Clean Your Room

I was never spanked as a child, actually. So.... can't blame mom for my fetishes. ;P I just thought this was funny.

Also, I'm not saying we spank or otherwise physically punish one another in the dungeon when we're mad.... but I'm also not saying it's never happened!!!! ;)

It feels really good to be comicing again! I got bogged down in that long arc that half of you hated anyway and while I'm still annoyed at myself for not finishing it it's nice to be out from under it and just doing what whims I feel at each moment. I think I've spoiled myself by living that way and responsibility tends to drag me down. I still have alot of commissions to catch up on but in two weeks PrettyBoy is going back home to Massachusetts for a whole week so I'll have lots of time alone to art. :)

This weekend is my best friends birthday so I'm going out of town to visit him and the holidays are upon us! Now that finances are stable again (since I've been able to work) I expect to do a big closet clean-out and sell off a bunch of my stuff for fairly cheap. Everything on the "Benefit For The Booty" page will be discounted and I'll be posting more stuff so that if you guys need any holiday gifts fulfilled I may be able to help ya out! :D Just give me some time because it's way more consuming than you'd expect to photograph, upload and code everything so I need to get myself together, be patient.

Okie-doke, will post soon!