First Comic

Everytime I post anything on the internet ever...

This is somewhat in response to a doodle I posted on my tumblr that blew up a little bit. Everyone had nice things to say about it except for ONE GUY. There's always that guy...

I may post another comic on the topic. I'm not actually upset, more bemused. And amused. But it gives me stuff to art about because I find it funny. :)

So, I'm super disconcerted that this goddamned piece of shit comic took me literally ALL DAY to finish. I've clearly gotten out of practice when something I used to be able to knock out in an hour takes me this long. I'm mad at myself and inconvenienced by it. Especially since one of the only two major stresses in my life right now is that I am SO behind on commissions. I'm really sorry, you guys. I don't get much free time anymore and it takes me depressingly long to make any headway. -_- I suck.

The other stress is that income has fallen off a cliff and died for me. It's probably just the holiday slump but that's just when it's the most inconvenient, yay!

On the topic of good news, however, I have very suddenly stopped biting my fingernails. I don't know if you understand what a huge deal this is, I have chewed my fingers down to bloody stumps MY ENTIRE LIFE. And now I have these amazing talons that I can paint and scratch people with and haven't quite learned how to wield yet. It is awesome. 8D

Also, I dyed my hair to make myself feel better and it worked. :)
First Comic