Whistle While You Shave

Hey, I've been misled!
I grew up being taught that major transformations were a snap!
Curses. Not every little girl is a princess after all. :(

From 1 to 100

It's a BDSM comic, of course there's going to be some slapstick. ;)
Here's a hint. To pass a test, don't taunt the instructor!

On a Scale of One to Ten

Oop! Here comes the BDSM!
Yep, I'm what we call a heavy player. Must be all that padding I have! ;)
So, I was concerned about this comic idea and almost skipped it since it seemed like bragging to me but Shahar assured me that after all the self-deprication that's been going on it should help to balance things out. :P
And yes, I've had paddles and things broken over my ass before. Not during the actual test, though. They're usually pretty nice about it in reality. :)

The Test

Aha! Finally some girly art, amiright!?
I was a hairy wookie-girl once. I kinda miss it. :)

So! One of you awesome fans out there made a Myspace fanpage for us all!
Awesome! Check it out! Here ya go.

One Condition

And here you thought my life was about to get easier. :P
Hey, look! We now have a NicBuxom Fanclub on Facebook: Right here. :)

Come and join!
I'll put up a nicer, more formal link later. :)

PS This is the last comic before you start seeing some actually sexy ladies!


Yes. I have a big, bodacious ass. It gets attention. :)

And no, I didn't mess up proportions on the man/boss. He's just a short guy!

The Call

Hello again!
Look over there! To the left! Why, it's a spiffy new donation button! ;)

So, uh, yea. This is true. I was told I was too fat when I first called my dungeon about the job. Funniest part is that I was much slimmer when I started! I've just never been one to lie about my weight and I've always weighed more than I look. At least I win prizes at the carnival weight guessing games. ;)
In just one or two more comics you will finally see other characters besides myself! You'll find a recurring theme, however, of me avoiding showing clients etc. but I'm hoping it will enhance my style and form rather than detract from it.
Uh, plus I can cater to their anonymity!

Click to Enlarge!

Okay, you're probably gonna have to click to enlarge on this one in order to read it. I needed to do it in this format in order for it to translate at the correct pace.
Anyway, huzzah! We're moving into actualy PRO territory finally!
And yea, I actually did find this job in a newspaper. Though to be fair my best friend pointed it out to me. :)
I'm more of a web browser when it comes to job searches.
Or anything, really.

Change is good. Right?

Look everybody, new layout!
Pretty cool, eh?
Please let me know if you experience any problems or bugs or have any complaints, so we can make sure this place is up and running smoothly for you! :D
Also, don't be afraid to tell me if you love it, too!