Yes, apparently snow can come on this fast. O_O

I am home safe and sound in LALALand. I've been with family the last few days for the holidays but now I'm back home in my little livingroom nook trying to sort out the mess my life has become in my absence. Augh!

I have many stories to tell, particularly the one of me ALMOST getting arrested, but I'll save them for when I have a touch more time.

I had a freakout in the snow just like this comic at some point and forced poor sleepy PrettyBoy to take over for me. I like snow, until I have to drive in it...

Uhmmmm no more videos yet. You have to bug PrettyBoy about those, he hasn't been editing as diligently as he should! Even I am impatient!

I'm gonna keep updating sketches about the trip for awhile, since I have afew.

Alright, off I go to work on more comics and my life...

Distracting Company

We maaaaade it! Augh, finally. We rolled into Massachusetts late last night, saw some of PrettyBoy's friends and then passed the fuck out.
Also, it's cold here. Fuck. *tremble*

So, I'm bugging him to edit more videos but honestly I betcha most of them won't go up till after I'm home. I fly back on the 23rd, just in time for Xmas!

Hmmmm that's all for now. Time for me to go and explore Mass!

What Has He Done To Deserve This?

No videos for today, PrettyBoy has been behind the wheel too much to do much editing. I need to WHIP him into shape...

This moment really happened. It was even funnier IRL because the cause of the actual snap was him burning his mouth on a fry just before the outburst. :P
We've both had our freak-out moments along this trip.

Oh god we're so tired. We did a 15 hr drive yesterday, we've been rolling into towns to sleep at 5am, 7am... we haven't had 8 hours of sleep in days. *sob*
We're so tired of being in the car...

Anyway. We're in Pittsburgh for now and hoping to be to Boston within the next two days and then the trek will finally be over. Sorry to any of you I've missed, due to our exceptionally poor time management we've met VERY few people along the way. I wish we'd had more time but with the Christmas deadline looming we've been in quite the rush.

Anywaaaay. I'm gonna keep workin' on road-comics for you. I have a few inked I just need to color them up and find internet moments to post them. I'll probably give you more frequent updates once we hit Boston since I'll have lots of internets then. :D

Fear Is Healthy

I am uploading a comic from the home of two very friendly NB readers and their cute baby and puppy!!! :D
I'm sure I'll post pics up eventually... but I just woke up.

So, yeh, this comic has basically been the whole drive for me. Meep.

Here's more of our faces!

EDIT: I'm retarded in the mornings when my brain doesn't work and forgot to mention we're in Jacksonville, Florida. :P But now we're leaving again!

No Comics, Just Reality This Update

Meet the travelers!

Check out our ride!

The man behind the camera:

Aaaaand eye-candy.

Now watch us in motion:

Hold Together Baby

I don't know if it's PrettyBoy or the car out to get me...

We're in Dodge City today, gonna explore abit and then head out to Kansas City and hoping to hit Arkansas tomorrow. :)

Also, watch us some more IRL!

Off To A Worrisome Start...

Yea. Really.

I KNEW this was a bad idea...

Guest comic by my absent-minded travel companion, PrettyBoy, colors by me. :)

EDIT: Great, now you can see us in action. Also, yes, we are huge dorks. And this isn't even record of the REALLY fun stuff we've done. ;)
Here is our Lunatic Odyssey!

Aaaaaand I wanna visit you guys!
It's gonna have to be brief but I still want some face-time, goddamnit.
So, the only thing I can suggest is to email me at if you happen to be along our route and I'll try to get internets when I can and arrange meet-ups with you guys! Once again, the vague route is on the last page. I'm sure some of you might be a bit out of the way for us and I'm sorry if I miss you but we DO have a deadline, since we both wanna be home by Xmas to see the families. :)

I am currently in Denver, Colorado. But I will be departing by this afternoon so get ahold of me quick if you're nearby!

Soooo, email me! I will do my damndest to drop in on a few of you. :)

Where I've Been and Where I'll Be

That is where I've been! No lie!
It's pretty crazy.

So, I only get spotty internet here and there at diners we stop in or on the lucky night we spring for a cheap motel so I don't know how frequently I can give you guys updates but I'll try not to leave you all hanging until the new year.

Oh, yea, this is PrettyBoy, btw:

Sittin' across from me as I update this from a diner in Provo, Utah.

Keep an eye out for me, guys! Here is the VERY inexact travel route:
LA - Vegas - Provo - Denver, Colorado - Boulder (maybe) - Nebraska - Arkansas - Dodge City, Kansas - Oklahoma - Houston, Texas - New Orleans, Louisiana - Jacksonville - Savannah - North Carolina - South Carolina - Pittsburgh - Hartford - Boston

And then I fly home in time for Xmas with the family. Whoo-hoo!
Wish me luck, if you never hear from me again assume me dead and hunt down that guy in the picture up there. ;)

I'll try to get you updates on our adventures, soon!