Featured Fetish: Erotic Asphyxiation

Okay, very first things first my appearance on Will Sean Podcast? is up!
The two vanilla hosts talk about their first visit to the dungeon and first meeting with me and I talk about the inner workings of the pro-domme world. Plus, a story I haven't written about here!
It's episode 8: Tie Us Up, Tie Us Down.
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If you're like me and you don't have itunes then you can listen on the blog.
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Now, the Featured Fetish! Erotic Asphyxiation.
I portrayed a couple partaking of this fetish because someone doing this by themselves (a more common occurrence) is called auto-erotic asphyxiation. Auto-erotic asphyxiation is PARTICULARLY dangerous as you render yourself helpless and nobody is nearby to assist. It is thought to be a leading cause of deaths often mistaken as suicide by hanging...

It's hard for me to talk about this fetish because it is SO dangerous. I have participated in this fetish with a client before but I can NOT recommend it to anyone. It is ALWAYS dangerous play. "Breath play", as we call it in the scene, is considered "edge play" which is the term for very dangerous forms of BDSM activities (such as knife/blood play etc.)

People enjoy this kind of play because depriving blood and oxygen to the brain gives one a loopy, dizzying sort of ecstasy. Many people who have issues with dopamine levels in the brain (often ex-drug users) will need more extreme sensations such as this one to achieve orgasm. This is, of course, not to say that everyone who partakes of this is involved with drugs or has a chemical deficiency. There's absolutely not only a physical high but a thrill from participating in such risky behavior.

A big mistake people make with erotic asphyxiation is thinking that you need to press firmly against the front of the throat. This is dangerous and unpleasant as it depresses the windpipe (and CAN crush it if one applies too much force.) When I engage in erotic asphyxiation I actually press very little against the windpipe, I use my fingers to press against the veins on either side of the neck, just under the jaw. This allows my submissive to continue to breathe with comfort but cuts down the bloodflow to the brain and therefore achieves the dizzy, head-rush type of feeling that people are after with this play.

When I do this (rarely) I keep VERY close watch on my bottom. Always do it with them laying down so they will not fall and hit their heads if they become faint. Since they usually can't speak well I ask them to tap on my thigh when they want me to stop. If their eyes begin to flutter, I stop. If the breathing appears labored, I stop. And I almost always stop before they signal me because I do NOT want them to pass out. Some partners play to the point of unconsciousness, I do not think that's safe or ethical or even necessary to achieve the desired high.

I apologize if this was a stern write-up but it makes me nervous that any of you may jump into this because I'd really you rather not...
But if you must, stick with hands. There's more control. Using ropes and such can damage the windpipe like I mentioned but they're also harder to loosen at a moments notice, they can often stick and catch in a noose-like fashion and are more likely to leave marks.

Play safe, sane and consensual, people!!!

Featured Fetish: Sensory Deprivation

Firstly, I want to eventually go back through EVERY image on this site and put my little url tag at the bottom. I'm dumb for not having done it so far and SOMEDAY I will take on the horrible job of doing it to some 300+ images, one by one and reposting them... ugh.
So, just didn't want you guys to wonder about that.

Sensory Deprivation.
This was a particularly hard one for me to create an image for because it's so about what the submissive is FEELING. The title is apt, pretty much explains the concept, sensory deprivation is about denying or depriving one or multiple senses. And as scary as that sounds on paper it's VERY, very erotic, even for the most vanilla person. I'm sure even the tamest of couples have played around with a blindfold now and then.

So, I chose to show a little lady in a hood. Hoods can be scary and aren't great for the claustrophobic. I'm fine with them but I can't have a gag in at the same time or I start to feel like I can't breathe. However, the great thing about hoods is that most of them automatically buffer the ears abit. And then you can add attachments like blindfold and gags until you've put to bed many of our natural senses (sight, hearing etc.) I pictured here a style of cuff that gloves the hand. These are fun for the tricky submissive who's good with escape (like me) or the grabby submissive etc. It's great to take away our maneuverable little fingers and render hands useless in mitts. Shown here, it just further dampens the senses as the sensitive fingertips loaded with nerve endings can't feel around at her surroundings.

Sensory dep is something (if done safely) I can recommend to ANYONE. This is a really fun style of play that requires NO pain. I use at least some levels of sensory dep almost anytime I play with a partner privately and ESPECIALLY with women. By taking away some of our senses, the ones left behind (primarily touch) are extremely heightened. It's very erotic. It's a great easy way to get someone into subspace, too, as they're less likely to be distracted by their outside surroundings and often feel less self-concious overall, locked inside their head as they are.

My PERSONAL favorite trick to sensory dep is to pop some ear-phones onto my submissive so that they can't hear what I'm up to. Plus, putting on repetitive sounds or favored music really deepens and quickens the descent into the right headspace. Then I'll top it off with a blindfold and some bondage and set to work doing lots of sensual play, letting the submissive gasp and squirm under my fingernails, ice, wax, pinwheels, feathers, silks and other fun and disorienting sensory toys.

With my ex, Sharky, we had a phone program where you could record short sounds and create tones and then overlay them all onto one another. We'd often set up a repeating set of tones and toss in a whisper or the sound of breathing to listen to. It was a very unique experience, great, great, great headspace.

I hope that covers it nicely for you guys and gives you some great ideas to use at home! :)
Just remember, try to NEVER leave a submissive alone in a condition like this. It can be unsafe. Lay your toys out ahead of time so that you don't find yourself leaving the room etc. Some people engage in abandonment roleplays and such, I know, but even in those instances it's safest to stay nearby just in case... Play safe!!!

One last thing before I go, I mentioned this in the last post but I want to mention it again, TONIGHT I am going to record my appearance on Will Sean Podcast and I insist you all give it a listen. :) You're not gonna wanna miss it, at any rate, because I know I'll have at least one story nobody has heard yet, to tell. Plus, who can pass up a listen to my pretty voice?
Listen to Will Sean Podcast here if you have itunes or you can find all of the episodes on their blog here, if you don't. Download them if you can, rate them, like them on facebook they're my friends and they're awesome. :) Once my personal appearance one is uploaded I'll link it here and on my twitter and whatnot as well.

Oh, and the plan is to load you guys with a number of Featured Fetishes (even though it's not friday) just to make up for all of the lost time. :)


Hey guys, sorry no art, just a text update.

Firstly, lookie at me! Guess what that is in my hands! It's a sketch OF Danielle Corsetto BY Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots! One of my favorite webcomics ever!!! <3
I'm sure most of you are already readers (in which case envy me) but those who are not you NEED to go an look at it. She even has a dominatrix character. :3
One of my lovely (and very busty) coworkers was at Wondercon and knew I was sick at home so she picked this up for me. :) I admit I'm jealous I didn't get to see Danielle in person but someday, someday...

Anyway. On to what's going on with me (I always have guilt about leaving you guys in the dark.)

I worked the Arnold Fitness Expo in Ohio and it was a great show and we did well but I got really badly sick immediately after getting back. And then just when I thought I was getting well I took a cattleprodding session and screamed my head off and filled myself with stress and relapsed and was sick again. Since then I've been working and battling this sickness constantly. It's horrible. I even worked a show out in the rain, which was miserable. -_-
I need the money bad so all of the work is welcome but it's left me really ragged. Hell, even the picture above had to be taken at work because I've had so little free time (and I'm sure you can tell I'm not at my best.)

On top of that PrettyBoy smashed his car into pieces so we're desperately trying to find him a new one in our price-bracket (which is very, very, very little) and I have to chauffeur him around in the meantime. So neither of us are sleeping much and alot of extra time is being sucked out of my day just to get him to work and back. :(

But there is GOOD news keeping us busy, too! We found a place to live! This is the FIRST time since he and I have met that we don't have an end-date on a place. We aren't sure if we're ready to quit our nomadic lifestyle but we may very well stay in this new place a long time. And it's pretty fantastic. It's a house, shared with the older lady who owns it. She has birds and bunnies which are adorable and musical (and potty trained!)
It's a 1920's house in an upscale residential neighborhood. Very quiet while still central to everything we want to be near (freeways, work, restaurants etc.) Plus it has a big backyard and place for a workspace for us both! We just finished sanding and painting our room. Also, my huge ass tore my pants in the process, as you can see here. So, that's where I've been. We're beginning to move into the new home this weekend which will also take up lots of time. AND my best friend is getting married in just 2-3 weeks! I'm the best lady and I'm terribly excited. It's going to be a really busy month or so for me but I am going to try my damndest to still update here while I run around like crazy. I hate not having updates for here but I have to admit that money and shelter come first. :/ Sorry guys. But I do promise to at least do some photo and text updates for you if I can't make time to sketch out a comic.

One last little thing, my good friends Will and Sean have been doing a successful podcast that's fun, witty and crass. I'll be on next week as a special guest!
Check them out and give a listen here and like them on facebook here. I'll mention it again when my specific appearance goes live but it's really worth giving them a listen right now. And when I DO go on I may be telling afew stories you guys are already familiar with but I do have one big one that I've told no one yet. :3

So tune in!