tonight or tomorrow. Enjoy the freakiness for now!

BangBang! Freaky Fetish Month Starts!


Okay, this is the very beginning of FREAKY FETISH MONTH.
Freaky Fetish Month is dedicated to showcasing some of the WEIRDEST fetishes that I've taken part in. They're not necessarily the most painful or disgusting or shocking... They're just flat out odd.

I chose May to be Freaky Fetish Month because it's the month I began the comic in AND it's my birthday month, so it's doubly special. That's right, we're nearing the one year anniversary of NicBuxom! I can't believe it. It doesn't feel like it's been that long at all! :O

Anyway, this comic basically speaks for itself. Many of us have spent 30mins or more doing this OVER and OVER with this particular client. I don't even know what to call this fetish or most of those that will be popping up this month. Most of them are very unique. He shoots us with his finger-guns and we have to die a dramatic death over and over and over again. It's kinda fun, at least. :) I like roleplays!

Sharky is officially away on biz as of this morning. I kinda miss him already while at the same time I'm enjoying my freedom. I'll keep reporting on how I do without him while he's away. This will be the longest we've ever been apart (2-3months.) I am terribly excited to go and visit him in a month or two. :)

Okay, guys, enjoy as Freaky Fetish Month continues Wednesday!

Featured Fetish: CBT

It's Featured Fetish time yet again, my friends!
First, let me say that I was feeling gaudy and retro when I colored this and I also reverted to my older, less eye-pleasing coloring tactics due to my time constraints.

Moving on.
CBT stands for Cock and Ball Torture. This was a request, like all of the FFs are for the next 7 months or so and, I suspect, for a long time after at the rate they pour in. I enjoy letting you guys pick, though.

So, CBT is a very broad and general term. It can stand for basically anything torturous done to the cock and balls. I DO try to avoid showing explicit and gratuitous genitals on my site. I want it to be sexy but I don't want it to degenerate into porn. This is why I decided to go with a slave posture that didn't force cock into your face. Now, the first things that pop into my mind when I think of CBT are usually rope-bondage and clips. It could also cover things like kicking but that is usually filed under the more specific term "ball busting." I didn't mean this image to come off as a kick but more that she's digging her heel into his balls.

I like to use vampire gloves, pinwheels and heel tips to get really sharp sensations on the balls. These are all tools you have to be careful with because they're very likely to pierce the thin and delicate ball-skin. I also like to hit balls with floggers, crops and straps. You all know I LOVE to kick them or shoot electicity through them. :)
Rope-bondage on the cock can be very decorative and beautiful. It's also fun to fully decorate them with clothespins and other clips and then to swat them off. You can also do crushing with vice-like devices or your heels and for some real fun you can rub ben-gay on them and then sit back and watch the guy squirm. There are really fairly endless possibilities on how to torture someone's cock and balls, it all depends on what they can take! :)

So, the next time you guys hear from me Sharky will be gone, gone for the next few months on business. I plan to visit him in about a month, month and a half, and I'll let you all know when that happens. Hopefully I'll be able to continue updating just like I did when I left to visit friends. I don't think it'll be an issue, so worry not. So, now I rely on all of you to keep me company in his absence! :P

Last thing... starting Monday we officially enter FREAKY FETISH month! Now, the FFs are still going to be requests (as you see today) but everything else will be stories of the weirdest stuff I've done or seen. I hope it will entertain you all! Also, DomCon is on here in LA from May 13th-15th. If you guys drop in and see me say hi, pick up a card and maybe buy some merch! The DomCon attendees will have first shot at the merch and then it will finally premier on the site here for all of you who can't make it in person! Yaaaaaay!

Okay, I'll greet you all with the FIRST Freaky Fetish come Monday...