Here you go, guys, the startling conclusion to this controversial arc!
The twins are confused, as usual.

Yes, we have clients who want some bizarre roleplays and some even involve the other girls. USUALLY we give the ladies a heads-up about these but there are some clients who will purposefully make a nuisance of themselves so that they'll be punished harder. It often works, too, it's hard not to get irked with some particularly annoying guys.

This comic could also be interpreted that Eve is just slick enough to maneuver a bad situation into a paid session. Either way, the lady knows what she's doing and always comes out on top. :)

I'd intially planned to have Nic looking shocked AND pissed in the last panel but decided to leave out the anger. Now I wish I'd included it. Oh well.

I'm not as sick as I have been but I'm still pretty fatigued. That's likely from an insanely busy week on top of being sick. This Friday is our annual half-price party! Time to make lots of money so we can provide booze for Sharky's going away party this Saturday. :)

See ya'll then.

Here Eve Comes To Save The Day!

Hello, hello, hello!

Okay, so maybe I'm not as chipper as I sound. I'm beat and I don't mean literally. ;) Still getting over this cold, though I'm doing much better today, and I've had a busy weekend. Stirring up more trouble for myself, as you can see!

I'm not really happy with this comic. I made alot of mistakes while photoshopping it because I'm so tired and was too lazy to go back and remedy them so some of the art is a bit wonky and there weren't as many variations as I'd liked. Still, the arc is moving right along. As you all know, I've said all I can on this topic but I am inclined to remind everyone that these scripts were done months in advance so this isn't any sort of statement or retaliation due to recent events. :P Tomorrow will be the big punchline, finally. Oh Eve, our hero! Bet you'd never thought you'd see that! :O Maybe she's not all bad. :)

So, yes, we certainly do have people blow up at us sometimes and resort to comparing us to prostitutes (in various terms) and otherwise. None of the name-calling gets to us, since we know who and what we are and aren't, but it is VERY annoying to have to deal with belligerent people, just like it would be at any job. Fortunately, we're a very strong and outspoken group of ladies and we're fantastic at quickly being rid of anyone who acts up. I'm going to address that more in future comics further down the line. Also, it's VERY rare that there's any screaming going on (unless it's from pleasure!)

In more recent news tomorrow is Passover so I get to go and dine with Sharky's family. I'm not religious and I'm not Jewish so these occasions can be awkward from time to time but I'm lucky that he has a really sweet, cool and liberal family! Plus, how could I ever turn down free food? :P

And speaking of Sharky, he'll soon be off for 2-4 months on a business trip to Puerto Rico! He leaves in 1-2 weeks so we're seeing him off with a party this weekend. We've never been apart more than a month (for when he goes to Israel yearly) so this is a big, big deal. I mean, 3 months is a quarter of a year! D: You guys may get to hear alot of whining about me missing him. We've lived together almost 4 years now, sleeping at night is going to be a bit different. :/
In better news, though, I WILL be making a trip to visit him somewhere in the middle of his stint over there. It'll probably be just for a week but it'll help break up the big gap without one another.

You're all going to have to keep me company in the meantime. :)

Okay! See you all Wednesday for the conclusion to this little arc!

Who's More Woman?

Honey is unhappy because she doesn't like disturbances in her dungeon...These next few comics are where I REALLY get myself into some trouble!

But seriously, I'd like to reiterate some things from yesterdays discussion in the comments section. Some people would tell me "don't feed the trolls" but I don't believe anyone was trolling, I think they were expressing legitimate concerns and feelings of theirs and I would feel bad for not addressing it.

(The tl;dr version of it all is that I'm surprised anyone thought I was trying to be derogatory or condescending when it wasn't my intention at all. And that if you don't enjoy the comic, just don't read it.)

Right, now for the full version. First, I actually expected there to be a controversy on this webpage much sooner! We're just two months away from the first year. And I KNEW this story-line was going to ruffle some feathers so I was prepared to defend my reasons for including it and the way I've presented it.

And secondly, I'm LEGITIMATELY surprised that folks actually thought I was trying to be hateful and spread hate-speech. I always try to be respectful in the way I address anyone who lends me the curteousy first. Only a few comments degenerated into personal attacks so good on most of you. :)

Here's where I reiterate, for those who conveniently overlooked it. I did not use any terminology in order to inflame or put down anyone. Sincerely. It's not an apology, since I've absolutely nothing to apologize for, it's just making my intentions clear.

Now I could play the "I've got lots of trans friends" card but I never felt that was any sort of defense for name-calling and pure meanness. That said, I do work and interact with people of all genders and all in-betweens and so far no one has taken issue with being called a "tranny" or anything else. Should someone politely ask me not to refer to them as such, I'm happy to oblige. We get trannys, transvestites, transgenders, transmen and transwomen. Most I've met identify as one of the above, dunno if it's the SoCal culture or just the scene or what but it's how it is here. We wear our LGBT shirts and sing about being sweet transvestites from Transexual Transylvania!

I will never make you all happy. Some of you were deeply bothered by this, some of you thought it was no big deal. We're lucky that we all have differences of opinion and that's why we get to spice things up when we disagree.

To wrap this all up, I want to ask you guys to not be afraid to call me on it if you think I'm being out of line on something. Just don't act surprised or indignant if I choose to disgree with you. :) It's your right and my own.
I'm an outspoken lady. If I wasn't, I wouldn't be here making this comic.

I'm also PAINFULLY not politically correct. :P Lord, if you all heard the jokes that pass between Sharky and I, you'd up and die. You think this comic is bad? It's kids-rated in comparison. I make fun of men, I make fun of women, I make fun of everything in between. I make fun of babies, I make fun of animals and I make fun of of MYSELF. In case you hadn't noticed that last part, yet. :P

Oh yea! One more thing.
I mean it when I say if you don't like it, dont' read it. Sincerely. I'm not putting this thing out there to offend anyone so if you think I'm an asshole or are disturbed/upset by the subject matter then keep in mind that no one is FORCING you to read this. It's your choice and if the comic doesn't entertain you, don't follow it. It'll make the world a happier place for the both of us. You totally have the right to think I'm a bitch but if you do let's just not hang out. :)

I wanna thank everyone who participated in the discussion no matter what their viewpoint. Thanks for all the kind words from some of you. I really appreciate the support but even more-so I appreciate that you're all out-spoken enough to say whats on your minds, whether or not we agree.
I wanted this whole thing to be more concise but I had alot to address. Moving on!

Blah, I'm still feeling sickish which, as you can imagine, makes me a bit cranky. I'm trying my best not to snap at anyone. It's not as hard when I feel I'm speaking honestly. I'm supposed to go to a party at a dance hall tonight. I don't feel up to drinking OR dancing. D: *sniff*

So, like I've mentioned in the comic, we only hire born and bred women. It's not our choice, since the boss does the hiring. I don't know his reasoning behind it, honestly. It could be personal prejudices or it could be catering to his clientele or it could be both. I don't know personally. It is a bit funny, since we have to keep at least a g-string on at all times so if we were being honest, no one gets to see what junk we're carrying anyway. Some of the girls here say they're glad we don't hire trannies because they're afraid they would steal all of our clients. :P I know there's a huge call in the scene for "lady-boys" but I suppose there are other establishments that cater to that specifically. Trans women and everyone else are still welcome to play with us, to come to the parties, to rent rooms etc, we just don't employ them. The same way we don't employ men. This isn't an equal opportunity employer, it's about what our boss likes to see. I've seen many girls turned away for not being up to snuff aesthetically (in his opinion.) It sucks but it's his business and he's picking out what sells. It's true that no matter what your look there's a guy that's into it but just one guy doesn't put food on the table. :/ Even I don't look traditional but I fought to get hired and I have a firm niche so I do well.

And yes, most of the ladies in drag or the post-ops I run into are WAY more feminine than I. :P Really! I'm more of a "fake" than they are when it comes to traditional feminine ideals. Most of the time I feel like I'm dressing up in a girl costume. I suck at female. But, just like everyone else, I can't help the body I was born into. IT'S NOT MY FAULT! ;)

I was initially going to have Nic turning and breaking the fourth wall and speaking the punchline here out to the audience. Last minute I thought it would make more sense to have her talk to a girl in the room but now I wish I'd done it the original way. :/ Oh well.

Okay. Gonna try to rest until the birthday tonight. Of course, by the time you read this I'll already be there... I'd like to say I'm gonna leave everything at this but suppose I should be busy bracing myself for some more backlash. :P

PS You should all just know now. I also use the word "cunt." Some love it, some hate it, I've always thought it was sexy. :)

Define Woman

Blugh, I feel sick. :( *snuffle*

Anyway, we have guys call and come in asking to work for us ALL THE TIME. And we get cross-dressers sometimes, too. Now, I personally have nothing against working alongside a trans gal but our boss won't have it. *shrug* Most of them just sullenly accept when we tell them we can't hire them but we've had a few folks get fiery with us. This is another mini-arc, it'll be a few pages long.

Now, I'm beat. See you all Saturday.

Why RuPaul is Better

This is why I prefer RuPaul's Drag Race over ANTM. The girls on ANTM are freakishly skinny. Some of them, I admit, are beautiful girls who look like they're meant to be thin. But many, if not MOST, look unhealthy and disturbing. Their hair is limp and thin, they complain that they need to lose weight and if they DON'T then some designer tells them they need to in order to be able to fit into the unreasonable dresses.

And besides just promoting unhealthy, unreasonable standards of femininity the girls all dress like they're about twelve. They stand hunched, toes in and wear childish clothing and accessories. Sometimes it's extremely creepy.

RuPaul's Drag ladies, on the other hand, aspire to have the curves of REAL WOMEN. Admittedly, some of them are thin as well, but they pad themselves up when it's time to perform. The drag queens know that women have hips and breasts and ass and DAMN do they flaunt it!

Okay. So maybe there are some other reasons I prefer the drag race. But seriously, I can admire the thick muscled thighs of the skilled drag performers far better than the cringe-worthy chicken legs of the top modelers. I'd take a queen home anyday!

Anyway. This wasn't meant to be todays comic, it's just another STROKE OF GENIUS of mine. Okay, really, it's cuz I'm sick and this was easier and more pleasurable than a 3 panel, word bubbled, multi-character comic. And I know what you're all thinking, yes I feel like I was JUST SICK but trust me, I don't like it anymore than you all.

I'm still planning to keep up with the comic, since I'm not deathly ill. Now to rearrange my schedule since I forced this bitchy little stop upon you all...
And if you really love me you'll donate money for me to get this long-wanted corset. It's not on my wishlist cuz I need to special order it in a large and more pricey size to have curves like RuPaul. :P

Featured Fetish: Big Boobs

Okay, Featured Fetish time! So, this was a request (as are the next few months of Featured Fetishes) otherwise I don't think I'd ever list this as a fetish. I know there is some debate over this but frankly it gave me an excuse to do a cute pin-up of Eve, so why not?

We don't have guys come in who are "breast fetishists." If a guy comes in who just wants to stare at and fondle breasts then he's probably in the wrong place, since we're here to cater to legitimate BDSMers and fetishists. We DO have some ladies with TREMENDOUS boobs here (fake AND real) and we do have guys who want to see them purely for that. Generally these ladies have alot of disdain for guys who want to see them just for their tits. I have D cups but I don't fall anywhere into the oversized tit area, especially since they're proportional to my overall size. I also don't take any tit torture/play whatsoever (my nips are 100% off-limits) and avoid flaunting my breast region because I don't want to encourage that.

We DO have ladies who do nipple torture, though. I used to do this independently, though it was never my favorite of things, but in recent years my nipples have grown far too tender. I will still take clothespins on the meaty areas of my breasts for some people and can do breast bondage at times. Some of the girls here take some HARDCORE pain to their tits. I really don't even enjoy watching it. I understand the urge to play with giant boobs, they're SO soft and fun! I'm lucky that the ladies here don't mind if me and the other girls fondle them, they only discourage it from the men. :P

I guess that's all I can say on the topic. I was initially going to draw Eve mashing her breasts against another busty babe but just... didn't. Maybe I still will just for fun. This pin-up would probably also work great for stocking fetishists but that's for another time. :)

I'm sitting here at work right now, it was a quiet night till my spanky sub came in and saved the day. :) I'm glad I got some play in the last few days but I really want to be working on comics and commissions. Two weeks from today is the half-price party, whee! If any of you have been saving up to visit us now would be the time. ;)

Okay, see you all Monday!


Okay, with this post we're officially caught up again. :) Sorry for falling behind but I've been hyper-productive the last few days so we should be okay for awhile.
And my "U" key is sticking! Damnit! It makes typing quickly and accurately very difficult! >:(

I'm at work tonight and it's slow and I just REALLY don't feel like being here. An old client is in town who used to punish me if my legs weren't PERFECTLY smooth, he'd always check. I'm hiding from him because my legs are super hairy! I promise I'm going to amend that as soon as I get home. D: I'm sch a bad girl when it comes to hair removal. Sigh.

Oh yea, my rosacea. It sucks. I mean, most people think it's really cute but MAN I blush at ANYTHING and that gets sorta irritating. And it's weird to look at photos of me and see blinding pale skin topped off by a cherry-red face. SIGH! I COULD try to cover it up with make-up I guess but honestly I don't wear much, if any. If I'm feeling fancy I put on some eyeliner and lipgloss. :)

Anyway, I think I'm rambling cuz I'm bored. Enjoy! We have a Featured Fetish on Saturday! :D

Saint Paddles Day

Well, howdy folks!
So, I whipped this up in the last hour or two when it finally dawned on me that it's StPatties Day. I know you've all been missing Eve. :) And it would be a shame for our resident redhead to not make an appearance on today of all days!

Right, so, we're still one comic behind at this point so I figure I'm going to upload another comic either tomorrow or Friday and then by Saturday's Featured Fetish we'll be back up to date! :D

Oh, and while I DID wear green this "St Paddles Day" I still took a good beating regardless when I bumped into an old friend. Sharky gave me a pretty green rope-harness for the occassion and I thought I'd share it with you all here.
I loved the heart and he improved on the finishing tie by the end of the night. Also, unfortunately we forgot to get pics of the front, which was similar to a rope corset and very pretty.

So, have a drink for me, guys, and be safe!

Maybe I'm Just Weird

Sorry for all the delays lately, you guys. I get behind a little bit and then my busy life keeps me behind. D: Anyway, I'm working to get caught up, we're about one comic behind right now, should be solved within the week.

No one wants to watch scary movies with me! ;_;

Alright, that's all for now.


WARNING: You are about to see penis. If you are a prude you may
want to look away. Then again, if you are a prude, you're probably not
going to have been reading my comic in the first place. Enjoy!


So, like I've been grumbling about on my twitter feed, my copic pens ran out of ink, which prevented me from completing the comics on time. Now that I've found time to get new catridges it has made my life SO much easier, I can't believe I didn't get them earlier.

Anyway, so, uh, yea, penis! They were sorta necessary to this joke. Otherwise I try to keep this from degenerating into porn. :P I LOVE, love, love ballbusting. Alot. It's one of my favorite things to do! And, honestly, it does take some poise, balance, concentration and aim. :)

Unusually Understanding

Grr! I'm very frustrated. Sorry this is late. I just had technical difficulty after technical difficulty and finally just had to compromise. First, my pens are running out of ink... This is my own fault for not buying more ink sooner but it means it takes me 3 times as long to ink (if not more) and still my lines come out thin and non-existant during scans. And that means coloring is harder. And then on top of that for some reason my usual bubble method wasn't working so I had to get creative and just do something different.

Anyway... hopefully tomorrow's update will see everything back to normal. I dunno. *gnashes teeth* I'm too frustrated right now to talk about much else. This is the last in the heart-condition saga. I still see this guy regularly, he was very understanding.

Now I'm going to try to veg out to stop being so angry.

Featured Fetish: Smoking Fetish

Hey guys! Here we are for another Featured Fetish! I went with Smoking because it was shown in my last comic and I thought this would be a good time to expand upon it.

I have NEVER done a smoking fetish, because of my heart condition, but I have observed it. It's an easy fetish (in my opinion.) Most guys simply want to watch you smoke in a sexy way. Others want to be used as an ashtray and there are gag-attachments with ashtrays on the end or you can tap the ash out in their mouths or other body parts. Some more extreme smoking fetishists like you to put your cigs out on their various body parts, as shown above with Coco. :) I love the idea of crushing the burning cherry onto guys assholes, balls and tongues. Unfortunately, no amount of money can make the activity worth it for me to participate in so I must live vicariously through other ladies.

Well... I guess that's all there is to it. If I haven't been clear or anything feel free to ask away but this is pretty self-explanatory, I think.

I'm sorta unhappy with this one as I'm not much of a colorist and I really struggled with this piece for some reason... Anyway, I will improve over time.

But now for something a little different!!! I've been collaborating with my darling little friend Willy to illustrate some of his HILARIOUS stories. Two failed romance tales in particular caught my attentions and you can now see one of them right over here at his blog. Please give him a look-see, he's a very funny and very cute guy. Good thing Sharky's around to protect him from me. ;) And if any of you would like to contribute to his troubles with women to give me some more material to work with he is VERY available, ladies. ;)

I finished this just in time to get ready for work and I have a very special treat tonight! One of my favored playmates Mark is in town! I initially had planned to spend the entire time busting his balls with my healthy kicks but he's apparently feeling competitive with my tens unit records so we're gonna try to get him as high as possible tonight! Time for me to electrocute some balls! :D

Monday's post is the official last one in the story-line about my heart but worry not, it features some play. See you all then!

It's The Easy Stuff That's Hard

Okay, finally got it up.
(that's what HE said)

We are drawing to a close on the heart-condition story arc. I'm sure you're all thrilled. If I'M bored with it you all must be. I felt this dragged, it wasn't my intention, I'm sorry. From here on out we get back to the fetishes and BDSM. :)

I took myself off of bloodthinners cuz they thought my dangly-bit by the hole in my heart might be a clot. I never thought it was. They did ultra-sounds of my entire body and didn't find a single clot and there was no reason for me to have any clots, either. A year on bloodthinners and the dangly never changed in size at all, that was good enough for me to go with my first hunch that the doctors were wrong. To this day, no one knows what that thing is...
I should go back in and have it checked out again but that takes money and/or health insurance and I have neither. I'm in debt from my last week-long stay in the hospital. Don't even get me STARTED on healtcare in this country. Ugh.

Oh, yea, so I've never been able to do smoking fetishes. Curses. So easy, yet so deadly to me. :(

Anyway! That's all for now, ya'll. I'm seeing Mark this Friday and Saturday night but I should be able to find the time to get up our next Featured Fetish!
See ya then!

Oh yea, PS (don't I always think of something after I post?) I tried to imitate my "queen of hearts" outfit from a few weekends ago in this page. I totally forgot to draw the fishnets, ha! Oh well, a little visual treat for you all being so patient with the medical stuff.

Barely BDSM

Yaaay I actually got the comics up on time.

I've had a VERY tiresome week. It's been alot of fun but, boy, am I pooped. And it's not quite over yet...
Tomorrow I play with TheShocker for a few more hours before he flies back home. Then I'm meeting with a friend to discuss a fun side-project I might talk about here in the future and then I FINALLY get two days off.

Last night was great, I played a zombie that had been captured and was being tortured and tested on for a cure up on stage. I had a ton of fun and everyone told me I played a fantastic zombie. I really love zombie movies so I just tried to immitate my favorite, 28 Days Later. I posted two pics on my twitter feed.

Also, I know I mentioned getting the tens on high up to 99 in my last post but I've now taken every single box we own up to full power and I've tried it on every setting, too. On top of that I gave in to sacrificing myself to experiments in the name of science and let TheShocker AND the girls take turns cattle-prodding my puss a handful of times. We even got it on film but I'm gonna keep that to myself. :P You'll all just have to take my word for it.

Okay. Anyway. I don't mean to say tickling isn't great fun but knowing that was all I could really do anymore and even IT had to be frustratingly gentle was a real downer. :/ The last few comics have been less funny, I know, but we've only got two more about my condition and then we're back to the bdsm. Plus, this Saturday is a featured fetish. :) It's not a request but it goes along with this story-line a bit.

Alright, sorry if I've rambled, I'm tired and disorganized. See ya again on Wednesday!