Liberty and Justice

Hi! I don't have much time to post but this was a commission concerning the recent news of DOMA biting the dust and whatnot. I just thought you'd all enjoy it, too. :)

I've been crazy busy and it hasn't stopped yet. Booked the next week with The Shocker. Hoping things settle after that.

I love you all! Goodbye for now!


Back to the fantasy story arc.

Afew things have me disappointed with this. For one, I had REALLY hoped to finish this storyline in the month of May. Obviously that isn't happening so hopefully you can all stick with me abit while I get this out of my system.
Secondly, jesus christ this is taking FOREVER. I didn't even do the shading on this one because it took me ALL day just to get the flats down. Blargh. I hope it still looks okay. I had some fun with the colors.

And lastly, I've even rushed through the pencils and inks on the next few pages so they're sorta subpar. :( I just can't keep up with the comics and commissions and still do everything in a timely manner.

Anyway. Otherwise, enjoy the storyline. I really, really wish I had loads more time to work on this. I wanted to pour time and attention into it but I never have any time and attention to give so I don't know what I was thinking. XD

I had an excellent birthday. I've scheduled a photoshoot this Friday for those of you who sent me birthday gifts. :) I should have the photos edited and out to you in about a week. Going out of town this weekend for family affairs so I may be off the charts during that time.

Next page coming soon!