I Like To Sing-a

More freaky stuff for you all.
Now, this one was not a client of mine, actually, but one of a coworker of mine. The strangest part of it, to me, was that instead of finding this odd in the slightest she was flattered that he liked to listen to her croon.
Not that I wouldn't have enjoyed the session if it'd been me. :) I love to sing!

I'm behind (as I'm sure you've noticed) so I'm trying to crank out my last few Freaky Fetishes before the end of this month. Saturday is my 26th birthday so if you wanna join in the gift-giving you're welcome to take a peek over at my wishlist. :)

Happy Two Years, NicBuxom!

Due to my busy weekend I missed the ACTUAL date. Saturday was our official two year mark! NicBuxom is still growing up big and bad and strong. :) I like anniversaries.

PrettyBoy gave me this quick image idea to celebrate, though he insisted the frosting on Nic should have been white. *ahem* I disagreed...
I did like his inspired "candles on the nipples" request, though. :)

Popping out of a cake is something I want to do before I die.

I can't believe I've been doing this comic for 2 years! How time flies!!! And how much has happened in those two years.
I was at DomCon this weekend and unfortunately didn't get word on a start date for working at the new dungeon. It was also the first time in 3+ years that I hadn't been actually working at DomCon and it felt very foreign. OH well.

Okay, now, NEXT weekend is my ACTUAL birthday. I'll be 26, wow. I feel old. And I know it's silly, I know 26 is young and just getting started. But this is the first birthday where I don't feel like a little kid anymore. And frankly, I don't like feeling like an adult.

I'll just have to rebel in truly childish ways.

EDIT: PS I shaved off the mohawk again. I'll change the profile pic eventually.


I've been a huge grouch-face lately. Little things like nitpicking or disagreements are bothering me and lingering in my mind much longer than usual. I feel brooding. Usually I'm pretty happy-go-lucky and I let things go fairly swiftly.
...Also, on that note I want to add that I don't react as strongly as Nic does. I'm usually a very quiet patient type but she's my inner thoughts and feelings amplified.

Anyway, no more rambling about my moodiness. I saw TheShocker over the weekend, seeing another client tomorrow and I also spent the weekend working on a 48hr film and visiting the dungeon for the first time. It's been a busy week.
Here's the breakdown.

The film we were working on was going grand, really beautiful, but a mistake on the camera settings made it so that NONE of the audio recorded. We were all VERY disappointed but not disheartened! We plan to reshoot soon just for fun. :)

And the dungeon!
The dungeon was gorgeous. Plenty of space and very clean, beautiful furniture. The party was extremely packed so I really only got to poke my nose around a teensy bit but I can't fucking wait to spend more time in there alone. <3

Anyway, I'm tired of talking. This one is about sploshing as you can see by the title, which I've always found fun, if messy. :) You know the fatgirl likes foodplay. ;) We did have a client want two booty-full girls to rub their bottoms together with slippery, sticky food between them. Certainly my idea of a good time! Also, I feel like you all deserved to see Honey play. She's mostly a house mother role in my mind but it doesn't mean she can't get down!

Okay, I go.

Head Shaving

Had an eventful weekend that I briefly outline in tomorrows update (it's scheduled for about this time tomorrow) and it's DomCon this weekend. See some of you there.

As you know I'm a fan of headshaving, I'm sure I've posted a few pics in the past. I do have a headshaving client that I have lots of fun with and was getting haircuts from before PrettyBoy took over. Not going to have Nic shave her head, though, so don't get your hopes up. :) And I'm still rockin' the pink 'hawk IRL.

Haven't been feeling very creative lately which is unusual for me. I apologize again for Freaky Fetish Month being a little less freaky than last year.

See ya tomorrow!


Another disclaimer, we'd never do this to a client.... unless he asked us to. ;)

I find that slaves into Financial Domination REALLY like to be bullied. That money seriously needs to be taken from them forcefully. So, yea, there's basically a fetish for just being robbed.

So, which one of you is paying my rent? :P

Seeing TheShocker again Friday and then the dungeon's grand opening on Saturday HOSHIT!


Okay, in reality you never leave slaves alone for more than 10 minutes and usually you hang around nearby to be sure they're okay. Leaving someone during a scene can be VERY dangerous depending on the conditions and it's not really recommended until you've established a very close trust with someone.

Still, I think it's kinda funny that some guys LITERALLY pay us to just not be around.
Odd, no?

Featured Fetish: Needles

One of my LEAST, LEAST favorite fetishes, oh gawd.

I actually have a bit of a phobia about needles... I always have. And you'd think after years of getting stuck while I was on blood thinners and the barrage of pointy things stuck into me while I was in the hospital I would have gotten over it. Nope. Anytime I have to do anything involving needles I must go pretty white and look pretty bad because the nurse always stares cautiously at me and askes, "... are you gonna pass out?"
I don't mind blood, I don't mind pain, I don't mind sharp things like knives... I just hate those thin creepy little needles...

Anyway, thankfully drawing this wasn't too painful. :) It didn't get to me the way it does in person and, as you may have noticed, I didn't try to make the needles very detailed...
Still, I'm really happy with how this came out! I think it's very serene and beautiful and from what I've heard (and seen reluctantly from the corner of my eye) the experience is usually quite pleasant. Now, I've also seen plenty of torture-porn where ballsacks look like pincushions but most of what I've seen in person is women with beautiful, artful fresh piercings full of ribbons and feathers and decorative designs. I actually find corset piercings REALLY sexy but I don't think I'd ever do it myself...

Anyway, enjoy this beauty on my least favorite of topics and I'll let the needle fetishists fill you in on anything I've not said, being so willingly blind to the topic as I am.

See you guys Monday!

Oh PS!
I think the most beautiful and impressive needle work I ever saw was at one of my early DomCons before I was working pro, a mutual friend had her Master turn her into the "human peacock" with hundreds of needles attached to long peacock feathers spreads behind her stemming from her back. She looked lovely being paraded around but I'm not gonna lie, sitting behind scenes with them as they were removed really turned my stomach...
Still, a peek into just how creative this fetish can be.

The SlowDancer

Yes. Really.
We get some clients who treat our sessions like dates. And while that isn't so bad I did have one client who liked to slow-dance. Now, I KNOW what you're thinking. Easy money, who cares, right?
Well, that's what I thought at first. But honest to god the guy ended up getting REALLY creepy. I couldn't stand him eventually and stopped seeing him. I don't wanna go into too much detail since I'll probably use him as jokes in the future but there was cuddling and crying involved, too. Ugh.

I really don't like clients who get too attached. I mean, friendships can develop absolutely but as soon as they see me as a romantic interest I get a bit put off... It's a hard position to be in.

Anyway, don't mean to ramble about that. I just thought that in a line of work usually associated with whips and chains that it's odd we get guys who pay for gentle, vanilla romance. It can be sad, sometimes, when men seem clearly lonely and I try to be friendly.

Featured Fetish coming your way Friday, one of my personal HARD LIMITS. D: Yick.
Seeing TheShocker Friday and Saturday, as well. Then it's Mothers Day and I don't plan to do any special sick comics for ya'll. ;P
Maybe next year.

Face Farting

Alrighty! The first of Freaky Fetish Month.
Perhaps not the freakiest but at least something to make most cringe abit. ;)

I actually REALLY like face farting! I like most humiliation based play and I find it endlessly amusing to tell guys to suck my farts. I could go on but... you all probably don't wanna read it. ;)
We've even had clients buy us bean burritos or Indian food etc before a session so that we'll be more flatulent. I'll never turn down free food. ;P
And sometimes it's seriously hard to do on command!!!

Also. Poor PrettyBoy. Sometimes I wonder why he loves me. :D

Anyway. I'm home from San Diego. We had a terribly abysmal show. :( I guess you can't win them all. We'll make up for it next time.

It's starting to get hot out here and I, not a fan of the heat, am suffering and tired and grumpy because of it. Yick.

Anyway, enough of my grouching. Enjoy me raping your perceptions of pleasure with the above comic and brace for more. :) See you Wednesday with something else weird!