If you didn't see the comics before this make sure you check back. It's been a heavy upload week because we're off-schedule and I'd hate for you to miss some of the funny. :)

So, yes, this has actually been asked of me. MULTIPLE times.
It's so hard for me to believe that people have never seen or heard of a lip-piercing. To be fair, the guys who ask seem a bit slow... But honestly, I suspect they wanted me to answer that it was either a BDSM related item or they were trying to nudge me into implying that it's for heightening oral sex. Which, by the way, Sharky reports is not really true. I'm sure everyone's different but he claims he can't really feel it or tell the difference.
It's not why I got it, anyway. :P
And hell, even if I had, it certainly wouldn't be used to pleasure anyone but my dude! >:(

It's JEWLERY. That's it. I like to decorate myself. :P

Shit That Makes Dungeon Girls Hate You

Okay, it's up! We have a heavy update load tonight and tomorrow cuz I'm determined to have us caught up. So, there's gonna be another post tonight and then Saturday's post up by midnight tonight. :)

So. A guide.
I want to be clear on some of this stuff, since it may sound harsh.
Firstly, of COURSE we appreciate any tip at all but, really, there is always going to be a level that lands you as a cheapskate. If someone left you a handful of pocket-change after waitressing you'd be insulted and that's the equivalent of $20 or less in our business. We are a pricey business and we put our bodies on the line for our work. We work HARD. If a girl is giving you her all the least you could do is kick her a $20 out of the hundreds you spend just to get her in the room.

I saw a regular of mine the other day who always tips me $20. Except, this time he gave me $16 instead. Why did he subtract that $4? Was it a statement on my performance that evening? Did he spend the last of his cash on a pack of smokes or something? When shit like this happens we can't help but wonder. Is it us? Is this a comment? If he'd put $4 more into my palm I wouldn't worry.

Also, I might not try as hard for him next time.

Second topic. We get new players all of the time and we welcome them. We're happy to teach and we're VERY forgiving. We'll put up with alot when we know someone's starting out. You gotta start/learn somewhere! :)
But seriously. The guys who brag and brag only to turn out to be fuck-ups are exasperating. How could they not be?! Just be honest with us if you don't know what you're doing, we'll understand.

There's no excuse for stinky balls, though.
I wash my bits every damn day before I come in to work. If you know you're going to be getting naked and near with a hot chick you think you'd want to smell good. For gawd's sake it is NOT that hard to give a little scrub down there before you wander in here. We even have a shower on site! Just use it! We'll wait!!!

You guys wouldn't laugh if you knew how many horrible sites and smells we encounter. I'll make fun of even worse situations I've seen in the future. :P

The Turnaround

Aha, you see? Next comic up, just as I have said!
Sometimes I can keep to my word. ;)

Yes, I can't let Nic and the girls ALWAYS have the upper-hand. Sometimes the poor downtroden men that we abuse pull one over on us! This has certainly happened to me before. I recently played with a guy who, upon me cropping and strapping his perineum region, told me he'd never had that done before. I was giddy to have introduced him to something new (I have a thing about exposing people to new things) only to talk with the girls after and have them all confirm that they'd done that with him before. -_-

It's nothing huge but it sure made me feel like I had egg on my face for believing him.

Righto, see you all tomorrow for another fantastical comic! But tomorrow we go back to complaining about the men being idiots, again. ;P I can't have them getting TOO many breaks.


Howdy, neighborinos!
So, this one took a bit longer because it was a collaboration between myself and the very talented colorist Steven Ray Brown! Check out his stuff, it's really swell! Thanks Stevie! :D

Just a chance to see the girls by day.
So, since stuff has been late, late, late and I HATE that I'm planning to give you a comic a day until Saturday to get us caught up again. You're looking at today's and tomorrow's is in the queue. Thursday's might not go up exactly at midnight because I'm not going to be home the next two days but it WILL be up within official Thursday hours. :P And then Friday I can get handled from there.

Saturday lands us OFFICIALLY in the FREAKY FETISH MONTH of May! All May will be the Freakiest Fetishes I have taken part in! I hope you're all as excited as I am. :)

Also, that is when I will reveal the question I get asked again and again, and that was proposed back at the beginning of the comic. That's right, I will tell you all what the weirdest thing I've ever done is. :)

Although... Keep in mind that it's my opinion. Some of you may think stuff I've already talked about is too weird for words. :P
See ya tomorrows!


Here it is!

Okay, guys, sorry this is late and thanks again for being so patient. The reason I've been slacking a bit is because I'm working really hard to get you all some merchandise! Whooo! I can't wait! I've been drawing, photoshopping, networking and shoppin' the net non-stop to get everything together as fast as possible. :) I'm thrilled to death and I hope you all will be, too!

Sharky got delayed another week (man I just can't get rid of that guy!) and it's good news for me because that means I have more help with the merch projects and the pages I'm trying to get up before he goes. There will be changes around here in the next month, guys, whee!!!

Anyway, I joke alot at work about my "clark kent" look. I come to work fully dressed with my work-clothes on underneath so I take great joy in pulling off my glasses and pulling open my sweater at the girls. Geek by day, Dominatrix by night! Oh, and I just thought it was kinda funny to say "nic at night" like the old TV show, Nick at Nite on the Nickelodeon channel. :p I'm a dork, I know.

Anyway, gonna try to get another comic up between now and Saturday since we're one behind. There may be alot of late comics in the next month as I try to get all of the other stuff going on but be assured that I'm working on NicBuxom stuff ALL THE TIME. Okay, talk at you all soon! :)

Featured Fetish: Strap-On

She always wins...
The newest Featured Fetish! That's right, strap-ons!

So, when this was requested I wasn't thrilled to pieces about it because it's another fetish that WE DON'T DO. I think it's silly that this would be considered prostitution but I DO understand that it's still penetration so yep. Anyway, I was feeling luke-warm about doing it as a feature until I actually sat down to draw it and then viola! This lovely beauty appeared beneath my pens. I'm immensly proud of how it turned out. I think she's extremely sexy and my coloring is improving, too. :D

Anyway, I worked independently for a bit before coming into the dungeon and this is probably THE MOST requested fetish out there. This and cross-dressing. I've never fucked a client in the ass because all opportunities before the dungeon just didn't go through and we can't do it here. I've done it with partners, but only males. I currently only own one strap-on and it's for my own personal use. I'd like to someday own a really nice harness and dong(s) but currently I haven't anyone I could use it on so it's not priority, really.

Still, I think chicks look sexy with big raging cocks strapped onto their front. ;)

My week has been very busy but very fun. I saw my two FAVORITE guys, TheShocker and Mark and I'm still going to see them a bit more tonight and tomorrow night. :) We're hoping to get Mark in on our cattle-prod games tomorrow and any unsuspecting party-goers we can convince. ;) So, enjoy this leggy beauty and let me party until Monday's update!

More Scary Than Painful

Tomorrow I see Mark and TheShocker. Except, in opposite order of that. :P The Shocker will be here for the weekend and I'll be at the club with Mark Saturday night. I'm keeping this really short because Sharky needs to sleep and I'm keeping him up.

Electricity really is more scary than it is painful. Okay, that's it from me till Saturday. The Featured Fetish is completely done so no worries on my busy few days at the dungeon keeping my posts late. :)

Okay! EDIT time!

Since I didn't get a chance when I updated last night, I used the TENS unit in this comic. The tens is an electrical tool commonly used as a muscle relaxer in doctors offices, usually for sports injuries etc. We deviants, of course, use it for bdsm purposes. However, on a low setting it mostly just feels like prickles, tickles, pitter-patters etc. I've taken every box I own up to 99 (there is no 100, 99 is the highest setting) and I own... 3 seperate types of boxes (though I have some doubles.) When you play with tens units the whole idea is to ramp up slowly so you can acclimate. It becomes torturous if you move up fast. We also have smaller boxes with settings that allow you to "shock" the person wearing the unit with a remote control and that works for some fun games, too. Just a quick sum-up, there's endless possibilities. :)

Electric Kisses

Hi guys! So, I wanted to talk about electricity a little bit. The violet wand is probably one of my favorite toys and you've probably noticed me going on about it on here alot. :P Yes, this actually happened. Perhaps that's why Sharky doesn't care for the wand. ;) Probably the only moment I've ever regretted my lipring... it wasn't horrible but boy did it sting on our sensitive lips!

The VW is a very expensive and potentially dangerous electrical tool. It was a gift to me from TheShocker off of my wishlist. If you're careful to use safety measures like surge protectors and be versed in your tools it's fun and safe. The reason electricity is really dangerous is that things can happen in an instant, faster than any human can react.

All that said, however, it isn't as scary as it sounds or looks. I was TERRIFIED before I tried it myself the first time about 3 years ago and now I'm obsessed with it! It feels sorta like static electricity when your car zaps you or a friend rubs their toesies on the rug and gives you a poke. It can go from a really low setting where it only feels like warmth to a high setting where it stings and leaves marks. You can use bulbs or the grounding rod like I showed in this comic. When you use the rod the current is running through the person it's touching and only conducts once someone else touches them and forms a connection for the current to try to branch out through. Now, I can't show you that on myself, it takes two people and Sharky hates how this feels, but I CAN show you one of the bulbs and the wand itself so you can see the pretty purple color. Here you go! I admit, I didn't dress up for you guys at all. I hope I don't come off as too dorky. :P And you get to see the giant red face in action (especially after the photofacial and being slathered with sunblock earlier.) Also, Youtube's maintenance is what kept this comic a bit late. I finally said fuck them and went with vimeo. *fistshake at youtube*

Violet Wand Demo from KnottyNikki on Vimeo.

There's SO so much more I could say on this tool but this would get super long so if you have questions just ask me in the comments section. :)

Oh, also, here I am wasted with Sharky after karaoke last night. He didn't get any pics of me singing so I made one up myself. ;P

...I just realized I forgot to draw my glasses. At least I remembered to wear them!!!

Wear Your Glasses

Another one!
If this doesn't make any sense it's cuz you didn't read the one before it. :P

Okay, this gets us caught up officially.
Except that there's supposed to be another update at midnight but at midnight I'll be crooning karaoke in a bar with my buds. :) It's conceivable there will be pics. So...Possibly tomorrow's update will go up later in the afternoon. Like, after I wake from a night of drinking. Hey, it's not officially late if it makes it up the date I say it's supposed to! >:(
Oh! And speaking of pics, here's the hair-change.

I already finished next weeks Featured Fetish and, though it was one of my least favorite requests (which I'll expand upon when it goes up) it has turned into one of my favorite pieces of art. I dunno, sometimes you just have a good day! It's pretty hot, I hope you're all looking forward to it!

Also, I haven't been talking about it much even though it's not meant to be a surprise or anything of the sort but MAY will be FREAKY FETISH month! I chose May because it's the month I launched the comic in (Gawd a year already, what the fuck, didn't I just start this?! I still feel like the new kid!) and also May is my birthday month! So, the freaky fetishes will begin to emerge just after Sharky leaves for biz. AND I will be answering the question launched way back in the beginning, the very second comic, "What is the weirdest thing you've ever done?"

Won't that be fun... ;)

Impaired Visions

Lazy Nic's been sleeping off her early morning shift.
So, I have the "extra" comic ready but it won't make sense without this one so I think I'm gonna toss it up sometime tomorrow.

I wear glasses. Wait... let me rephrase that. I NEED to wear glasses but most of the time I don't. Sharky has gone through this actual scenario with me many times. I also have a bad habit of overlooking friends because I can't tell it's someone I know or squinting horribly at people before realizing I must look rude. *sigh* I'm TRYING to wear them more frequently but it's hard to get into the habit. I'm nearsighted and I mostly need them to drive, especially at night. Maybe Nic will wear them in some of the comics in the future but I wear them so infrequently that I assume so would she. :P

Sharky's been extended again. Now I get to keep him till the 26th, huzzah! I got a haircut today. I'll post some pics up later if you're all interested. :)

Oh yea, and Nic is trying to grow her hair out, in case you all haven't noticed.

Early is a Relative Term

Hello world!
So, the earliest our place opens is 12noon. And everyone makes fun of me when I talk about having to "get up early." But screw you guys! I stay up till 3-5am and in order to get to work at 11:30am (we're expected dressed and ready early) I need to wake up at 10:30am to shower, pick an outfit, dress and do my make-up and hair. So noon IS early for me! I like to sleep 5am-2pm or 4am-1pm preferably. I don't sleep more than most, I just sleep different hours. *fistshake*

But I doubt this will stop people from poking fun at me for it. :P Curse you earlybirds.

So, since we're still a comic behind I figure either Thurs or Fri I'll toss up the next one and then Saturday will have us officially back on track.
I say stuff like that alot, huh? D: *guilt*

Did I mention Sharky is staying with me till the 19th now? Yay! Okay, not much more to say folks, sorry about that, but I'll talk to ya soon! :D

Oh yea.
And yes, I am a real grump in the mornings. :P

Happy Belated Easter!

Hey, sorry this is late, guys. I had a CRAZY week. D:
Thursday I worked my usual shift but Friday I worked a 12hr day for the half-price party and succeeded in bruising my hand after playing for 2 hours with 2 heavy submissives into open-hand spanking. D: It's better now, though.
Then, Saturday we spent the whole day setting up for and then having Sharky's going away party. Then Sunday was easter and I went down to Long Beach to spend it with family so I haven't had a chance to draw until today. *huffhuff*

In better news, though, Sharky isn't leaving until the 19th, now! Of course, considering how often they're changing the dates there could be totally different news tomorrow...

I'm not religious so I don't really celebrate Easter or anything like that but when a comic falls on or close to a big holiday I try to use it as an excuse to take a break from story-lines and such. Unfortunately I didn't realize how FREAKIN' long this damnable thing was going to take me. *fistshake* I hate coloring!
Also, the whole costume thing is almost turning into a running joke.

Earlier today I stopped by a store to see if they had something in stock and when I approached a young, hipster looking associate with dyed black hair hanging in one eye, a trendy baseball cap and plugs in his ears and began with, "Excuse me," he replied, "What can I help you with, sir?"
It's been a LONG time since I've been mistaken for a guy, what with my hair extremely long now, but I WAS in my usual baggy sweater and jeans and had a pony-tail up so I just assumed he hadn't taken too close a look. Still, slightly caught off-guard I gave a little chuckle and said, "Or, you know, ma'am."
And he stared blankly at me and then shrugged.
I guess I was expecting something else but I'm not really sure what this gesture was supposed to mean. Did it mean he didn't give a fuck? Or that to him sir/ma'am mean the same damn thing? Or did he really not catch on that I'm actually a chick?
At any rate, I must not be his usual interpretation of what a woman should look like. Or he's MASTERED the apathetic teen stereotype. I got some mild amusement out of it, through my befuddlement.

I'm swamped with commissions and work appointments this month, on top of the comic, so we'll see if I can keep up. We're a comic behind right now but I'm gonna do my best to get us caught up within the week.

Eve's Contrition

Heh heh heh, okay, fess up! Did I getcha, even for a minute? :)
April Fools, guys, Eve hasn't found it in her heart to change, yet. She's still the same evil bitch you've all come to love. ;)

So, the last few comics I've been working on Nic's hair growing out a bit. I do eventually want to get it up to date but I've changed the damned thing so much that it'll be a task. I don't know how many of you have seen me currently but my hair is black and much longer, down past my shoulders. I keep the underside shaved to cut down on it's thickness but also so that I can sport a sort of faux-hawk when I want to without my 'do interrupting my business. :)

Alright, we're back on schedule Saturday as usual, I just couldn't resist this little interruption! Not that I think any of you mind. :)