Job Benefits

Whoo! Show us your tits!
So, yea, I guess Nic is finally learning to fit in... or at least finding something she likes about the job. ;)
Today was my three year anniversary with Shahar so I may have rushed a bit on the comic. I meant to draw a background and completely forgot. Oh well, in the future.
SO! The next post will be the little feature I've been teasing you all about for so long now! I hope you like it. We'll see. :)

Naked Truth

Naked! Isn't it great?
Just a short one!
Some actual nudity coming up shortly. :D
I'm working on lots more goodies for you guys, just be patient!

Assets Revealed

We're working on all kinds of goodies for you guys out there!
Soon the page will be expanding and we should have a number of other pages INCLUDING a fanart page! So, any artistic fans out there I invite you to get started on some fanart for me to proudly display here! :D
Oh, and yay! Clothes coming off!
You'd think we're all of us girls are basically built the same but sometimes you can't help but admire another ladies assets. ;)


The truth of the matter is that we can really wear whatever we want at work and the girls don't give one another hell about it.
However, new girls do have a tendency to cover up and you really can better your chances of getting work if you're comfy just stripping down to a bra and panties etc. The girls do try to help by suggesting this to the newer ladies...and some of them are more aggressive about it than others. ;)

Shut Up and Get Naked

Oh, the humiliations of being a submissive...

My webmaster/boyfriend Shahar commented on how my style has already changed from the first comic, so I thought I'd address it. I started this comic before I was completely comfortable with any character design because I knew if I didn't jump right in I'd put it off forever. I'm still searching around for the styles I'm happy with and I fully expect there to be alot of changes along the way until then. Just look at them as improvements. :)

Lack of Ass

Okay, this one's going up a bit early since I was late on the last one and I'm at the Labyrinth Ball tonight so I won't be available to manually post at midnight. :)

If it seems rushed, it's because it is. I should already be out the door. D:

Here's a sneak peak at some of the cast! Only really tiny. And such. Argh I'm late! Enjoy!


I just wanna apologize for this going up late, guys.
I had an appointment that kept me till 1am last night and, once again, the auto post didn't work. :(

My first day at work I wore a cute gothic lolita dress that had always felt so skimpy to me, only to be told I was entirely overdressed. It's funny because looking back it now feels like SO MUCH clothing!!! But at the time I felt exposed.
BTW! I'm just so excited that I have to mention...I'm going to start a special feature on the first update of each month...You'll all just have to wait until Saturday August 1st to seeeeee...
Plus, I may start getting some polls involved and letting you all vote on what I feature! :D

Nic Gets Shown the Ropes!

I'm just a sadist like that! ;P

So, btw, for those of you who may have noticed me posting a bit before or after midnight, it's just because I've been having problems with the auto-post feature lately. Mainly that it's not posting when I tell it to. Or seemingly EVER.
So, I've been having to post manually at the time I want and I'm not always home at exactly midnight, especially since I usually work until then. :/
And before you ask yes I am very clear about the dates and the AM/PM things etc. This isn't an error on my part.

BTW, that's Margarita. She's hispanic. I'm sure you'll learn more about her as time goes on. :)