Full Colored Chibis

A single inked, black and white chibi version of yourself, your character or whatever else you'd like, in full color, is just $25! 

These little sprites are adorably perfect for icons (I'm using mine all over FaceBook! Please don't stalk me o_o) I'm also willing to do 3, full color, for $65! :)

Just email me at with specifications for your little imp! If you have reference pictures, even better!!! For now I'm only accepting paypal payments on commissions.


Full color figures and character art is $50!

I can also do inks only for just $35!
Just send me the character specifications and/or references to

This is perfect for likenesses or personal characters! I can shake up poses, outfits, hair, accessories, colors, whatever you want! This is for no-background or VERY simple background work. It is extra for backgrounds, multiple characters etc, email for details. As of now I only accept paypal payments for commissions.

Portraits and paintings

This example is an acrylic portrait of PrettyBoy that I did. I use acrylic paints and can accommodate any canvas size desired. I know you guys see my rushed and cutie-pie art mostly but I have a great deal of fine art experience and interest as well. For a portrait I would require a detailed headshot, PREFERABLY of a good resolution (please avoid blurry phone pics etc for best results.) I'll work with what you can give me but keep in mind it will come out best if I can see more details.

Painting prices vary based on canvas size, date needed and complexity of the portrait. I can also do animals, full body shots etc but don't have an example pic for things like that yet. Please write me at for pricing info. A piece like the one pictured here (which is a 9"X12" canvas) would probably sell for about $200.

Keep in mind these pieces take me many hours of work and also cost for supplies. Please no very rushed/last minute orders if avoidable but we can talk. For now I am only accepting payment via paypal for these items.