Job Description

The girls all DO have names. I've been meaning to put up a bit of a character page for you all but I'm such a busy bee it's hard to find the time! D:
So, I want to ask you all now. The last two comics Nic has worn different outfits (to signify passage of time, different workdays etc) but I know most of the time you should just stick with a solid character design, including clothes.
So, do you guys think I should just buckle down and design a single outfit for her to be in almost all the time or do you like/not mind the changing outfits?
I can go either way so it's up to you, loyal readers! :)
Please, let me know!

Job Expectations

Here we go! Okay, I had a bit more time to work on this one, I think it looks less rushed than the last few that I was scrambling to finish last minute.

I just dyed my hair black! I've already done black but since I haven't done it in years I thought I'd give it another go. I like it, we'll see how it's recieved by clients etc. I need new pictures of it for my work webpage.

Ah, yes, the comic. That's what I'm supposed to talk about here, isn't it? :P
So, yea...this did happen. Officially we don't do scat/watersports/romanshowers (or, for you vanilla readers shit/piss/vomit) etc but I found a horrifying mess in the towels one day. I never asked anyone what happened, since I was new and shy, but my imagination ran wild...
What was expected of me in this place?!
It makes me feel better that I've never seen anything like that since. :) In retrospect it's actually quite a funny mystery. There are probably only two people out there who know what happened to those towels and I work with one of them...

Oh, also......we wear gloves when we do the laundry.......O_O

Career Choices

Did I mention I sometimes feel out of place? :P

So, there has been NUMEROUS sources of drama for me this evening but I still managed to finish the comic, and on time, as usual. I know I haven't been spending as much time on them as I should but I don't have the time to spend. :/
I know this one isn't as funny as the rest but they can't all be zingers, right? After this comic we sorta officially get started with me working the dungeon, not just learning as much. Yaaaay! That doesn't mean I get a session right away! But trust me, activities sorta begin to get revealed. :P
Okay, enough teasing you.

Another thing! I did a bit of art for the lovely sex blogger over at HerKnees. Check her out, she should cover subjects you deviants find interesting and if you look back a few blogs you can see my little guestart thing!
Be warned, though, it's TOTALLY NSFW. Wowza. But then, you all like that, don't you? ;)


One of these things is not like the other hm hm hm hm...
Just a little "how'd you start here" thing. I'm so tired right now, sorry if I'm not making a bunch of sense. I sorta fumbled through this one because I've been so out of it. I think I'm anemic but I've just started some vitamins so we'll see if that helps anything. Not that you guys care about all of that. :P
Yea, sometimes I feel like I don't belong here. These are all real pasts cited by the girls I work with but, having said that, there's just as many that have had wonderful conservative upbringings, it's not like everyone is some traumatized lost lamb. We're all just very different. :)
As for my part, I was never ever spanked by my parents not once not ever. If you ask them about it today they shrug and say, "We never needed to."
Apparently I'm quite good at being obedient... ;)

Featured Fetish: Foot Fetish

Today's Featured Fetish is Foot Fetish!
It comes in alot of forms but I thought I'd go with a plump, pink, clean bare foot view. :) I'll probably cover things like socks, stockings and heels in the future. We do ALOT of foot fetish here at the dungeon. We have girls with heavenly soft feet, girls with filthy feet, girls with stinky feet, you name it! :)
I know I'm a horrible colorist. D:


Whew. Just uploaded this from the dungeon. :) I'm working a double today, 12-12 so lets see if I can survive it! D: As usual I had a session last night that kept me out late so this had to get posted today. Sorry if it seems cluttered or crowded, I wanted to show the lineup of girls that we do when a client meets us. Wauugh, I'm tired, the end.
Oh yea. I'm 24 now but I think I was 22 when I started which is why I had Nic saying that age in this one. :)

Young at Heart

Sorry it's a bit late. I've been training a Domme and had a late session last night. I find I struggle the most with Saturday updates because I work Wed,Thurs,Fri and so it's hard to squeeze in time from the Wednesday update to get this one up.
Still, I always get it done on the right day, just not always right at midnight. :P

This, too, happened. I was shocked that someone as young as me would need to fake her age. I did at first but now I'm working on amending it and just being honest. What's a few years, anyway? Plus, I feel like telling the truth about my age helps me to be taken a touch more seriously in my role as a Domme. (I'm currently 24 btw)

This is the last time we'll see Margarita for awhile! She'll be around, of course, but she's done giving me what little training I could get. The rest Nic has to figure out on her own...

Oh yea! Also, that's a tat on her back. It's of the virgin mary. I'll probably do a nice pin-up of her sometime in the future for you all to see it a bit better. :)

A Nerd By Any Other Name

Yep, this one basically happened just like this. :P
I was coming up with all sorts of crazy names. They weren't as blatant as a few of these (nerdy shoutout!) but I seriously was going for a geeky reference for my name to kind of represent that of me. The girls, tired of all of my obscure and difficult names, told me to basically stick with my real one. Ha! And I have.
To be fair we have clients that REALLY struggle with alot of the other girls names so going simple was a really good choice in the long run. And they STILL fuck my name up sometimes! D:

Featured Fetish: Hypnosis!

Wauuuugh! I'm so beat.
Had two sessions today as a top. Both were fairly heavy players. Now I am tired.

So! Here's the new idea I promised you all a bit ago! The Featured Fetish!
I want to do it TWICE a month, now, instead of just once. I'm thinking 1st and 3rd Saturdays. It's kinda my excuse to do fun, fetishy and full color pin-ups once in awhile. Please let me know if you like this idea, hate it, think it should be more or less frequent, have a fetish to be featured in mind, anything! I want to know! Give me feedback!

The featured fetish today is Hypnosis!
I chose this as the featured fetish debut since it is near and dear to my heart. Not only does my partner practice it with me but my friend Lex over at HypnoFantastico gave me a little bump when he posted kind words about us here and I figured I owed him some hypno fanservice! ;)
I really hope all of you hypno-fetishists out there like this little feature. I wasn't sure on what exactly to draw for this feature so I thought I'd go with a fun, whimsical sort of hypno-stereotype like we see in lots of cartoons. The swirly eyes, the swinging pocket watch. And, the cute hypnoslave of course! :P