Benefit for the Booty!


Now, I know you can find similar items, possibly for cheaper online etc. But keep in mind this is a fundraiser for me so that is the reason for the slightly inflated prices.
Also, remember that ALL shipping costs are included in the price AND you will receive a free signed surprise sketch by me with each purchase as well. :)

All items are in good condition unless otherwise stated. Yes, they are all second-hand but I will be as honest as possible about their conditions both in photo and description. All items are clean and washed (though, hey, if there are any special requests for unwashed items I could work that out. ;P)

Please don't be afraid to email me if you have questions about any of the listed items.

Thank you for looking, enjoy!

Snake-Skin Textured Leopard Print Heels

These are Exchange brand size 7 shoes. They're in excellent condition, only worn once or twice. They are not real snake skin but have that scaled texture though they're colored very similar to leopard print. Accented with small black bows, very comfy and fit nicely on my size 7 feet. Just $30 to own them, shipping and unique surprise sketch included. :)

Disney's BOLT DVD

A DVD of Disney's Bolt. Completely new in plastic, unopened and perfect condition. A single disc but includes animated short film Super Rhino. Just $30 for you to own, shipping and  unique surprise sketch included. :)

Jeweled Cross Pendant

I've owned this pendant since I was a teenager. Still shiny and in new condition, no flaws or missing jewels. I don't know where the chain has since gone but its loop is wide enough to host many sizes if you have your own. Just $20 for you to own, shipping and unique surprise sketch included. :)

Batman Comic Figures from the Hush Series

These three action figures from the comic book series Hush are still in their boxes. The boxes are slightly scuffed but the figures are in perfect condition and still contained in the boxes. They come with batman themed stands, should you choose to remove them, so that they can stand on their own. The three figures are The Riddler, Nightwing and Evil Superman (being possessed by Poison Ivy's spell.) All three of this set can be yours for just $150, shipping and unique surprise sketch included. :)

White With Blue Accents Corset

Absolutely brand new, tags still on, I've only worn this corset once and that was to photograph this. It's spiral steel boned, VERY sturdy, made in the UK and a size 30 (measure at your natural waistline where you tuck in the tightest, beneath your ribs.) If you're into corset training you can reduce your natural waistline by up to 4 inches with this one. Only reason I'm selling is that I find I never wear white but it's a gorgeous piece. The blue vine-like accents area shiny/metallic thread and change in the light. Comfy, sturdy and 100% like new. It's yours for just $200, shipping and unique surprise sketch included. :)

Vampire/Poet Style Long-Sleeve Shirt With RuffleNeck

From my gothy vampire days of yore. This shirt has been around a long time but is still in great shape and wasn't worn heavily. It's VERY, VERY soft to the touch and stretchy with a thick, heavy fabric, super comfortable. As you can see it can be somewhat translucent in the right lighting. What makes this piece special is the ruffles that fall off of the high collar and onto the bust-line. Also, it buttons around the back of the neck with two pretty black loop buttons giving just a tiny peek-a-boo of your back. Another beautiful shirt that I never wear. Yours for just $40, shipping and unique surprise sketch included. :)

Hot Pink Lingerie

In good condition, this hot pink lingerie is stretchy and very comfy. Fits me nicely and had adjustable straps. It's a fine lace pattern all over, though durable, not delicate, as it's made of all nylon and spandex. Highlighted with neon green for a real eye-popper! Sure to get you noticed! I love all of the colors but sadly don't wear this much anymore. Only worn a handful of times, the condition is good. Tag says size 1x and has a really cute small golden key between the breasts. Yours for just $35, shipping and unique surprise sketch included. :)

"Apron" Style Black Lace Negligee

Very fine, light, black lace style but again decently stretchy. The only part you need to worry about fitting is the band that goes around your ribs, which is very stretchy and fits me just fine so it would fit a large range of figures. Otherwise the ONLY other way it attached to you is with the halter tie around the neck so, again, it's VERY adjustable and could fit just about anyone. It's "apron" style with a little lace sheet hanging over the belly but otherwise fits exactly like a halter-top bikini might. Comfortable and light. Yours for just $35, shipping and unique surprise sketch included. :)

Private Photoshoot of Nic

This is a less material item but a popular one, no less. I will do a 100% private photoshoot in the outfit of your request and send you the photos digitally. I have many shoes, stockings, lingerie, toys and other items to dress for you, or undress! The only rules with this are NO full nudity. I do not mind implied nudity but I will not show nipples or genitals. You will receive a set of at least 12 images, though I may include more if I can't decide on just 12. This 100% private and made by your request photoshoot of me is all yours for just $120. :)