What's Up With Nic

Hi guys.
Sorry for the delay in posting. Here's what's been going on with me:

Working in the new dungeon and often 5 days a week, 11hr days most days.
Housesitting for a place with 2 fish, 2 cats (one elderly), a dog and three huge hellion ducks.
Working AdultCon.
Sick with some terrible cough/cold/flu thing.
Grandpa in the hospital doing very, very poorly, possibly dying.

And, really, those are just the big things.
So, woof, it's been crazy. I've been wanting to update you on it all but I haven't had any visual stimulus to accompany my life's news so I've been holding off. Now I kinda don't care, I feel obligated to let you know I'm alive (if not well) and thinking about you all.

Anyway... I hate to be a complainer and bring you guys down but real life happens that way sometimes. Too bad it can't all be cartoons.

When I have a chance to rest (today is the last day of the con at least) and buck up a little I'll fill you all in on the humor that inevitably flows through my life, good or bad times.

Naughty Artbook

We've dropped the price on our collaborative art-book! Now it's just $10 (And if you live close enough for us to deliver it to you in person then don't bother paying for the shipping, send me an email and meet us instead for a hand-delivery!)
MC is a really close friend of mine and he and his lovely lady Mary produce lots of amazing stuff. It's a pretty regular event for he and I to draw naked ladies together so this is for mature (and preferably dirty minded) adults only!
You can get it from me here or on their etsy.

The Things You Love Are Monstrous

Get your copy of this cute little paperback book of gals and monsters by NicBuxom and MCGriffin. And by cute, we mean sexy, saucy and above all nude! 15 images of the fairer sex communing with the beast are hidden within the pages of this little artbook. Sure there's an innocent or two enclosed but you know me and the things I produce so be warned this one is certainly not for the prudish!!!

Check out other work by MC at his etsy account!


My Sweet SweetToothed Boy

This seriously happened.
PrettyBoy has a habit of starting off on long soliloquies and he gave me an epic one about saving the last two candies to share with me because of his devotion. He even became almost accusatory because of my sometimes concerns and jokes about his playboy ways (from when we first met.) I listened, smiling and enjoying his intense professions of loyalty and even feeling a touch guilty for not having his convictions.... only to open the package and find nothing but wrappers.
I wouldn't have cared if he'd eaten the candy. But to have to sit through such a lecture beforehand made this HILARIOUS. He still doesn't remember eating the candy, too. *headshake*
I can't write this stuff. Oh, my life.

PrettyBoy, you are my personal clown and I love you. <3

"For You"

Sorry to be a grouchy-pants everytime I talk at you guys recently. Man. I am fucking BEAT. (and not in the good way.) Have I already made that joke recently?
I don't even know.

Sorry, I'm SO tired. I haven't had a good nights sleep in awhile now and it's starting to drive me a little crazy. I'm working less hours this week and taking the weekend off to avoid carmageddon so I should finally get a pinch more time to myself. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to that.
I played with TheShocker a whopping 6 hours in 2 days time. May not sound like much to you but trust me, that's alot. Especially when cattle-prods are involved...

uhmmmmm... lemme think.
Ah, yea, so, this comic actually happened to me.
Clients will buy us gifts all the time, usually because they're items they like to see us in. Negligee, shoes, bondage toys and equipment etc.
A regular client of mine bought me a BEAUTIFUL long sheer black dress and asked that I wear it into the session. I modeled it for him for all of a second, relishing my new gift, before he pulled it off of me and proceeded to wear it himself the entire time...
Needless to say I haven't worn it since. -_-

Perhaps I delude myself in thinking the gifts are more for me than for them but I was still a bit put off. This is the same client that bought me gorgeous cuban heeled thigh-high stockings only to immediately tear them apart by strapping me into a bondage table made almost entirely of velcro.

Okay, trying not to be too much of a grouchy pants. For those of you who already follow me on my twitter account you may have already seen this but I have another one now that's for my more pro persona. If you wanna watch me quip at my clients a bit from the dungeon you're welcome to have a peek over there, though I won't be mentioning the comic on it. Still, it's a fun inside to some of the goings-on in my day or might in the least be amusing. Do whatever. :)

Also, I wanted to really, really thank everyone who's commissioned, grabbed merch and donated to me here.
Some of the girls were telling me I should turn NicBuxom into a paysite or up my prices on things or use other tactics to try to make more money and while I appreciate that they're trying to help me out I had to explain that that is NOT my purpose with this comic. I want this to remain a free thing that I do for fun and for education. I like you guys alot and I like seeing you have discussions in the comment section and I feel so rewarded when I hear I've made you laugh or feel better about yourself. I LOVE hearing from you and I don't want to do something silly like charge you for the advice you ask me in private emails, I want to be available to you all!
However, NicBuxom isn't totally free for me. Not to even mention the time this site takes from me and the costs of hosting and domain names etc. I DO jam through sketchbooks, pencils, erasers and inks REALLY fast. When you guys donate, snag my merch or commission me you're seriously helping to keep me stocked to keep me going on this thing and I REALLY appreciate it. I know it's hard times cuz I'm feeling it, too. You guys are the best. :)

The Days Progression

This is my life. No panties escape the maw that is my giant ass. *sigh* What start as boyshorts quickly become thongs.
Creep, creep...

I am SO tired right now. I already did 2hrs with TheShocker and I have at least one more to do later, but maybe more, and I'll be seeing him tomorrow night as well (and maybe even the next day.)
Plus I'm PMSing. *rawr*

Sorry to have been absent. Life's been really busy. I can't remember if I mentioned it but I'm working 11hr days 5 days a week. I should be comic-ing in my downtime here in the dungeon but it's hard to concentrate (and not just because a bunch of half-naked ladies are trotting around.)

I have a few commissions to work on but I'm also gonna try to keep up with comics, I've just been worn out. Yeesh.
I had planned to continue with the Eve/Nic story arc but I got tired of it. I'm gonna take a break from it for a bit and just do random shit like this (hope you all don't mind, I'm too grouchy to appeal to the masses right now.)

One more thing, I've been meaning to give you all a little bit more info on our dungeon for awhile now. Namely that I'm really enjoying the changes here. I adored working under John but it's so refreshing to have a female run house, TS girls and BBW girls. I used to be one of the biggest gals in here but now I'm pretty middle-range. I certainly can't corner the big-girl market anymore. We always had a pretty mixed group but I'm truly enjoying the expanding variety we're accumulating in here. It's great. :)
I wanted to say more... but I've forgotten now. I guess overall I just want to imbue that I'm extremely happy with how this place is coming along and I'm flourishing working here. And if I haven't expressed it yet I'm LOVING the new owners.

Okay, enough love-fest. I'm exhausted. Gonna go space out and stare at pretty ladies till my next session.
See you guys soon!

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You should go look at it. Seriously.
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Life is busy. But comics shall be done (someday.)