Sorry there was no Monday update. I was completely blasted after AdultCon! We worked our ASSES off! It was so much fun, though. :p
My little sister proved herself not only popular (saw that coming) but also a really excellent worker. We're going to be selling together in the future! Whoo!

Alright, I promised photos, here you go:

And I should have more but I'm waiting to receive them so entertain yourselves with these for abit. :P

Nice Rack

Hahaaaa. Get it? He's talking about the stretching rack, not her tits.
Yea. I'm a total nerd. And I love wordplay like I love a good meal. And you can all see how much I love those. ;P

Anyway. Today is the first day of AdultCon! I am scrambling anxiously to be sure I have everything I need. I will be dressing up as a naughty schoolgirl today, just for fun. Dunno what the lil sis is wearing but I'll do my damndest to get ya'll a photo of us, the odd pair.

Come and see me, if you're in the LA area!

Skinny Standards

There's just no pleasing some people. :P

But seriously. We have clients who are unhappy with whatever you give them. I don't know if they're just malcontents, if they don't KNOW what they want or if they get off on having a bad attitude. They don't abound but everyone's pretty clear on who the trouble-makers are.

That's another thing worth mentioning. All of us ladies keep one another in the loop. If you're troublesome in any way we're all sure to warn one another so that we're totally prepared to deal with it.

And for that matter, just about all we ladies would talk about in the dungeon was men. If it wasn't about clients it was about boyfriends and husbands and if it wasn't about partners it was about males in general.
I never really associated with women for most of my life and after throwing myself headfirst into a house of nothing but women I sure got an education. All of the stereotypes are true. We surely do sit around and gripe about men-folk.


Well. I guess sometimes they deserve a dose of their own medicine. ;P

So, watch out boys. We're telling all your dirty secrets!!!

Now I will hide my shame at being such a girl. *ducks*

Crowd Teaser

I've been partyin' too much. Phew.
To be FAIR these updates aren't late... They just not up at midnite each day like I prefer. Don't you give me hell about this!

Appropriate comic is grossly appropriate.
Yet another of my odd dualities is that I've cultured and trained myself to be a happy extrovert. I'm known for being the life of the party with my outrageous colors, unusual outfits, boisterous sexuality, inappropriate jokes, aggressive flirtation and insatiable stomach for alcohol.
However, lurking behind it all is always the shy, terrified and stage frightened quaking younger Nic. And sometimes she bursts forward when I least expect her.

I'm almost cured of my shy moments but when they resurface they have all the force of the months of my pent up and poorly caged anxieties and burst forth in the most embarrassing and ill-timed ways.
And so at a party this weekend I played the fool.

Of COURSE this comic was scheduled for now, a sore reminder of my failings. BAH!

Right. So. Enough of me stammering on about my social anxieties. You all have enough issues of your own. ;P

Working AdultCon this weekend and the little sis is working it with me! My tall, tan, skinny, busty, red-headed 19 year old sister who looks nothing like me will be working alongside me at a sexually themed convention.

Will post pics. ;P

Featured Fetish: Muscled Women

Sorry this didn't go up at midnite. I had a busy few days with volunteering all day at a senior citizen community center for their St Paddy's lunch celebration, doing some celebrating of my own and a surprise visit from PrettyBoy.

Oh yea. And I bleached my hair.

But worry not. See that little rosette of color? That's the pink that's currently setting in atop my head. Next I update I'll give ya a photo. :)
I'm going back to my roots! And those roots are dyed atomic pink. ;P


Featured Fetish Friday again! This time we have muscled girls!
All of these requests were done quite awhile back. I actually did this piece a few weeks ago because I was just in the mood for it. :P I didn't use reference and I'm not a whiz at the muscle groups. Now, if I were a diligent and bright artist I would study and practice that. Instead I make up inaccurate bullshit. *shrug*

I see ALOT of muscled girl fetish art online. I didn't go as thick and muscled as the stuff I usually see but I think she looks more than fit!
As you know I'm not very muscular, I'm pretty round, but I associate with this fetish because I have clients who specifically like me because I'm "strong."
They coo over my thick arms, my size and my shows of strength. I'm actually very empowered by working with tiny guys that I can toss about and hold down with ease and one of my favorite pastimes with these men is to force them to stare at me towering over them in the mirror.

I also understand the appeal of strong women. I've met a few Dommes who were VERY sizable and there's a definite appeal to the sense of vulnerability and helplessness and submission that one feels when met with such an amazon.

Any of you have this fetish that can tell us more about it?

Enjoy! I'm off to a few parties for the weekend and then I'll see you guys back Monday! :)

Small Selection

We seriously had guys who would call EVERY day to ask who was around and often no answer was good enough. Silly! Some people are just so silly. *headshake*

Anyway! That's all. I don't have a ton to say today other than that I'll be attending AdultCon next week and my little sister might be working it with me! Sheesh! That'll be something. *bites nails* I suspect I may have to bring a paddle to keep the guys in line around her...

Also, PrettyBoy finally made another Lunatic Odyssey! This feels SO long ago now. :O

Why I Do It

No, seriously, the truth of the matter is that I wouldn't do this work if I didn't thoroughly enjoy it. :)
For me personally, this was stuff I was involved with as a "lifestyler" just for pure pleasure long before I actually began to work pro. When I learned that I could make a living doing what I love... well, isn't that the dream, after all?
It works out for everyone. :)

Also true is that there's a strange duality to being a pro-Domme in this world. By and large we are very respected within the community. If you are pro you're more likely to be the best of the best and educated in a wide range of tools, safety and fetishes. We tend to have the most experience, as well, because we have more opportunities to meet a wide variety of people and their wide interests on a day to day basis. We are a huge part of the community, that isn't argued, and we facilitate the parties that the lifestylers attend and the rooms and tools they'll often rent.

However, there's always the group that looks down on us because they think one should only engage in play for pleasure and that if pay is involved it isn't "real."
Well, I'm real. I really and truly do exist. :)

Much as I'd love to be lumped in with the Unicorns and Faeries! ;P

But honestly. If I didn't love what I do with all of my heart and soul I wouldn't write a webcomic about it. This is a huge and important part of my life and I love it dearly. It's SO much more than a job. The people I work with, client and coworker alike, are some of my closest friends and I wouldn't trade it all for the world. Or for a high-paying but dull desk job. Or for some grouchy-puss who thinks he's nobler than I.

Alright! Let's just have fun. I'll be back with you all on Wednesday and I'll be at AdultCon in LA in two weeks! Stop in and say hi if you'll be there, too! :D

Conditioned Response

This is actually one I drew awhile back and was unhappy with so I just did it all over again. And in the original script I'd intended it to be him yanking my panties down but just didn't care for how it would translate without altering the pacing etc so I decided to simplify it into a lecherous ass-grabby kinda motion.

In my biz we never took off our panties but we'd have clients try to yank them down from time to time and we had to be wary. Actually, in order to allow the client the pleasure of pulling our panties down for certain roleplays etc we often wore two pairs, a thong beneath a larger more traditional pair so that we could legally and safely give the semblance of getting us as naked as possible.

Anyway. Not that important. I'm super tired. I've been staying up late and having to get up mondo early the last few nights and I'm underslept. Phoo. Time to pass out. Enjoy this over the weekend, we're back again Monday.

Show Me Your What?!

Get it? Cuz it sounds like "coochee."
Whatever. I don't know shit about brands. And neither does Nic, obviously. I buy what's cheapest, the end!
Okay, admittedly I have some expensive pieces... but most of them I didn't pay for. ;) Gifts are grand.

Sorry this didn't go up at midnight like usual, I got a VERY last minute call for a late night session with an old client of mine and had to rush out. It was fun and worth it, thankfully. It feels good to be working somewhat regularly again, hope it keeps up!

Didn't get much sleep between being up till 2am for work and then waking at 7am to taxi my little sis to school. I'm doing my best not to be a grouchy-puss but I see a nap in my future.

I am not happy with the coloring. I apologize. Mleh.

Anyway, enjoy this bit of silliness and we'll meet again Friday. :)

Running In Heels

You try running in heels!!!!

Seriously. It's a task. I've seen some of the girls sprint in some damned tall shoes. It's an art.

Also, the big news of the hour is that my best friend proposed to his lady and she said yes! He's asked me to be the best man! I'm uber excited. I love love. :) <3

See you Wednesday!

Featured Fetish: Toe-Cuffs

That's right, they're back!!!

The Featured Fetishes have migrated to Fridays!
What? I like alliteration!

Toe cuffs was requested this time. And don't you worry guys, all your other requests are still lined up in the order they were asked. :)

Anyway, I DID struggle to feature this particular fetish. I don't know that I did the best job but I TRIED to create an image that leads your eyes to the cuffs. Toe-cuffs and toe bondage may seem inconsequential and silly... Until you've had it done to you. This is a type of restraint that is shockingly effective. You can't walk to save your life and frankly you can't really even stand. Even moving the legs about can become difficult as too much struggling leads to painful straining of your poor little digits, effectively trapping you in a fairly small space.

I personally like toe-cuffs! I like almost all forms of bondage and these babies are essential for tickle torture! Heck, even tying the toes can tickle!

Anyway, I've not much more to say on that. What about you toe bondage enthusiasts?

Also, have you looked at the store lately? We have new stuff!!!

Not That Kind Of Pain

Sorry it's late!
I was dumb and blinded by love and totally forgot to scan my lineart into my laptop before I went up to stay with PrettyBoy for a few days. But now I'm settled back at home and working on coloring for you again.

Not super duper happy with how this one came out but it'll do. Also, PrettyBoy had to cut his hair and shave his facial hair for work so I'm still getting a feel for how he's changed now.

This comic was originally written when I was still with Sharky who our friends and I named "The Destroyer" due to his mighty ability to unwittingly harm us at every moment. I'm sure all will be happy to know that PrettyBoy is heartily taking up the mantle. -_- Ouch.

And yes, there are good and bad pains! Sheesh. I guess it's a hard concept to grasp if you're not a masochist. I joke with friends who throw out the "don't you like pain" line that nobody stubs their toe and then shivers in ecstasy.

Right. Come Friday we FINALLY get back to the Featured Fetishes! Huzzah!