Dungeon Furniture

A few of you guys suggested a comic or two back that you'd like to see a brief explanation of the furniture we have in the dungeon and it's uses. I hope this is satisfying to those of you who wonder and not too dull for those of you who are familiar with these objects. So, seriously, if you guys liked this please let me know. And if it was boring let me know that, too! I'm leaving it entirely up to you guys whether or not I do anymore comics of this nature.

Sorry for all of the delays. I'm working 5 days a week now and I've been kept pretty busy. Also, I haven't found myself doodling as much lately. I'm not sure why. I've been really grumpy so it could be something to do with that, as well. I don't produce art when I'm in bad moods. :/

I don't trust in my ability to do a decent drawing of a piece of furniture so for fun and so that you can get a better idea of the items I describe in this comic I figured I'd add afew photos I have of the objects. All of these pictures are pretty out of date so my hair is totally different in them.

 This is a horse. It's a custom made one by Downtown Willy who creates BEAUTIFUL pieces of dungeon furniture. As you can see any kinky object can be coated in different colored and padded fabrics or adorned with special O rings for a unique look and/or feel.
  That's a Saint Andrews Cross there behind me in this next photo. Most of the time these are just plain wood but as I mentioned above they can be padded and coated for look and comfort. The best ones are bolted to a wall or have a very sturdy support system so that subs can lean their weight into it safely. (Also, just behind my butt here you can see the crank to a suspension bar like I mentioned in the comic.)
  I was shocked and appalled to find I had almost NO pictures of me with a suspension bar. This is distressing since I use them during almost every session. I'm sorry I couldn't find a great example of one (you can find better ones in a google search I'm sure but I wanted to use my own images) so I included two of the so-so pictures I have of one. These are both very old shots from the dungeon BEFORE the fire and so things have changed since then and we have better, cleaner rigs up now.
  Anyway... I hope that was enlightening! And sorry to those who suggested I do a video walk-thru of the dungeon, showing off the toys by using them on PrettyBoy. I couldn't force him to cooperate on that one. ;p
 As for my personal life. It's pretty good. I'm comfortable in my new place and I'm keeping busy. I've been grouchy but I'm hoping it'll pass. Not too much else to say, for now. I'm really happy with how playful the colors came out in this comic. Tell me what you think of this update and I'll get you another one soon!

Lunatic Odyssey

Guess what.
Lunatic Odyssey is FINALLY done. It's been nearly a year and a half but it's done!
You can watch them all in order on this playlist:

OR, if you're short on time, skip straight to the ending and see what PrettyBoy made that got me all teary-eyed.

Oh yea, and, uh.... prepare yourselves for SEASON TWO!