Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Okay, what he really said was "No, it's not!"

Well, yes, our Christmas's out here in Southern California are warm and bright but I can still smell the cold in the air.
PrettyBoy thinks I'm crazy. I guess from growing up out here I can pick up on the very subtle differences of our seasons. He says it doesn't feel like Christmas because there's no snow. :/ Poor little East Coaster, far from home.

Another thing about California Christmas's that amuses me is that, while the sun is out and shinning and it probably is no colder than 60 degrees, people are wearing their "winter" clothes. All of the Cali-kids have on their leggings and scarves and fuzzy hats, excitedly sporting this falls latest neutral colors. ;P It's fun.

Very quickly now I'd like to remind you all that you've just a week left to get the holiday sale prices on my merch. The prices bounce back up as of the 1st. Also, I'm getting limited on some t-shirt sizes.

So, my life has been out of control, as usual. Christmas is one thing but atop that PrettyBoy and I are moving again in just a few weeks so preparing for that has been taking up time. Add into the mix some very shitty roomies and their hordes of shitty friends making the living situation miserable and you have a sour, busy Nic. I don't feel like ranting the whole story at you all but there have been locks added to our bedroom door and front door locks changed and things added to our mini arsenal. We may leave early if it gets horrid enough.

For now we're trying to enjoy our first Christmas together. :)
You may remember last year I had just flown back to California from Massachusetts, expecting to never see PrettyBoy again.
You see how well that went! Clearly I can't be rid of the boy. ;)

Some family issues have changed our usual Christmas routines but I'm still just as excited to see what family I can and to bring PrettyBoy along for the ride. I expect lots of drinking, eating and merriment. :)

Also, you may have noticed I've been rather excited about Christmas. I am. I love Christmas! I love singing the songs and seeing the decorations, I love the holiday drinks and treats and food, I love seeing family and friends and having an excuse to give gifts.
But, yes, I am an atheist.
I don't need to believe in God or Santa or call up my Pagan roots to enjoy the holiday. I look at it more as a family tradition. I wasn't raised religiously and my house never spoke of God or things like that. We don't pray, we don't attend church. And so the holiday has always been for me a time for family and excitement. It still is that way. I still enjoy decorating a tree and wrapping up gifts. I don't need there to be a religious meaning to give me an excuse to enjoy music, pretty lights, good food and drink and good company.

So, on that note, I'll leave you with the sentiments (which I share) of another popular atheist on this holiday. Tim Minchin. :)

Oh, also, PS, I did a good portion of this page while drunk (oh god I'm so sorry) and when I first drew it I realized it looked like Nic was giving PB a swift kick to the nuts.
Since that is not a personal past-time, merely a professional one, I moved PB up abit. Now it looks like their knocking boots, and not in the naughty fun way. :/ Sorry. I suck! Gah!

PPS PrettyBoy cut his hair and beard yet again, just wanted to note why he looks different in many of my drawings. And... fuck I had something else to say and I forget. Meh, not important.

PPPS (god sorry xmas is making me manic) I remembered what I was to say! Yes, people DO really decorate palm trees with lights and ornaments out here. I think it's cute. :)

Featured Fetish: Doctor

EDIT: Crap, sooo my whole website has gone blurry now and I don't have time to fix it. >_< I'm sorry you guys, I'll work on it tonight.

Doctor roleplays are a pretty big and common fetish but the activities beyond that vary widely.

Most commonly asked for in the world of Pro are prostate exams and enemas, which is why I chose to throw that into the speech here. Our dungeon doesn't do those because they're considered illegal but lots of independent Dommes will cater to this.

Other common doctor play is needles, gynecological exams, dental bits and sounds. (We don't do most of these, either.)
There are lots of less invasive play that's more like roleplay such as just an "exam" where someone peeks around at you, exciting because of the feeling of exposure in front of an authority figure.

Taking the doctor thing a step further and inching into other fetish realms are the rubber and latex doctor outfits. A large part of the fetish is the costuming and there are worlds of colors and textures that go into the outfitting.

Hope that was enlightening! Sorry to be late and brief. I got swamped by commissions (which I'm still chugging away on) and now I've been taken over by AdultCon. In fact, I have to leave in an hour so... see ya!


CLICKIT!!!! ^^^^^

Okay, times are hard, we're all on board with that. See?

So, at the sage-like advice of PrettyBoy I am having a massive firesale on all t-shirts!
Yes, you read that right.
All t-shirts are just $7. That's as cheap as I can go and have them still pay for themselves so, yeah. Fucking buy them! This offer is ONLY for the month of December. As soon as that new year hits the price is going back up. Clean me out, please.

And you're welcome. :)

This comic memory is a kick-back to the very second comic.
Also, I'm still sick. >_<
Leaving for Vegas tomorrow (assuming the plague doesn't keep me on my back) but I'll do my best to keep the updates regular...

Mild Mannered Artist By Day...

Yargh, I'm siiiiiiick!
Hate. >:I

So, yes, I hope this one is funny. I used to be somewhat notorious for showing up pre-dressed with just a hoodie and skirt hiding my Dominatrix gear. I still joke about my "Clark Kent" disguise. Especially since I wear big geeky glasses normally and not while at work. :)

Anyway. I'm too snively and annoyed to want to write too much more. Sorry to be curt with you all. I'm hoping to be well by the weekend cuz I'm going to Vegas to work (selling the tens units.) And the weekend after that I'll be at AdultCon so maybe I'll see some of you guys there. :)

For now I'm going to rest while I can. See you guys in a day or two. :)

Featured Fetish: Shibari

Shibari has way too many beautiful extensions for me to depict, really. It's broadly classified as Japanese rope bondage. After that there are endless styles and techniques that can be used.

I didn't go with a full suspension pic here because I thought that could be used as a whole other fetish but I liked the idea of adding a little hair bondage in.
I admit I didn't show the beautiful and complicated rope and knot-work that shibari experts master but it's not my specialty. I went with a very basic expression of the art.

Rope bondage is a great tool with so much variety. Because it can be time consuming it's usually utilized for art more than utility, though it's fantastic for both. :)

Bet you guys have missed the Featured Fetishes! I'm back on board with them and looking forward to getting back in the swing.

Apartment Life

Yes, the horrid truth is that this happened. >_<

I'd intended to update you all with this and whatnot when we'd first found a place but my life didn't slow down so this is a touch belated. Mid-January we're actually moving OUT of the place we've just moved into.
Still excited to be moving about. PrettyBoy has turned me onto nomadic living!

After the holidays we house-sit for 3months (not the ducks this time!!!) and then we look for a new place! So, I'm sure I'll have other hilarious move-in/move-out stories for you all.

We, uh, replaced this showerhead, btw. Not before it gave me a good knock in the forehead, though. >_<

Anyway, Happy early Thanksgiving, as I don't expect to do a themed comic. Who knows, maybe I will... but just in case, have good holidays!
Not much news otherwise so... see you guys in a day or two. :)

btw, guys, we have more Lunatic Odyssey videos for you all but, in order to protect his copyright on some of his work PrettyBoy is going to be moving his account off of YouTube. So, if the videos go down in the meantime and whatnot don't worry, we're aware, and we'll get them all up and posted again asap. :)

Tips For Sex-Industry Workers To Keep Warm

Or is that last one just me... ? ;P

Yes, well, all legitimate suggestions!

EDIT: This was scheduled to go up on Friday night while I was out of town but, as I feared, something went wrong and it didn't post. I asked PrettyBoy to post in manually for me in this instance and he did not. You may all blame him for the delayed update. -_- New one tomorrow!

Feels good to be comicing again! I know I already said that but I'm still reveling in being back at it. :) Hey, whatever keeps me motivated!

By the time this goes up I should already be up north visiting my bestie on the farm he now lives on. Hopefully all went smoothly and you're reading this as a timely update. :) And hopefully I'm drunk on good wine and food!

I know I don't draw Nic with body hair very frequently. I've kinda had a crisis of character for a long time where I'm not sure if it's her or just me that has the body hair. I never really made it a plot-point that she's since grown it out after her fateful test with Eve so long ago...
I dunno, what do you guys think?

Most of my latest clients have been seeing me BECAUSE of my body hair. It's a nice niche for me, since it's a personal preference and a rare choice in my business. And I like getting positive attention for it. :) Heck, even the negative attention at least amuses me. You gotta be able to laugh at yourself (though I'm usually laughing at others.)

Uhmmm I feel like I'm mostly rambling now. I also feel like I had something to address to you all that now evades me... Ah, well, couldn't have been terribly important then, I guess? There's always next update.

Oh! Here's a topic.
Clearly I'm very far behind on Featured Fetishes. Would you guys prefer I just pick up at my usual pace and do them twice a month between regular serial updates or would you like me to do a boatload of the pin-up-esque FFs in a row in lieu of regular updates? Or something different? Do them every Friday for awhile instead of every other?

Sound off. Tell me what you want. Art Slave is here to please you, Master. (Or Mistress. Whatever. I top from the bottom like crazy, don't I?)

See you Monday!


Okay, so I'm definitely a little rusty... but it's a comic! That's something. I'm getting back in the swing. :)

Feels good to be working again! By the way, I've dropped my commission prices for the holidays as well. :) Just like the merch sales, it's all gonna go back up in the new year so get ahold of me now while prices are low!

Going to visit my best friend for the weekend. :) Very excited. I should have some comics scheduled to go up in that time so hopefully that will all go smoothly while I'm away.

Another big thank you to those of you gifting me this holiday season! I can't wait to do up some snazzy photoshoots and I've sent out a few prints and whatnot as well. :D

Uhm. Guess that's all for now.
And yes. Dungeons get very cold in the wintertime. D:

Back in Buxom!

I always forget my layout doesn't like long comics. >_<
Oh well, clickit!!!

No idea why I've been so gay and excited about rainbows lately...

So, comic is starting back up again I SWEARS.
Just in time for the busy holiday season! D:

Credit PrettyBoy for his cruel and unusual motivations...

Have some videos!!!

Also, there wasn't a big response for my gift exchange idea but... fuckit! Even if just one of you guys wants to do it that's fine by me.

So here's the wishlist.
Here's the store.
My email is Nic@Nicbuxom.com
All of this info can also be found in the sidebar, of course. If you don't get a response within a few days (I'm very punctual) please mail me again, you may have gotten caught in spam. D:
(You'll note the dropped prices on the shirts and prints, yay!)

Also, I have learned that not many people read this commenty section, since I keep getting asked how the road-trip is going, where my ex went and what happened to my business... I know my witty and sophisticated banter isn't as compelling as the pretty moving pictures but if you want to know the details of my personal life this is where it's at, folks!!! ;P
I'm confident no one will be offended by this. Since they won't be reading it anyway. Ha!

It's good to be back!

Gift Exchange Idea?

Hi guys!
Sorry this isn't an arty update again. :(
I fail at cartoonist.

Some bad news happened but I'm working my way through accepting and forgetting it and focusing on all the awesome stuff in my life right now. That should help me get back to updating, truly.

I thought you guys might enjoy this recent photoshoot I did. I own waaay too many corsets. D:
But....uh..... feel free to send me more. ;)

And, speaking of which, I wanna break an idea to you all.
What do you think of this...
I want gifts for the holidays. I don't have the space and I totally don't NEED anything I want but I WANT. I want. I want...
(Hey, at least I'm honest.)

So, I was kicking around the idea of a sort of holiday trade or gift exchange? PLEASE sound off in the comments and tell me if you like this idea. So that we can all get what we want I'm thinking that for every gift you send me off of my wishlist I'll send you a t-shirt of your choice.
You like?

I'm thinking if you get me an item of anything under $10 and I'll shoot ya a sticker. $10 or more I'll send you a print of your choice and a sticker. And if you send a gift of $20 or more I'll send you a t-shirt. And if you send $25 or more I'll send shirt, print and sticker. And if you do $50 or more I'll send you a shirt, all 4 prints and 2 stickers.

Does that sound fun? Fair? I don't know. Give me your feedback!

I want to reiterate I'm also totally fine with my previous and long-standing trade offer that every item you send me I'll send you a photoshoot of me wearing/with. However, I won't have the time to do shoots AND send merch so if you gift me something please choose and specify if you want merch or if you want photos. I'm only gonna do either/or for this, sorry. It's a busy enough time as is. O_O

I still wanna hear from you guys first but if you LIKE the idea you'll have to email me with the details of what you want (as far as shirts and prints etc) Sorry, it's not a polished system. :/
Also, I won't send out the merch until I receive the gift, seeing as lots of people "reserve" items on my wishlist that I never receive so I figure better safe than sorry.

However, if you're on PrettyBoy's side and feel that I have ENOUGH junk as it is then I've got something for you, too. Holidays fast approaching, I'm going to drop the price on my shirts and prints. :) I know it's hard times, I'm feeling it too, so if you've been saving up for a NicBuxom shirt or think it'd make a great gift for that special kinky someone then from Nov. 5th (I need a second to change the buttons and whatnot) to the end of the year I'll have those two items on abit of sale. :)
You're welcome!
(And for the sake of clarity I'm not dropping the stickers cuz they're already so cheap and I'm not dropping the art-book cuz it's a collaborative thing and we split it.)

Happy early holidays! Feed my greed!
Please sound off!

I live!!!

Hi guys!
So, I'm alive. Mostly.

I apologize that this isn't an arty update. I'd give you my life in a nutshell but that nutshell would explode violently...
...what does that even mean?

Anyway, Grandpa is still in the hospital. It got worse before it got better but he seems lucid now and we're... cautiously optimistic. Regardless of his improvements, though, it's going to be a LONG, long road to recovery...
So the holidays are going to be a bit different for us all this year. :/

Add into that a sprinkle of hard drugs and prison into the family mix and you may have a pretty good idea of why I've been absent. (PS it's not me doing the drugs or the prison. O_o I should hope that part would be obvious.)

If it were all my own personal issues I'd be alot more candid with you all but I feel, in the interest of the privacy of my family and friends, that I should censor myself somewhat. I know, I know, this is a weird and foreign concept for us all.

But, onto the good news! PrettyBoy and I found a place to room for now and we really, really love it! Our little space is pretty awesome. It's full of books, color, robots and free street furniture! It's almost a shame that we have to move out at the end of the year for our 3month house-sitting gig but that's just another adventure! Then you all get to listen to me agonize over finding a permanent home (but that's 6 months down the line.)

Anyway. Tonight I make my first visit ever to a prison facility. I'm not thrilled, to say the least, but add it to the list of weirdo things in my life.
Since I've got some time to kill today I'm going to work on some comics. (I AM, I AM!!!!)

And I have some fun ideas in store for you all, too, to reward you for your patience and to spice up the holidays. Let's just say they may include the words "sale" and "gift exchange."
You like?

Okay, I promise I'll be back on the radar soon.
In the meantime, stare at my swollen, horrible, sickly face in the Lunatic Odyssey videos. :p

Oh, PSS, my hair is copper now. :)

AND SO LONG AUUUGH *eyes shaver...*

EDIT: OH OH OH!!! One more PSSSSS thing! PrettyBoy and I just celebrated our 1yr anniversary a week or two ago. :) Joy!

Been Tied Up

I've been a bit tied up lately and NOT in the fun ways!

I just feel bad leaving you guys hanging so I doodled up a silly little something to show what's going on in my life right now. :/
In better news my grandpa is doing a little bit better. He's still in ICU but he's conscious. I don't feel like discussing specifics but it's a pretty bad situation so we're just taking it day by day.

We're STILL househunting. It's fucking killing me. This is sincerely where ALL of my free time goes to, now. There's a place that's got us on the line but at this point I try not to get my hopes up anymore. Still.... fingers crossed.

And I've been working ALOT. I work 5-6 days a week in the dungeon, usually 10hr days and then a few weekends a month I work the conventions selling the tens units. Later this month I'll be in Vegas again.

So... once I have a place to rest my head (hopefully next to PrettyBoy's) then I'll get this thing back on track. Until then I make no promises about keeping a schedule but I'll try to get you a comic once in awhile.

Live Action Nic

Not a ton has changed. Finished the con, have two others this month (HempCon and Exxxotica) as well as some clients and specials in the dungeon etc. Grandpa's still doing very poorly, I just got over being sick and PrettyBoy and I just finished the latest house/pet sitting. I'm working a 6 day work week probably so I'll try to getcha some comics while I'm at work this week.

Trying to perk up, I swear!

Also, I always feel like I look weird in these videos...

What's Up With Nic

Hi guys.
Sorry for the delay in posting. Here's what's been going on with me:

Working in the new dungeon and often 5 days a week, 11hr days most days.
Housesitting for a place with 2 fish, 2 cats (one elderly), a dog and three huge hellion ducks.
Working AdultCon.
Sick with some terrible cough/cold/flu thing.
Grandpa in the hospital doing very, very poorly, possibly dying.

And, really, those are just the big things.
So, woof, it's been crazy. I've been wanting to update you on it all but I haven't had any visual stimulus to accompany my life's news so I've been holding off. Now I kinda don't care, I feel obligated to let you know I'm alive (if not well) and thinking about you all.

Anyway... I hate to be a complainer and bring you guys down but real life happens that way sometimes. Too bad it can't all be cartoons.

When I have a chance to rest (today is the last day of the con at least) and buck up a little I'll fill you all in on the humor that inevitably flows through my life, good or bad times.

Naughty Artbook

We've dropped the price on our collaborative art-book! Now it's just $10 (And if you live close enough for us to deliver it to you in person then don't bother paying for the shipping, send me an email and meet us instead for a hand-delivery!)
MC is a really close friend of mine and he and his lovely lady Mary produce lots of amazing stuff. It's a pretty regular event for he and I to draw naked ladies together so this is for mature (and preferably dirty minded) adults only!
You can get it from me here or on their etsy.

The Things You Love Are Monstrous

Get your copy of this cute little paperback book of gals and monsters by NicBuxom and MCGriffin. And by cute, we mean sexy, saucy and above all nude! 15 images of the fairer sex communing with the beast are hidden within the pages of this little artbook. Sure there's an innocent or two enclosed but you know me and the things I produce so be warned this one is certainly not for the prudish!!!

Check out other work by MC at his etsy account!


My Sweet SweetToothed Boy

This seriously happened.
PrettyBoy has a habit of starting off on long soliloquies and he gave me an epic one about saving the last two candies to share with me because of his devotion. He even became almost accusatory because of my sometimes concerns and jokes about his playboy ways (from when we first met.) I listened, smiling and enjoying his intense professions of loyalty and even feeling a touch guilty for not having his convictions.... only to open the package and find nothing but wrappers.
I wouldn't have cared if he'd eaten the candy. But to have to sit through such a lecture beforehand made this HILARIOUS. He still doesn't remember eating the candy, too. *headshake*
I can't write this stuff. Oh, my life.

PrettyBoy, you are my personal clown and I love you. <3

"For You"

Sorry to be a grouchy-pants everytime I talk at you guys recently. Man. I am fucking BEAT. (and not in the good way.) Have I already made that joke recently?
I don't even know.

Sorry, I'm SO tired. I haven't had a good nights sleep in awhile now and it's starting to drive me a little crazy. I'm working less hours this week and taking the weekend off to avoid carmageddon so I should finally get a pinch more time to myself. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to that.
I played with TheShocker a whopping 6 hours in 2 days time. May not sound like much to you but trust me, that's alot. Especially when cattle-prods are involved...

uhmmmmm... lemme think.
Ah, yea, so, this comic actually happened to me.
Clients will buy us gifts all the time, usually because they're items they like to see us in. Negligee, shoes, bondage toys and equipment etc.
A regular client of mine bought me a BEAUTIFUL long sheer black dress and asked that I wear it into the session. I modeled it for him for all of a second, relishing my new gift, before he pulled it off of me and proceeded to wear it himself the entire time...
Needless to say I haven't worn it since. -_-

Perhaps I delude myself in thinking the gifts are more for me than for them but I was still a bit put off. This is the same client that bought me gorgeous cuban heeled thigh-high stockings only to immediately tear them apart by strapping me into a bondage table made almost entirely of velcro.

Okay, trying not to be too much of a grouchy pants. For those of you who already follow me on my twitter account you may have already seen this but I have another one now that's for my more pro persona. If you wanna watch me quip at my clients a bit from the dungeon you're welcome to have a peek over there, though I won't be mentioning the comic on it. Still, it's a fun inside to some of the goings-on in my day or might in the least be amusing. Do whatever. :)

Also, I wanted to really, really thank everyone who's commissioned, grabbed merch and donated to me here.
Some of the girls were telling me I should turn NicBuxom into a paysite or up my prices on things or use other tactics to try to make more money and while I appreciate that they're trying to help me out I had to explain that that is NOT my purpose with this comic. I want this to remain a free thing that I do for fun and for education. I like you guys alot and I like seeing you have discussions in the comment section and I feel so rewarded when I hear I've made you laugh or feel better about yourself. I LOVE hearing from you and I don't want to do something silly like charge you for the advice you ask me in private emails, I want to be available to you all!
However, NicBuxom isn't totally free for me. Not to even mention the time this site takes from me and the costs of hosting and domain names etc. I DO jam through sketchbooks, pencils, erasers and inks REALLY fast. When you guys donate, snag my merch or commission me you're seriously helping to keep me stocked to keep me going on this thing and I REALLY appreciate it. I know it's hard times cuz I'm feeling it, too. You guys are the best. :)

The Days Progression

This is my life. No panties escape the maw that is my giant ass. *sigh* What start as boyshorts quickly become thongs.
Creep, creep...

I am SO tired right now. I already did 2hrs with TheShocker and I have at least one more to do later, but maybe more, and I'll be seeing him tomorrow night as well (and maybe even the next day.)
Plus I'm PMSing. *rawr*

Sorry to have been absent. Life's been really busy. I can't remember if I mentioned it but I'm working 11hr days 5 days a week. I should be comic-ing in my downtime here in the dungeon but it's hard to concentrate (and not just because a bunch of half-naked ladies are trotting around.)

I have a few commissions to work on but I'm also gonna try to keep up with comics, I've just been worn out. Yeesh.
I had planned to continue with the Eve/Nic story arc but I got tired of it. I'm gonna take a break from it for a bit and just do random shit like this (hope you all don't mind, I'm too grouchy to appeal to the masses right now.)

One more thing, I've been meaning to give you all a little bit more info on our dungeon for awhile now. Namely that I'm really enjoying the changes here. I adored working under John but it's so refreshing to have a female run house, TS girls and BBW girls. I used to be one of the biggest gals in here but now I'm pretty middle-range. I certainly can't corner the big-girl market anymore. We always had a pretty mixed group but I'm truly enjoying the expanding variety we're accumulating in here. It's great. :)
I wanted to say more... but I've forgotten now. I guess overall I just want to imbue that I'm extremely happy with how this place is coming along and I'm flourishing working here. And if I haven't expressed it yet I'm LOVING the new owners.

Okay, enough love-fest. I'm exhausted. Gonna go space out and stare at pretty ladies till my next session.
See you guys soon!

Click For Commission Info

Did you see that? Did you see that Commissions link over there?
You should go look at it. Seriously.
Click this cutie to look!!!

Life is busy. But comics shall be done (someday.)

Why I Pay Her

I haven't had my morning coffee yet so I'll try not to come off as surly. -__-
*sluuurp* Let's get the good mood started!
Morning coffee is in progress...

Today is one of my two days off so I plan to get some personal stuff done at last (like laundry oh gawd so much laundry!)
I forgot what it was like to work 5 days a week because I haven't done it in... what... 5 years? Yeesh.
It's not like it leaves me exhausted or anything like that, it's work that I find very pleasant and the girls help with stress relief alot (when they're not causing it haha!)
But there is NEVER any time to get things done! I can't do laundry when I get home really late at night and leave early in the morning. And to do anything else important at home has to be put off until I have a day away from the dungeon. Man!

Anyway. My spirits are high, I don't mean to bitch, I'm just a little frazzled. :)

I'm going to the Labyrinth Of Jareth Ball with PrettBoy on Saturday. I attend it every year but this is the first time a partner will be coming with me! I'll have to keep my flirtation and sexy dancing to a minimum. ;) Especially since PrettyBoy can be jealous and possessive and aggressive!
And me working as a Dominatrix, amiright?

Okay, perhaps now I've had TOO much coffee, I'm starting to ramble.
So, it seems like the Eve and Nic conflict has worked out. Go Honey for having a cool head even when under stress. However, I have some more comics pertaining to Eve and Nic's relationship... Can you all hold out for some more or are you going through withdrawal from the real-life stories?
I'll try to hit you with some sexier/bdsm-ier ones after this arc to soothe your kink-deprived eyes. :)

Things are going GRAND at the new dungeon. I love the girls, I love the bosses, I'm meeting fantastic new clients that I hope turn into regulars and reuniting with old ones. :) Good news all around in my life.
I AM painfully aware that next month marks the one year anniversary of everything that happened with our old dungeon and John. It really slammed me last night but I reassure myself by knowing he'd so want to see us doing well and carrying on the business he so proudly started and maintained. :)
I keep my round little chin up!

Okay, like I said, lots to do!
Comic at you guys soon!

Dungeon Wisdom

I've been working alot lately (which is great but also time consuming.)

What Honey has to say is true of this business. I don't mean to imply we aren't actually genuine about our BDSM interest etc but the pro world IS a different world and it IS a business. We need to be professionals, that's why we have the name.

Sometimes girls do have to make nice around here. It's a house full of women, of course catfights erupt from time to time but most girls are pretty good about making nice in the end.

Just wait till we all get in the same cycle! :O

Okay, I'm exhausted. I've been sleep deprived and it's late so I'll talk at you more in detail with the next update. *flop*

Sweet Honey

I don't have a ton to say today. It's nice to see Honey getting a little emotive here, she's usually pretty patient and calm. I'm enjoying drawing this arc but when it's done I'm also gonna enjoy getting back to the more true to life stuff.

I mean, this is accurate in that there's sometimes gripes amongst the dungeon girl ranks about people taking sessions from one another (the subs and mistresses switching roles etc.) But it doesn't happen too frequently.

I don't think Honey likes to be told what to do...

Ummm... That's all for now. Enjoy! I might see TheShocker on Thursday, I'm working the next 5 days so I'll try to do comics at work when I can.

See ya!

Featured Fetish: Figging

Ooookaaaaay. I have a feeling this one is gonna take a teensy, tiny bit of explanation for most of you. *ahem*

FIGGING is when you put ginger root in a bumhole... And... people do this because the ginger causes a very tingly, burny sensation.

Now, this is one of those requests that I vaguely considered not taking because it's a very invasive, penetrative fetish and I do NOT want this comic to be erotica or porn. That's not what it's about. I LOVE erotica and porn and maybe someday when I have more time I'll do more of it but NicBuxom is not the place.
Still, I think I achieved it in a way that's still funny and appropriate for this genre. I hope I'm right!

Okay. Yes. I really don't know what else to say on the matter of figging uuuhhmm... I've never done it! I've never been BIG into the butt stuff realm (or at least not on the penetrative front) and also... I hate ginger! Ha.
Alot of people will carve a little butt-plug type of tool out of a whole root to do this. I showed that here and just felt like doing a very domestic type of look for this one, I think it's cute! Also, as you see here expressed verbally, even after your remove the offending ginger you will STILL feel the sensation for awhile.

I'm feeling a strong urge to tell you people not to try this at home...

Redheaded Snake

I don't have a ton to say today. I'm in a fairly foul mood, to be honest with you all. Yick. It's a number of things, all of which I don't feel like discussing.

I'm happy with how this comic came out in the least. And I wanna say that I'm touched that so many of you stood up for Eve, that's sweet. She may not have many friends in the dungeon but she clearly has a few out there amongst the NicBuxom readers. :)

That's all I'm up for now. We have a Featured Fetish tomorrow and then instead of spoiling you like I have been with updates every day we'll try to get back on schedule. This arc still has a number of comics to go so I hope I'm not boring you!

EDIT: Fucking fuck there's an "L" missing in the word "calls."

Asserting Dominance

Ho shit! It's all comin' to a head!!!

I really enjoyed writing this little arc. I think it's about time Nic stood up to Eve!

Now, as I've mentioned, this is one of the more fictional exchanges I've ever written. Usually what I write is based almost 100% off of reality with only minor changes for pacing (and because I don't do likenesses.) HOWEVER. It struck me as I wrote Nic's response here that something similar has happened to me.

It didn't come out in an all out scream fest like this because I don't have outbursts like that with people. However, there was a Mistress who thought rather highly of herself who began telling other girls in the dungeon that she was going to have me fired. Now, what's really baffling about this story is that I'd thought the girl was my friend. I'd treated her to dinner, hung out with her and Sharky outside of the dungeon and spent hours helping her on many of her personal projects. I don't know why or when she decided we weren't buddies anymore and my other girlfriends who tipped me off to her back talking and threats said she never specified why she hated me so. Weird.

But ANYWAY. I was offended that, no matter what my presumed fault, that she would attempt to put my livelihood at risk. Not JUST a job, but something I clearly love and cherish (as I'm sure you've all noticed. :) )
Well, I knew my standing with both the girls AND (more importantly) with the boss. John and I were close and we had an excellent understanding. He trusted me. He knew I was responsible, honest and dedicated to the wellbeing of the dungeon. AND that I never had issues with the girls. I casually spread word that if one of us were to be fired, it would be her.

And guess who's still here?

I don't want to take credit for her losing her good standing here. It certainly didn't help her case to be on my bad side but she was ultimately fired for issues with money. She did it to herself.

I don't believe in karma in a mystical sense but I do believe you're gonna get back what you give and people with poor attitudes and morals don't make it far.

Would you all miss Eve....? :)

Handprint Shaped Stairs...


I don't have alot to say for some reason... My best friend has been in town and it was good to see him and his fiance a bit even though they were visiting under sad circumstances.

Ummm... I don't know. Not alot is different since yesterday, heh. I'm seeing Mark this Friday in the dungeon so that'll be nice. :) I can take my financial woes out on his balls. Yay!

I guess the only other thing I have to say is that I'm sick of people contacting me about my "hairy fetish" caterings only to reveal all they really want is to eat my pussy. Sheeeesh! You think they'd settle for some leg and armpit worship, those limbs are probably HARDER to find of the furry variety!

I'm sure I've gone over this but to reiterate nobody gets to touch my nethers or even see them, I don't go full nude. That stuff is reserved for PrettyBoy. :) He may not be a hairy girl fan but it sure doesn't stop him!!!

A Matter Of Money

Aha! A turning point perhaps? The plot thickens.

This is FREAKISHLY appropriate! I had this written before any of this was actually happening but I've been shocked at how many of the "Mistresses" that I work with are suddenly available for sub sessions.
Welp, hard times call for desperate measures, I guess?

I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a Mistress once. ;)

I may have mentioned awhile back that I was competing in a 48hr film with PrettyBoy? Well, that went down the drain due to technical difficulties with our cameras! However, we thought the idea was too good just to let go so we're working on it again! I play a VERY small (non-speaking) role but I figured you guys still might be interested so when we're all done with that I'll be sure to post it for your amusement. :)

In the meantime, here's some more Lunatic Odyssey!

And... can I just say really quickly that looking back on these... I look AWFUL!!!
I know I had strep throat at the time (I dunno if we'd yet to reveal/discover that in the videos yet) and that my glands are swollen etc but boy do I look at hot mess. :/

...PrettyBoy looks pretty hot in the pie-eating scene though...



This was an old joke I had that I thought would fit in well to this little story arc I've got going about Nic and Eve. They haven't really gotten along since day one and it may now be comin' to a head...

Had a hairy girl fetishist earlier today and it was really pleasant! As you may have noticed that's one of my favored fetishes. I just feel so much more feminine and natural and like myself when I'm not doing hair removal. Such a pain, such a task, and so much money and suffering just to fit in socially. Bah. It's not for me.

That's all for now. Getting to know the ladies in the new dungeon and having mixed opinions. They're mostly all very fun and friendly, though. :)

Okay, gonna keep drawing while I sit here at work. :) It's more fun to draw in your undies, anyway! :D


Okay, this is the beginning of a 12ish or so page story arc I just made up a few nights ago. Once again, this one isn't based off of a specific incident or anything but there IS cattiness amongst the girls from time to time so it's appropriate.

I should be having a hairy fetish and face-farting fetish sessions sometime soon. :) I like getting the more off-the-wall ones, to be honest. It amuses me. :)

I have a treat for ya'll.
My good buddies (and fellow arty folk) MC and Mary are having a little sale on their etsy SPECIFICALLY for you readers! If you enter NICBUXOM as the coupon code you'll get 10% off your purchase! :D It's a limited time thing, though, so don't dawdle!

Also, I've been meaning to post a Lunatic Odyssey FOREVER. Not like any of you care anymore. We've been safely home for a few months, ha, but whatever, relive what a goober I was (am.)

I work the next few days and have a busy weekend of personal stuff atop that but I will try to draw in the dungeon for you all. :)

Oh, also, you guys as the audience were the mirror in this strip. Was that too weird or awkward? Did it not come across? I dunno. I'm not sure if I'm glad I did it that way or not. *shrug*

Featured Fetish: Balloons

Balloon fetish! What a fun one!
I know alot of balloon fetishists like to see a person blow a balloon as BIG as they can possibly get it before it pops. I know popping is also a huge part of this fetish. I like videos of girls bouncing on their butts on balloons till they pop, which is partially why I chose to draw this image this way. Also, thought it was a fun touch with the threatening pop potential of the needle and balloon.

I've also seen videos of freaky-giant balloons that can fit a person inside. Crazy! Sorry not to add links, you'll just have to do some searching for yourself. But, here's a hint, there's ALOT of this stuff on youtube since it's usually not very porny.

So, I'm working at the new dungeon (or more like the revamped dungeon.)
We're still doing ALOT of work on the place, site and advertising but I will try to get you all some links and photos when things start falling into place. I AM here currently, available to play and so are some of the old dungeon girls and alot of new girls.

Frankly, so far I love, love, love my coworkers. They're all very pretty, sweet girls. And more than that I appreciate that our new owner Mistress Cyan is open to a variety of ladies. John (love him though I do) had more rigid ideas of who could work this industry but Mistress Cyan and her crew are having such a great collection of beautiful women of all sizes, types, colors, shapes, backgrounds etc. It's freakin' awesome. :)
Here's hoping everything stays good. I'll keep ya'll updated!

Up next I'm going to bombard you with a story-arc I made up. It's not from any real experience but things like it can happen. So, enjoy! I'll get that to you soon.

Busy Buxom

Thank you all for being patient!
The dungeon has reopened as Sanctuary Studios LAX and I've been working the last few days. As you can imagine, it's been hectic. I'll be working on comics in my down-time at the dungeon so fret not! Nic and the Buxom Babes are still here. :)

I Like To Sing-a

More freaky stuff for you all.
Now, this one was not a client of mine, actually, but one of a coworker of mine. The strangest part of it, to me, was that instead of finding this odd in the slightest she was flattered that he liked to listen to her croon.
Not that I wouldn't have enjoyed the session if it'd been me. :) I love to sing!

I'm behind (as I'm sure you've noticed) so I'm trying to crank out my last few Freaky Fetishes before the end of this month. Saturday is my 26th birthday so if you wanna join in the gift-giving you're welcome to take a peek over at my wishlist. :)

Happy Two Years, NicBuxom!

Due to my busy weekend I missed the ACTUAL date. Saturday was our official two year mark! NicBuxom is still growing up big and bad and strong. :) I like anniversaries.

PrettyBoy gave me this quick image idea to celebrate, though he insisted the frosting on Nic should have been white. *ahem* I disagreed...
I did like his inspired "candles on the nipples" request, though. :)

Popping out of a cake is something I want to do before I die.

I can't believe I've been doing this comic for 2 years! How time flies!!! And how much has happened in those two years.
I was at DomCon this weekend and unfortunately didn't get word on a start date for working at the new dungeon. It was also the first time in 3+ years that I hadn't been actually working at DomCon and it felt very foreign. OH well.

Okay, now, NEXT weekend is my ACTUAL birthday. I'll be 26, wow. I feel old. And I know it's silly, I know 26 is young and just getting started. But this is the first birthday where I don't feel like a little kid anymore. And frankly, I don't like feeling like an adult.

I'll just have to rebel in truly childish ways.

EDIT: PS I shaved off the mohawk again. I'll change the profile pic eventually.


I've been a huge grouch-face lately. Little things like nitpicking or disagreements are bothering me and lingering in my mind much longer than usual. I feel brooding. Usually I'm pretty happy-go-lucky and I let things go fairly swiftly.
...Also, on that note I want to add that I don't react as strongly as Nic does. I'm usually a very quiet patient type but she's my inner thoughts and feelings amplified.

Anyway, no more rambling about my moodiness. I saw TheShocker over the weekend, seeing another client tomorrow and I also spent the weekend working on a 48hr film and visiting the dungeon for the first time. It's been a busy week.
Here's the breakdown.

The film we were working on was going grand, really beautiful, but a mistake on the camera settings made it so that NONE of the audio recorded. We were all VERY disappointed but not disheartened! We plan to reshoot soon just for fun. :)

And the dungeon!
The dungeon was gorgeous. Plenty of space and very clean, beautiful furniture. The party was extremely packed so I really only got to poke my nose around a teensy bit but I can't fucking wait to spend more time in there alone. <3

Anyway, I'm tired of talking. This one is about sploshing as you can see by the title, which I've always found fun, if messy. :) You know the fatgirl likes foodplay. ;) We did have a client want two booty-full girls to rub their bottoms together with slippery, sticky food between them. Certainly my idea of a good time! Also, I feel like you all deserved to see Honey play. She's mostly a house mother role in my mind but it doesn't mean she can't get down!

Okay, I go.

Head Shaving

Had an eventful weekend that I briefly outline in tomorrows update (it's scheduled for about this time tomorrow) and it's DomCon this weekend. See some of you there.

As you know I'm a fan of headshaving, I'm sure I've posted a few pics in the past. I do have a headshaving client that I have lots of fun with and was getting haircuts from before PrettyBoy took over. Not going to have Nic shave her head, though, so don't get your hopes up. :) And I'm still rockin' the pink 'hawk IRL.

Haven't been feeling very creative lately which is unusual for me. I apologize again for Freaky Fetish Month being a little less freaky than last year.

See ya tomorrow!


Another disclaimer, we'd never do this to a client.... unless he asked us to. ;)

I find that slaves into Financial Domination REALLY like to be bullied. That money seriously needs to be taken from them forcefully. So, yea, there's basically a fetish for just being robbed.

So, which one of you is paying my rent? :P

Seeing TheShocker again Friday and then the dungeon's grand opening on Saturday HOSHIT!


Okay, in reality you never leave slaves alone for more than 10 minutes and usually you hang around nearby to be sure they're okay. Leaving someone during a scene can be VERY dangerous depending on the conditions and it's not really recommended until you've established a very close trust with someone.

Still, I think it's kinda funny that some guys LITERALLY pay us to just not be around.
Odd, no?

Featured Fetish: Needles

One of my LEAST, LEAST favorite fetishes, oh gawd.

I actually have a bit of a phobia about needles... I always have. And you'd think after years of getting stuck while I was on blood thinners and the barrage of pointy things stuck into me while I was in the hospital I would have gotten over it. Nope. Anytime I have to do anything involving needles I must go pretty white and look pretty bad because the nurse always stares cautiously at me and askes, "... are you gonna pass out?"
I don't mind blood, I don't mind pain, I don't mind sharp things like knives... I just hate those thin creepy little needles...

Anyway, thankfully drawing this wasn't too painful. :) It didn't get to me the way it does in person and, as you may have noticed, I didn't try to make the needles very detailed...
Still, I'm really happy with how this came out! I think it's very serene and beautiful and from what I've heard (and seen reluctantly from the corner of my eye) the experience is usually quite pleasant. Now, I've also seen plenty of torture-porn where ballsacks look like pincushions but most of what I've seen in person is women with beautiful, artful fresh piercings full of ribbons and feathers and decorative designs. I actually find corset piercings REALLY sexy but I don't think I'd ever do it myself...

Anyway, enjoy this beauty on my least favorite of topics and I'll let the needle fetishists fill you in on anything I've not said, being so willingly blind to the topic as I am.

See you guys Monday!

Oh PS!
I think the most beautiful and impressive needle work I ever saw was at one of my early DomCons before I was working pro, a mutual friend had her Master turn her into the "human peacock" with hundreds of needles attached to long peacock feathers spreads behind her stemming from her back. She looked lovely being paraded around but I'm not gonna lie, sitting behind scenes with them as they were removed really turned my stomach...
Still, a peek into just how creative this fetish can be.

The SlowDancer

Yes. Really.
We get some clients who treat our sessions like dates. And while that isn't so bad I did have one client who liked to slow-dance. Now, I KNOW what you're thinking. Easy money, who cares, right?
Well, that's what I thought at first. But honest to god the guy ended up getting REALLY creepy. I couldn't stand him eventually and stopped seeing him. I don't wanna go into too much detail since I'll probably use him as jokes in the future but there was cuddling and crying involved, too. Ugh.

I really don't like clients who get too attached. I mean, friendships can develop absolutely but as soon as they see me as a romantic interest I get a bit put off... It's a hard position to be in.

Anyway, don't mean to ramble about that. I just thought that in a line of work usually associated with whips and chains that it's odd we get guys who pay for gentle, vanilla romance. It can be sad, sometimes, when men seem clearly lonely and I try to be friendly.

Featured Fetish coming your way Friday, one of my personal HARD LIMITS. D: Yick.
Seeing TheShocker Friday and Saturday, as well. Then it's Mothers Day and I don't plan to do any special sick comics for ya'll. ;P
Maybe next year.

Face Farting

Alrighty! The first of Freaky Fetish Month.
Perhaps not the freakiest but at least something to make most cringe abit. ;)

I actually REALLY like face farting! I like most humiliation based play and I find it endlessly amusing to tell guys to suck my farts. I could go on but... you all probably don't wanna read it. ;)
We've even had clients buy us bean burritos or Indian food etc before a session so that we'll be more flatulent. I'll never turn down free food. ;P
And sometimes it's seriously hard to do on command!!!

Also. Poor PrettyBoy. Sometimes I wonder why he loves me. :D

Anyway. I'm home from San Diego. We had a terribly abysmal show. :( I guess you can't win them all. We'll make up for it next time.

It's starting to get hot out here and I, not a fan of the heat, am suffering and tired and grumpy because of it. Yick.

Anyway, enough of my grouching. Enjoy me raping your perceptions of pleasure with the above comic and brace for more. :) See you Wednesday with something else weird!

Freaky Fetish Month

I'm actually about to walk out the door...
But I'm packing last minute. D:

Okay! So! You read the good news! Soon I'm back to normal dungeon work! I'll tell you all more when I have more time, see you in May! (Just a few days!)

OH! And if you live in the LA area then you should come by Saturday to help with the dungeon clean-up! I'll be out of town, like I mentioned, but anyone interested in volunteering can email Mistress Cyan at MistressCyan @ Gmail .com for more details. It's Saturday at 11am right next to LAX. Let me know if any of you help out. :) PrettyBoy might be there (hands off!!!)

Don't Watch TV

I don't watch tv except for downloading and streaming certain series (currently working my way through Deadwood.)

So, on the rare occasion that I do sit down in front of a television I'm shocked and horrified at the commercials. Almost EVERY ad is belching out lists of our supposed inadequacies! We're too fat (of course,) our eyelashes aren't full and long enough, our skin is wrinkled, our hair is dry, our feet are rough, our eyes are dull, our butts are flat, and these are just the few that I can list off the top of my head. There are ENDLESS drug commercials claiming that normal and slight discomforts warrant medication. And my FAVORITE part is that these medications that cure something silly (seriously Latisse?) tend to cause HEFTY side-effects!

Anyway, not to soap-box it up TOO much (but fuck it, what else is minor internet fame good for? ;P) but I swear that half of the insecurities people have with themselves today are due to commercials. Now, there are plenty of other things shouting at us about our "failings" such as billboards, shopfronts, others attitudes and radio commercials but television just seems SO much more invasive. I sincerely felt like even I, with my strong attitudes about self-worth, was being made slightly more insecure after a few hours of television.

It's nuts. It's ridiculous and crazy.

PLEASE don't let people with an agenda (fucking marketing, they want your money people) sell you poison social attitudes that lead you to hate yourself AND others. Don't treat yourself or other people like shit just because some ingenious marketer is inventing reasons to take your cash. I'll sell you a FREE way to be beautiful. Walk tall, smile and have confidence.

You think shaving my head and flaunting my hairy eyebrows, pits and legs endears me to people? Hell no! When I get admired it's because I'm strutting those hairy eyebrows, pits, legs and shaved head and grinning at the world. I'm grinning at the cool people for making living worthwhile and I'm grinning a big "fuck you" at the assholes of the world. People respect you when you respect yourself. And people love you when you love yourself...

So do it! <3


*steps down from her soapbox*

Official Switch

This is sorta close to the truth of how I moved up to switch officially. When I finally asked to be tested (honestly after alot of badgering from the Dommes) I was told everyone already knew I was switch material. A wonderful Mistress who I was close to asked me to just attend one of the play parties and that she'd watch me for a few minutes and use that as my official test and that's just what we did. :) It was fun!

Testing IS important in the pro scene because we need to be sure you can work without seriously injuring someone. But I had worked closely with all of these women for over a year and everyone had seen and heard me play and were confident in my abilities. It wasn't luck or favoritism on my part, however, I'm pretty sure it's just because I waited far longer than most subs do to move up to switch title.

Anyway, enough going on about that. I've been busy with a few commissions but I'm keeping up with the comic, too. I am once again art-slave, chained to my canvas and sketchbook.

So, it's official! Nic is now a switch. I just wanted to address it.

Suddenly Switch

I exist!

Okay, phew! So my busy weekend is finally over!
Now the updates should get steady once again.

I ended up working about 13hr days not including travel time and tear-down etc. It was killer. My feet were murdered! I still had a good time and made some money, though so... whoo! Also got to play with Mark. :)
A tens-centric weekend!

Not too much to say about the comic except Nic has kinda been switching without officially being tested for awhile now. You may remember she had to be tested waaaaaaaay back at the beginning (her fateful first meeting with Eve.)
Well, we test to be sub, switch and Domme. All positions require you to show that you know what you're doing.
And honestly, this and the next comic are basically essentially how I actually became a switch IRL. I'd been a sub for a freakishly long time but was switching with my clients anyway. When I decided to ask to move up I was told I was already there. You'll see why in the next comic.

So, I realized that I'd promised you all details about the dungeon and then dropped the ball!!! I was just so exhausted at the last update. My sleep-schedule is a mess! I'm trying to get back on track.

Alright, the newest news is that we SHOULD be opening on May 14th! Now, there have been alot of false starts so I'm not going to be freakishly surprised or anything if there are more unexpected delays but this does mean that the dungeon should finally be opening soon! I'm almost not sure I'm ready. :O

I've been having PrettyBoy spank me a bit to try to "whip" me back into shape. ;P I'm terrified that I've gone soft...
DomCon is fast approaching and so is the impending opening of the dungeon... which means I may be busy again very soon. I'm excited and nervous. I don't know what my schedule will be like in the beginning but we'll see if I'll need to make any changes around here.

The new dungeon and its owners all sound like they're going to be FANTASTIC.
We're welcoming a much more diverse group to work with, which is really nice and they seem very open to suggestions and want to keep close with us and make sure everyone communicates. I loved John and he was great to work for in many ways but he wasn't exactly a touchy-feely guy. I enjoy that we'll be run by women, I think there are countless upsides to that in this industry.

Anyway. I believe I've begun rambling. The long and the short of it is that soon I'll be back to regular dungeon work and I'm extremely excited. :)

More details as I get them!


Okay, I know it's another PrettyBoy comic but bear with me cuz... for right now it's this or nothing. I don't have any other comics done currently but I'm busting my ass to try to make sure I'm covered for the next few updates because the next four days I'm commuting to work at the Grand Prix and I also have a session. I'm gonna be working 10hr days every day and that doesn't include travel, set-up and tear-down.
It's gonna be insane. D:

But, that's how we pay the bills.

Anyway, this is another real word-for-word interaction we had in a supermarket. It was pretty funny, actually. When you hang with me Dominatrix jokes abound. Oh yea, and PrettyBoy really does have a ridiculous sweet-tooth.

Okay. I'm tired and grouchy. Bye.

When We Met

Yes. Seriously. Legit conversations PrettyBoy and I had when we first began seeing one another. Ahem, also we didn't hit it off so well the first round... *sigh* Maybe we'll take one anothers narcissism down a notch?

Augh. Yea, sorry for more PrettyBoy comics. I haven't actually drawn anything new while I was sick so I'm giving you guys some old private sketches to entertain you while I get my act together. Heck, it's better than no comics, at all. I may give ya'll a bonus comic tomorrow for the ones I've missed, so long as you don't mind another silly little PrettyBoy sketch.

Blah blah blah, I'm kinda buzzed so I'll keep it short. This weekend I'm having a session with Mark as well as working the Grand Prix in Long Beach. It's gonna be a BUSY weekend! :D
Also, there's a meeting about the renewal of the dungeon today! I hope to have news to share with you all soon. :)