Drawing In Corsets

So, this comic is oddly appropriate because just a few hours ago I DID take a rather nasty tumble and I really, really injured my knee. >_< It's not broken or anything so bad but my girlfriend who I had with me is a nurse and she said it's very likely I dislocated it.
I walked into the house from the wet floors outside and my flip-flops became skis on the hardwood entryway floor. Crack-crack-crack! My knee made some horrible pops as I wobbled terribly to regain balance before hitting the floor. Ouch...
At any rate.... it hurts terribly and walking is pretty much off the table for today (and in her professional opinion, probably a few days...)

Anyway. That's the news for now. Hopefully being bed-bound will help me get more productive with comics. I hate taking time off work but such is life and I guess I needed a break after all of the moving etc. We ARE trying to have a little housewarming this Saturday and a lame knee would dampen my hosting abilities. :/ We'll see how it goes...

Moving on, I drew this comic on a slow day at work. I was TRYING to be productive and get some doodling done but my corset was making it VERY difficult and what you see here is basically how I spent the day. :p Look down? Choke on boobies. Look up? Can't bend or reach.

I'm probably going to do one or two more silly corset comics in this sequence. I'm having some issues with internet connectivity in our new place... it's not horrid but it's slowing me down and it's frustrating.
For now, I leave you so as I may down wine and ibuprofen and rest my knee abit.

It's The Least Sexy Time Of The Year!

 Sorry for the absence folks! We finally moved! And we did it over the holidays!
I was busy, to say the least!

But, I'm back for the new year. :) We're settling into our new place and we're very happy with it! It IS with a roomy... but we like him alot! Hopefully it stays that way. We have a big bedroom and a pool on site and it's only a few blocks from our old place so it's working out!

I've been booked up with commissions from the holiday sale and they've been loads of fun! I still need to complete them because there was such a rush. Since I didn't have a chance to give you all a heads up about the sales end I'm going to end it officially on Friday the 18th at midnight. So get your orders in now if you've been waiting or saving up!

On this comic, yes, it's incredibly cold in the dungeon this time of year and we're still expected to all wear lingerie. We're lucky we can curl up with a blanket or hide in sweatpants but ONLY if no clients are around to see it so more often then not we're huddled together, suffering. :P

Well, I just got home from Phoenix Arizona so I'm abit tired. Going to hit the sack. I have new comics in the works for you!