Holiday Sale!

Yes! Sale time! Just in time for those holidays. :)

Here you go, cheap, kinky gifts for you or those sexily awkward family and friends! On sale now through January!!!

So, here's my sad country song, my internet's down, my phone is lost, our car is in the shop and now we have to move! Hectic times, as always. And just in time for those damn holidays!!!

I just wanted to let you guys know that any commission, donation or merch purchase is going towards helping us get out of yet another insane living situation and finally into OUR OWN PLACE.

No more psycho roomies (I'll reserve my stories for now.) Hopefully this is the last time PrettyBoy and I will move for awhile... but don't I always say that? Oh well, our relationship started off nomadic, maybe it'll stay that way...

But, we ARE looking to sign a 1 year lease so if this goes through I may be stable for awhile! Help me out with a t-shirt, sticker or commission purchase! The shipping and tax is on me! I much appreciate it! <3

Also, sorry I love lame rhymes and the color pink so much. :P

PS I've heard back from alot of people that they can't find the commission page that has detailed examples of my work. You can see it in the navigation bar up near the top of the page on the left hand side just under the "about me" with the pic of me. (The merch page is over there, too, in the Buxom Store!) But here's a link for ease! Commissions!

On Perception

Okay wait, wait!!!
Before you FREAK OUT... Keep in mind this post is full of hyperbole and exaggeration. Also, know that I don't mean to imply that anyone is or is not built "curvy enough" or anything like that. In fact, I don't mean to imply that my or "everyone else's" viewpoint is more valid than the other. It's just different perceptions of the word and world.

And, also, I know that not EVERYONE ELSE actual thinks this way. Like I said, hyperbole and exaggeration. It's what makes comics funny.

But, my disclaimer now read, I truly have noticed that when people are describing to me a "curvy" girl I'm picturing something close to my depiction on the left above... only to have them show me a gal that more closely resembles the figure on the right. It's always rather a shock to see a very average to thin sized lady when I'm EXPECTING a remarkably voluptuous girl.

But, that's perception, for ya!

I doodled these ladies on my flight to SanFran. Did something a little different with my coloring this time, too. Just fooling around and having fun.
The XO Ball was WILD. I work alot of adult shows and they're usually fairly tame (in my opinion.) No nudity, no sex, no alcohol etc.

But this one, oh my... There was nudity, there was liquor and there was lots of unsolicited groping... I actually had to slap a guy who tried to grab my pussy while I was posing for a photo with him. What the fuck!
But, despite people getting a little out of hand I had a good time and made some friends. Plus, I was quite popular. I'd go again. :)

I've noticed I'm having some trouble juggling time between NB and time to dedicate to my more serious works, like my paintings. It's really frustrating as I would like to see progression with both but the paintings are MUCH more time consuming... This is what I've been working on lately:

She's a very large wooden cut-out. I have several more waiting to be painted. I want badly to get these finished so that I can begin showing my more serious work in galleries. I wish I could find a compromise between my free time spent on NB and my free time spent painting... yargh.

Featured Fetish: Cowgirls

Okay, so I had a dilemma with this Featured Fetish!!! I couldn't remember if the requester had meant cowgirls as in cow-poke wrangling human cowboy cowgirls or had meant anthropamorphic girls who are half cow and/or dressed as cows...
So I did both!!!

As you can see, ol' Bessy here won first prize over all the other calves. ;P

I really don't have much detail to go on about in this featured fetish... I think the human cowgirl fetish revolves mostly around the aesthetic (much like schoolgirl fetishes.) I'm sure we could tie in things like rough and tumble tomboys being more naturally dominant, something sexy about working with your hands and animals and, more explicitly, knowing how to proper use a rope!!!
I also am a big fan of cowboys and girls. I'm definitely a sucker for a tight pair of blue jeans, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. Good thing PrettyBoy has many of those qualities. ;P

As for the girls who are actually cows, there's often a little bit more to it. Obviously the aesthetic is the main thing but anytime we have humans acting as animals the fetish realm begins to creep in. Add on top of that the whole "ownership" aspect, stables, collars/leashes/leads, being on the hands and knees...

And then there's always milking!!!!  :O

Anyway, overall usually very light-hearted and fun set of fetishes. Obviously you can take any role alot of places but I still think the look is the most important thing here.

(BTW I also think girls as cows are really cute and I would never ever be opposed to being one myself for the right farmhand. ;P)

This one took me awhile. I don't know if I'm rusty or what but hopefully it was worth it. :)

I'm leaving town Friday. I'll see if I can getcha another comic before then but I know I won't be uploading till I'm back home so don't hate me if I disappear for a week. San Fran, here I come!

Session's Over

This was really fun to draw! :D
I had a good time with a little more action and dynamic characters. I know NicBuxom is usually pretty text based as far as punchlines go so it was nice to have some movement.

Also, this is NOT how the interaction actually happened. :P I just thought it would be funny to draw out the drama for one more comic. THIS is more like how it actually went IRL:

Also, I'm really sorry to you guys that follow me on Twitter, for some reason I've been having issues connecting lately. >:( Anyway, there are other ways to get updates on comic progress and other silliness from me, just check out the "links" page in the sidebar.

Uhmmm that's all for now!!! I'll do my best to keep you updated regularly still. It's refreshing to be back on the comic!!! I'm working out of town the last two weekends in September (San Fran and then Malibu) so that MAY mess up my updating abit but I'll try to keep on top of it. :)

See ya soon!

PS I no longer wear the wig at work... It was very short-lived...

Wigging Out

So, uh, yes this actually happened. >_<
SUPER awkward for both me and the client. Luckily we proceeded (with the wig off) and he DID continue to come and see me afterwards. :)
And that, friends, is why I no longer wear a wig to work.

Well, also because it was hot and itchy as fuck and a huge pain in the ass and I didn't love the way it made me look (very submissive!!!)

My hair is growing out again so clients are liking it better. Though it's super hot here in LA so it's starting to bug me.

I almost had this comic finished last night but I was SO TIRED. Still, I'm chugging along again. May take me abit to get up to speed but I'm dedicated to keep updated.

And now, for some shit that bugs me.
Firstly, one of my coworkers has been hassling me about updating for some time now. I both appreciated and begrudged her insistence. But then I finally sit down and post something (admittedly rushed) and she complained that it was poor work quality! >_< At least I'm updating! Sheesh!

Second complaint. A few readers have "complained" that I always draw the clients old and unattractive. We DO mostly get older clients (and most of them are not attractive to me, though I didn't realize my cartoons were reflecting that.) So, for this arc I draw a young guy...
And then PrettyBoy says, "Why do you always draw your clients young and good-looking?"


Okay. That's all. Done bitching.

Lesson relearned?
You'll never make EVERYONE happy.

Marking Fee


So, yes, we do charge "marking fees" in our business! Sometimes also called "heavy session fees."

And it's not JUST because a heavy beating is hard to take. More importantly, it's because if your ass (or back or whatever) is torn to bits and you can't work, you're going to miss out on money!!! I can't get my body smashed and tenderized and then walk into another paddling. And even if you're not sore, many clients don't like to play with girls who are "marked" or bruised. For some it's because they're worried about hurting us or think we can't take it as hard but for many it's the idea of seeing another guys work all over your body. Most clients want us pristine and clean and all to themselves, they don't want to think about the last guy who put his hands on us...

So, the marking fee helps cover any missed sessions after you're left with bruising, whether it be because you need a break or day off or because another client may pass you up.

Most men who like to hand out heavy beatings understand this and are very accommodating. Others are very stingy and don't want to pay extra. And frankly, that really pisses me off. You want to come in here and fuck me up so badly that I can't sit right for a few days and you want me to walk out of here with only $50 for it? That's fucked up. Let's have a little consideration here! Not only do I chance losing money and have to endure alot of pain and discomfort but sometimes there's a small cost for aftercare, too. (Arnica, epsom salts and lotions etc.)

Many of my heavy players know to still tip me well on top of my marking fee but still others just pay the bottom dollar required. That's alright but it's nice when a guy knows you put up with ALOT for him. Especially because I personally will play with no safewords if my marking fee is covered. I COULD be requesting breaks and asking the client to back off but if he's willing to pay my extra fee I won't, I'll just let him swing away and endure. A tip atop my fee shows that the client appreciates my hard work, endurance and accommodation on this front.

And I am a VERY heavy player when I'm compensated. Here's a snapshot of what my ass looked like about two months ago when I took a "no safewords" heavy beating from a Mistress and client.

This is just from the first few hours, after a bath to wash off the small amount of blood. The bruising became VERY dark in the days after. It took over a week to heal (and I was healing fast) and I had to sleep on my belly for a night or two. You can see WHY there are extra fees associated with sessions of this caliber. And why I'm pissed when people don't want to pay alittle extra to demolish me or the other girls. >:(

Please, tip your masochists!!! :)


So, I mentioned I'd started wearing a wig to work? It didn't last long. This story arc will show why. :)

I looked very submissive in it and while it was cute it wasn't doing me any favors. I'm a fan of just being myself, even at work, so I'm back to rockin' the natural hair. It's growing out so it's more feminine now, hardly a mohawk anymore with how shaggy it's gotten.

Uhmmm not sure what else to update you guys on. I'm working on paintings and I have some galleries holding spots for me so I'm REALLY excited about that and should I ever have gallery showings I would love for any of you local readers to come on out and see my more professional work and meet me in person. :)

I'm going to be at the XO Expo Erotic Costume Ball in San Franciso in about a month. Anyone else going? I'd love to meet you and show you our TENS units. :)

Aaand TheShocker is here so I have to run! More comics soon! <3

Featured Fetish: Devoteeism

Hi everyone!

So, this is a Featured Fetish that I've been meaning to do for a long time. It's one of those that can be controversial and I enjoy talking about fetishes that may not be well known or accepted because you rad readers always chime in so wonderfully in the comments with your own knowledge of these fascinations. :)

So, Devoteeism!
Like with many of the fetishes I talk about here there are alot of variances between each fetishists own attraction but it can loosely be defined as being attracted to someone with a permanent and marked disability. This goes for amputees, paraplegics, the blind and more. It doesn't usually matter which part of the body is affected, although each person who engages this fetish has individual preferences.

Devotees, like any people, can vary widely in how they act out their fetishes. This is part of where the controversy surrounding this particular fetish comes from. While many devotees are loving and doting care-givers (likely the majority) some are fascinated by watching a disabled person struggle with their disability. The porn industry that caters to this fetish can sometimes be disturbing in nature as they often verbally condescend the disabled actors/actresses and/or depict them struggling. (But, honestly, I believe any porn can show the negative side to sex.)
Another side to the controversy is that devotee fetishists are sometimes viewed as seeing a person just for their disability, instead of personality. Again, this is widely debated in the community, with disabled persons themselves having conflicting views on devotees.

However, controversy aside, many disabled people find loving, caring romantic partnerships with devotees who love them for all that they are. This can be a blessing to people who, being different, can be told by society that they are not allowed to be sexualized. Like any adult person, disabled people are just as deserving of love, sex and relationships. :)
That's why I chose to depict a more intimate image of a devotee with his partner. They're making eye contact instead of his focusing on her amputated legs. I decided on the leg amputation because it allowed me to take a very traditional image (a gent sweeping his lady off of her feet) so that hopefully her missing legs are an afterthought until you notice her wheelchair in the background.
I know some other parts of the controversy surrounding devoteeism don't like that disabled people are often depicted as weak and feeble and so I'm sorry if this came across this way, I just wanted to show a closeness between the two characters AND show the devotee providing and helping her in a gentle, romantic way.

I hope this was enlightening! Please share if you have your own stories or insight to add!

I've been painting, working and helping PrettyBoy with his acting a ton lately, leaving me with very little comicing time! I'm mad at myself about it and I swear I'm gonna get back in the swing starting now. :)
PB and I are going to a reading for a new webshow he's acting in tonight which means I'll have some sketch-time while they rehearse!
More multi-panel comics coming atcha soon!

omahgaw I'm so sick.
The pain!!!

Upside is there was more time in my life for doodles.
Downside, I haven't the strength for more.


BTW I completely don't mean this comic to turn into nothing but pity pleas. Seriously. I know it may feel that way but it's not my intention. I must get my ass in gear...

But first, to get well. ;_; *collapse*


The case against Dave Edward Albert, my once coworker and now the murderer of my once boss and friend John Lavine and the destroyer of the dungeon I once called home has finally received a ruling on his case. After a surprisingly brief trial he has been convicted of murder in the 1st degree, arson and cruelty to an animal (for the murder of John's wolf Koda.) He is scheduled to receive sentencing in September and will be facing 52 years to life.

I miss John. He wasn't loved by everyone but he was loved by me and he shared some of the happiest years of my life. I'm pleased with the ruling. It doesn't make up for what was done but justice brings a certain peace to those of us affected by the horrible things Dave did. I'll forever remember the good times with John and all of the Passive Arts girls. We've all moved on but the closure is something...

Dungeon Furniture

A few of you guys suggested a comic or two back that you'd like to see a brief explanation of the furniture we have in the dungeon and it's uses. I hope this is satisfying to those of you who wonder and not too dull for those of you who are familiar with these objects. So, seriously, if you guys liked this please let me know. And if it was boring let me know that, too! I'm leaving it entirely up to you guys whether or not I do anymore comics of this nature.

Sorry for all of the delays. I'm working 5 days a week now and I've been kept pretty busy. Also, I haven't found myself doodling as much lately. I'm not sure why. I've been really grumpy so it could be something to do with that, as well. I don't produce art when I'm in bad moods. :/

I don't trust in my ability to do a decent drawing of a piece of furniture so for fun and so that you can get a better idea of the items I describe in this comic I figured I'd add afew photos I have of the objects. All of these pictures are pretty out of date so my hair is totally different in them.

 This is a horse. It's a custom made one by Downtown Willy who creates BEAUTIFUL pieces of dungeon furniture. As you can see any kinky object can be coated in different colored and padded fabrics or adorned with special O rings for a unique look and/or feel.
  That's a Saint Andrews Cross there behind me in this next photo. Most of the time these are just plain wood but as I mentioned above they can be padded and coated for look and comfort. The best ones are bolted to a wall or have a very sturdy support system so that subs can lean their weight into it safely. (Also, just behind my butt here you can see the crank to a suspension bar like I mentioned in the comic.)
  I was shocked and appalled to find I had almost NO pictures of me with a suspension bar. This is distressing since I use them during almost every session. I'm sorry I couldn't find a great example of one (you can find better ones in a google search I'm sure but I wanted to use my own images) so I included two of the so-so pictures I have of one. These are both very old shots from the dungeon BEFORE the fire and so things have changed since then and we have better, cleaner rigs up now.
  Anyway... I hope that was enlightening! And sorry to those who suggested I do a video walk-thru of the dungeon, showing off the toys by using them on PrettyBoy. I couldn't force him to cooperate on that one. ;p
 As for my personal life. It's pretty good. I'm comfortable in my new place and I'm keeping busy. I've been grouchy but I'm hoping it'll pass. Not too much else to say, for now. I'm really happy with how playful the colors came out in this comic. Tell me what you think of this update and I'll get you another one soon!

Lunatic Odyssey

Guess what.
Lunatic Odyssey is FINALLY done. It's been nearly a year and a half but it's done!
You can watch them all in order on this playlist:

OR, if you're short on time, skip straight to the ending and see what PrettyBoy made that got me all teary-eyed.

Oh yea, and, uh.... prepare yourselves for SEASON TWO!

3 Year Anniversary of NicBuxom!

Yep! Three years, now!
Okay, actually, yesterday was the anniversary but I was helping a close friend move all day so I had no time for comics...

3 years, wow. Alot has happened to me in the last three years and I've changed alot, alot, alot along with my life. That's why I thought the sub to switch to Domme picture I made for this milestone was appropriate.
I've become more bold and headstrong, more assertive and more assured of what I want in life. I had a number of close friends die these last three years but I also saw weddings and babies spring anew with life and love. I've lost friends and gained new ones, lost love and found another, lost my business and rejoined the new version of it, lost my home and (after many brief stays) finally found another, better one...

It's been a wild ride and I can't wait for many, many more adventures in love, happiness, sorrow and life. :)

Well, I should probably leave it at that but I do want to say that I KNOW May was supposed to be Freaky Fetish month but I abstained because, honestly, after such a slow business year I didn't get to see that many new freaky fetishes to fill the month. I'll have to make it up to you guys at a later date. And, one last thing, I'm turning 27 on May 28th! Gosh, I feel old. I mean, not OLD but like I need to start being an adult for the first time in my life. And I don't wanna.

Well, Happy 3 Year Anniversary to you and to me! Thank you so much to those of you who've been reading since the beginning, thank you new readers for finding me and thanks to those of you who've hung on through all the tumultuous postings and life-happenings all these years! :) I can't wait to amuse you for many more years to come!

What's Up

Yus, I'm back. I mean, I didn't really leave but I've been a bit of a busy girl.

So! We're moved in, our place is fuckin' awesome and I will likely describe it in more detail later, hopefully in comic form, but it is an actual HOUSE which is awesome and it's in a nice neighborhood while still being central to everything we want and need in LA. We've got a big front and back yard and we're having our house-warming in a week. :)
There are birds and squirrels and raccoons and things wild in the area but we also live with 3 finches (one of which has no toes, just stubs) and two parakeets and 3 bunnies. The birds are very cute and make sweet music for us but aren't exactly friendly however two of the bunnies roam our hallways and they're adorable and fuzzy. It's a great place so far, lets hope we can cool our heels here abit and avoid too much more travel, too soon.
Actually, on that note, this is the first time SINCE WE'VE MET that PrettyBoy and I have had a permanent home. That means it's been around TWO YEARS since either of us has had stable housing. It's a pretty big change! And gosh, I can tell you, it sure is nice. Phew.

So, having somewhere safe to lay my head at night is gonna help alot with updates. Moving and other responsibilities ate up the last two months for me but I think after May things should cool down. My best friend's wedding was amazing and I'm so grateful to be a part of it and he couldn't be with a nicer gal. Seems there's alot of grown-up stuff going on lately between my friends with weddings and babies everywhere. I guess I'm at that age, but it's not for me... Maybe I'll be a dominatrix forever, who knows.

PrettyBoy has been focusing on acting and we're hoping he can break into it enough to at least make a living. It's not an easy life but it's what he wants and it helps that he's a cutie!

And speaking of film, we've pretty much finished Lunatic Odyssey. I'd post a link but we have to get the last episode up and I'd rather wait till it's complete but maybe I'll share that next update.

This weekend is DomCon, one of the biggest fetish conventions in the US. It's run by Mistress Cyan, the now owner of our dungeon and I'm proud to be more closely associated with it now, though I've been working it for years. I know a few of you will be there so feel free to say hi! I'll be selling tens units instead of hanging at the dungeon booth so keep an eye out for me. :) I may just have some little treats for those of you who find me!

Oh, and I'm turning 27 in just over a week. Sheesh, time flies by. Here's a pic of my newest hair-do and my new work persona hair. ;)

Featured Fetish: Erotic Asphyxiation

Okay, very first things first my appearance on Will Sean Podcast? is up!
The two vanilla hosts talk about their first visit to the dungeon and first meeting with me and I talk about the inner workings of the pro-domme world. Plus, a story I haven't written about here!
It's episode 8: Tie Us Up, Tie Us Down.
Check them out on itunes to download the interview (and be sure to rate them well!)
If you're like me and you don't have itunes then you can listen on the blog.
And lastly, be sure to "like" them on facebook! There are even a couple pictures on there of me dominating the hosts! ;)

Now, the Featured Fetish! Erotic Asphyxiation.
I portrayed a couple partaking of this fetish because someone doing this by themselves (a more common occurrence) is called auto-erotic asphyxiation. Auto-erotic asphyxiation is PARTICULARLY dangerous as you render yourself helpless and nobody is nearby to assist. It is thought to be a leading cause of deaths often mistaken as suicide by hanging...

It's hard for me to talk about this fetish because it is SO dangerous. I have participated in this fetish with a client before but I can NOT recommend it to anyone. It is ALWAYS dangerous play. "Breath play", as we call it in the scene, is considered "edge play" which is the term for very dangerous forms of BDSM activities (such as knife/blood play etc.)

People enjoy this kind of play because depriving blood and oxygen to the brain gives one a loopy, dizzying sort of ecstasy. Many people who have issues with dopamine levels in the brain (often ex-drug users) will need more extreme sensations such as this one to achieve orgasm. This is, of course, not to say that everyone who partakes of this is involved with drugs or has a chemical deficiency. There's absolutely not only a physical high but a thrill from participating in such risky behavior.

A big mistake people make with erotic asphyxiation is thinking that you need to press firmly against the front of the throat. This is dangerous and unpleasant as it depresses the windpipe (and CAN crush it if one applies too much force.) When I engage in erotic asphyxiation I actually press very little against the windpipe, I use my fingers to press against the veins on either side of the neck, just under the jaw. This allows my submissive to continue to breathe with comfort but cuts down the bloodflow to the brain and therefore achieves the dizzy, head-rush type of feeling that people are after with this play.

When I do this (rarely) I keep VERY close watch on my bottom. Always do it with them laying down so they will not fall and hit their heads if they become faint. Since they usually can't speak well I ask them to tap on my thigh when they want me to stop. If their eyes begin to flutter, I stop. If the breathing appears labored, I stop. And I almost always stop before they signal me because I do NOT want them to pass out. Some partners play to the point of unconsciousness, I do not think that's safe or ethical or even necessary to achieve the desired high.

I apologize if this was a stern write-up but it makes me nervous that any of you may jump into this because I'd really you rather not...
But if you must, stick with hands. There's more control. Using ropes and such can damage the windpipe like I mentioned but they're also harder to loosen at a moments notice, they can often stick and catch in a noose-like fashion and are more likely to leave marks.

Play safe, sane and consensual, people!!!

Featured Fetish: Sensory Deprivation

Firstly, I want to eventually go back through EVERY image on this site and put my little url tag at the bottom. I'm dumb for not having done it so far and SOMEDAY I will take on the horrible job of doing it to some 300+ images, one by one and reposting them... ugh.
So, just didn't want you guys to wonder about that.

Sensory Deprivation.
This was a particularly hard one for me to create an image for because it's so about what the submissive is FEELING. The title is apt, pretty much explains the concept, sensory deprivation is about denying or depriving one or multiple senses. And as scary as that sounds on paper it's VERY, very erotic, even for the most vanilla person. I'm sure even the tamest of couples have played around with a blindfold now and then.

So, I chose to show a little lady in a hood. Hoods can be scary and aren't great for the claustrophobic. I'm fine with them but I can't have a gag in at the same time or I start to feel like I can't breathe. However, the great thing about hoods is that most of them automatically buffer the ears abit. And then you can add attachments like blindfold and gags until you've put to bed many of our natural senses (sight, hearing etc.) I pictured here a style of cuff that gloves the hand. These are fun for the tricky submissive who's good with escape (like me) or the grabby submissive etc. It's great to take away our maneuverable little fingers and render hands useless in mitts. Shown here, it just further dampens the senses as the sensitive fingertips loaded with nerve endings can't feel around at her surroundings.

Sensory dep is something (if done safely) I can recommend to ANYONE. This is a really fun style of play that requires NO pain. I use at least some levels of sensory dep almost anytime I play with a partner privately and ESPECIALLY with women. By taking away some of our senses, the ones left behind (primarily touch) are extremely heightened. It's very erotic. It's a great easy way to get someone into subspace, too, as they're less likely to be distracted by their outside surroundings and often feel less self-concious overall, locked inside their head as they are.

My PERSONAL favorite trick to sensory dep is to pop some ear-phones onto my submissive so that they can't hear what I'm up to. Plus, putting on repetitive sounds or favored music really deepens and quickens the descent into the right headspace. Then I'll top it off with a blindfold and some bondage and set to work doing lots of sensual play, letting the submissive gasp and squirm under my fingernails, ice, wax, pinwheels, feathers, silks and other fun and disorienting sensory toys.

With my ex, Sharky, we had a phone program where you could record short sounds and create tones and then overlay them all onto one another. We'd often set up a repeating set of tones and toss in a whisper or the sound of breathing to listen to. It was a very unique experience, great, great, great headspace.

I hope that covers it nicely for you guys and gives you some great ideas to use at home! :)
Just remember, try to NEVER leave a submissive alone in a condition like this. It can be unsafe. Lay your toys out ahead of time so that you don't find yourself leaving the room etc. Some people engage in abandonment roleplays and such, I know, but even in those instances it's safest to stay nearby just in case... Play safe!!!

One last thing before I go, I mentioned this in the last post but I want to mention it again, TONIGHT I am going to record my appearance on Will Sean Podcast and I insist you all give it a listen. :) You're not gonna wanna miss it, at any rate, because I know I'll have at least one story nobody has heard yet, to tell. Plus, who can pass up a listen to my pretty voice?
Listen to Will Sean Podcast here if you have itunes or you can find all of the episodes on their blog here, if you don't. Download them if you can, rate them, like them on facebook they're my friends and they're awesome. :) Once my personal appearance one is uploaded I'll link it here and on my twitter and whatnot as well.

Oh, and the plan is to load you guys with a number of Featured Fetishes (even though it's not friday) just to make up for all of the lost time. :)


Hey guys, sorry no art, just a text update.

Firstly, lookie at me! Guess what that is in my hands! It's a sketch OF Danielle Corsetto BY Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots! One of my favorite webcomics ever!!! <3
I'm sure most of you are already readers (in which case envy me) but those who are not you NEED to go an look at it. She even has a dominatrix character. :3
One of my lovely (and very busty) coworkers was at Wondercon and knew I was sick at home so she picked this up for me. :) I admit I'm jealous I didn't get to see Danielle in person but someday, someday...

Anyway. On to what's going on with me (I always have guilt about leaving you guys in the dark.)

I worked the Arnold Fitness Expo in Ohio and it was a great show and we did well but I got really badly sick immediately after getting back. And then just when I thought I was getting well I took a cattleprodding session and screamed my head off and filled myself with stress and relapsed and was sick again. Since then I've been working and battling this sickness constantly. It's horrible. I even worked a show out in the rain, which was miserable. -_-
I need the money bad so all of the work is welcome but it's left me really ragged. Hell, even the picture above had to be taken at work because I've had so little free time (and I'm sure you can tell I'm not at my best.)

On top of that PrettyBoy smashed his car into pieces so we're desperately trying to find him a new one in our price-bracket (which is very, very, very little) and I have to chauffeur him around in the meantime. So neither of us are sleeping much and alot of extra time is being sucked out of my day just to get him to work and back. :(

But there is GOOD news keeping us busy, too! We found a place to live! This is the FIRST time since he and I have met that we don't have an end-date on a place. We aren't sure if we're ready to quit our nomadic lifestyle but we may very well stay in this new place a long time. And it's pretty fantastic. It's a house, shared with the older lady who owns it. She has birds and bunnies which are adorable and musical (and potty trained!)
It's a 1920's house in an upscale residential neighborhood. Very quiet while still central to everything we want to be near (freeways, work, restaurants etc.) Plus it has a big backyard and place for a workspace for us both! We just finished sanding and painting our room. Also, my huge ass tore my pants in the process, as you can see here. So, that's where I've been. We're beginning to move into the new home this weekend which will also take up lots of time. AND my best friend is getting married in just 2-3 weeks! I'm the best lady and I'm terribly excited. It's going to be a really busy month or so for me but I am going to try my damndest to still update here while I run around like crazy. I hate not having updates for here but I have to admit that money and shelter come first. :/ Sorry guys. But I do promise to at least do some photo and text updates for you if I can't make time to sketch out a comic.

One last little thing, my good friends Will and Sean have been doing a successful podcast that's fun, witty and crass. I'll be on next week as a special guest!
Check them out and give a listen here and like them on facebook here. I'll mention it again when my specific appearance goes live but it's really worth giving them a listen right now. And when I DO go on I may be telling afew stories you guys are already familiar with but I do have one big one that I've told no one yet. :3

So tune in!

The Problems With Peeing On The Job

Potty humor. Literally. ;p

So, yes, seriously. I hate peeing at work. It's never easy.

And just to give a little explanation on the 2nd panel, if you're wearing a corset you have to take it off to take off your garter. And to take off your garter you have to take off the panties you're wearing over them. And to take down your second pair of panties you have to take down your garter and stockings...
It's a whole thing. Sometimes I have to strip 5 layers off just to pee. >_< And then I have to REDRESS from being butt-naked. It's a whole process. All while tottering in heels on slippery floors. Bah!

So, I'm not getting that many votes on my Threadless submissions and I admit I'm abit hurt. I know approximately how many of you there are and the votes are low. I wouldn't be irked but for something that only costs you 5minutes and no money you COULD all be paying my rent. Anyway, I don't mean to whine about it.
I REALLY appreciate you guys who did vote. You know who you are. You guys are AWESOME. <3

And I'm not gonna stop, despite the pithy turn-out on voters. I've submitted another design that I hope will do better! Would love for you guys to be kind and take a second to vote on this new one, too. :D

Vote For Me!

Like my art? Then VOTE FOR ME!

If you guys really and truly love me like you always say you'll take the 2 minutes out of your day to vote for my Threadless submission.
I'd really appreciate it...

I kinda need the money to live...

Oh, and while you're at it, vote for my text submissions, too, here and here.

Love you guys. :)   <3

Punny Love

Happy Valentines!

heh heh.

It's early, I know, but I couldn't wait. Use it, if you wanna! :)
Happy Valentines!

(PS I have had no less than THREE Valentines gifts/plans fall through this year. My life has been a failure lately baaaah.)

I'd Rather Be...

So, um, that's how the cam stuff is going. Haha.

Seriously, though, it's going well but every single time I just wish I could be painting or drawing instead. That's the lazy artist in me. I've been really art-focused lately but I'm so desperate for money (to live) that I feel guilty everytime I just sit down and draw. :(

Times are, indeed, hard. I promise I won't talk about it too much more in the future but transitioning is hard.

Fingers crossed and all that. *fist-shakes at the economy*

Convention Cons

I forgot to mention in the last post that I've lost all of my pens in the moving process so I'm using what's on hand. It takes longer and I think it reflects. :( I must go buy more.

Anyway, just a tidbit from the last AdultCon. The convention has been going downhill each time it goes on, getting smaller and smaller and making less and less sales so I think this may have been my last one. :/
Anyway, because it was so slow I figured I was gonna try to have fun one way or the other so I devised a little "buy me a drink" sign to hang above my ass. People are always taking pictures of my butt so I knew this was likely to get some attention and indeed it did! I had a good many drinks and it improved the slow days.
However, more than actual drinks purchased for me were people asking "does that actually work?" I got REALLY tired of fielding the same question over and over, especially when surrounded by empty bottles and fresh drink in hand. Instead of assuring people it was working I started telling them to buy me one and find out. They didn't. Dicks.

Ha, so, yea. Anyway, it was fun enough. Wish I'd made some money, though. :(

And speaking of money, this is the source of my woes lately. I usually try to hold back on turning this into a huge complaint forum for myself but I've been struggling for months now and it hasn't been looking up. I know it's hard times for everyone but that's meager consolation when I'm fretting about the possibility of being homeless in a few months since rent is hard to come by...

Because of that I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be in the dominatrix business. This isn't a prank, btw (abit early for april fools anyway.)
It sucks.
It sucks REALLY bad.
I still love my job. I still love what I do. But the client base just isn't there like it once was and if I can't get by then I can't rely on it anymore...

I miss the good times when money came free and easy. I miss being able to make a living at something I love.

Anyway. For now I plan to try to keep up with it afew days a week and look into other possibilities on the side. Even if I have to quit the official business I will see my regulars (like TheShocker) on the side when they are available.

Also, fret not, I have loads of comic scripts stored up for you guys so this doesn't mean the end of NicBuxom by any means. I'm just sad that I may now become a retail slave who does bdsm on the side. :(

Anyway. Enough sad stuff. I'll keep you all updated on how things are going and if I find something new to do with myself. At the very least I'm sure retail will lend me lots of new sadistic fuckers to comic about....

Oh yea, and I forgot to mention last time that I have a tumblr now. It's not art based, though, it's strictly sexy photos of me so don't bother with it if you're in it for my intellect and talents, you'll probably only find it interesting if you're captivated by my ass. ;P

Counter-productive Kitties

I'm super stressed. *hyperventilates*
I've been really bogged down lately and therefore I feel like I have alot to tell you guys. This is another silly "excuse" for my lack of posts. But seriously... the cats won't leave me alone. Their favorite spots to sleep are on my laptop and sketchbook, but only when they're in my lap and I'm desperately trying to get things done. Or, really, ANYTIME I'm trying to get ANYTHING done.

Those bastards.

Anyway. They are alternately cute and annoying.

So, we're pet/house-sitting! The place is gorgeous but the kitties keep us up at night. I may have mentioned these guys before.... the fat one in the foreground is The Screecher. She is the culprit of the mental disaster I have been lately.

Also, I am trying to undertake about a million new business endeavors and having my fingers in so many pots (hehehehehehe) has worn me abit thin. The upside is I now have a number of new avenues to give me comic fodder.

Firstly, if you look over there to your left just below the donation banner you'll see a little button so that you can ring me up, now! So, yes, I'll be taking phone sessions. :) Haven't actually done it yet but I'm set and ready to go!

Secondly, I've joined a coupla different camsites! I won't be doing any nudity but I do dress up in saucy lingerie and dominatrix gear and I bring along some choice bdsm toys to spice things up so don't be afraid to come and chat at me, I spend almost all of my time in the free chat areas (until someone pulls me off for private.)
One thing, though, I politely request that if you pop on there you don't shout at me to show my tits the whole time. -_- Bleugh. I know it's bound to happen (fuck it already has a ton) but it's obnoxious and it's not gonna happen.
So, you can find me here and here if you wanna.
I will likely come off as abit corny but hey, what do you expect on a sexchat? (I guess you expect sex. Which I don't do. Man, I'm really bad at this whole sex-industry thing!!!)

Okay, so there's those. I'm also going to try to get started selling some photosets and maybe even some more illicit items (anyone want some stinky used socks?) and, of course, continue doing dungeon work as well.

So, I'm strapped. Add onto that that in about 2 months PrettyBoy and I need to commit to a new apartment and I've had alot on my mind (mostly money. Or... my lack of it...)

So! I'm actually trying to make myself a weekly schedule. And it's awful. It's like, work the dungeon these two days, do camwork these two days, spend this one day trying to do art and take calls at the same time and get one day off for normal shit like chores and TRYING to have some free-time.


Okay. Anyway. I guess after me being so absent you guys deserve a good ranting at.

My plan for the comic is to post a few more kitty complaints, some sketches about AdultCon (which went very poorly and I don't expect to ever work again) and then to just bombard you guys with FeaturedFetishes for awhile to catch-up.
Hope that's a'ight.

Also, I finally bought a jigsaw and I'm going to start producing pin-up cut-outs and I'll feature them on here for sale as well as trying to get them into galleries so... hopeful and excited for that!

Okay, more for you all later.


I dunno. Maybe the end there got a little abstract.
Hopefully you guys get that's it's essentially me being driven slowly mad by their constant chatter and disrespect. (And me wielding a cattleprod threateningly.)

They keep us up at night by yelling everything they say and blatantly ignoring our requests for them to quiet down. They use our dishes and never clean them. Never take out the trash. Have 9 extra people living in a two bedroom we expected to share with just TWO other people. Nobody pays the rent to the management, despite us paying them 2/3rds of the rent here. They've given out keys to multiple friends of theirs so that there are constantly strangers coming and going from our home. Constantly people sleeping in the living room. They smoke everything they can get their hands on inside with all of the windows and doors closed...
The list goes on and on. PrettyBoy even got in a short screaming fight with one of them tonight.

The good news, though?
Tonight is my last night. Tomorrow morning I drive out to Vegas to work AdultCon and I'm free of this horrid place forever. I've been trying not to bitch here too much about the living situation but it's gotten so absurd and I'm just so grateful to be leaving.

I've been trying to draw a comic for days but I've been so goddamned uncomfortable with our living situation that I just couldn't get anything done. That's partially why this is so sketchy. It's also partially because all of our belongings are packed up for the move and I couldn't find alot of my art supplies readily. -_-

Anyway, yes, PrettyBoy and I have been freakishly busy. I haven't much more to say on the matter, gotta do some last minute moving.