Yaaaay depressing post! No, it's okay, it makes me laugh so you can laugh, too.
But this IS how I feel lately. Gah.

So, my knee issue is decently serious and isn't going anywhere fast. I tore the ligaments in my knee and I need to have an MRI done to really see how bad it is and if I'll need surgery or not. The trial, here, is that to get care that I'm covered under I have to wait THREE TO FOUR MONTHS just to see a specialist, nevermind the wait time for any procedures...
My other option is to pony up $500 to get an MRI right now. That's cheap compared to most places but alot of money for me. (It's more than my share of the rent!!!!)

I'm currently stuck debating what to do. But what I know is that I can't sit on my butt for another 3-4 months. I just plain can't afford it!!! I'm not earning ANY money like this (except for commissions) and so my savings will only sustain me for another month or two before I'm completely, 100% flat broke. I've already had to use a chunk of it for the last months rent... :(

And speaking of commissions, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who's been working me for art lately. There was a HUGE influx and it's helped me immensely, you have no idea. You're all wonderful. :) PLUS, it's given me something to do while I sit on the couch...

Anyway, that is pretty much all that's going on in my life right now. Since I can't leave the house much there's very little else going on with me other than stewing about my medical issues... We did have one other money-eating nightmare. PrettyBoy totaled my car... So... Thankfully I can't drive right now but it's another expense to worry about. -_- He's okay, mostly. Only minor injuries like some bone displacement in his wrist.

The one good thing going on for me right now (and it's a huge deal) is how much we LOVE our new place to live and our new roommate. He's awesome and we're VERY, very happy here. :) It makes a major difference in both of our outlooks on life etc.

But, I've been chatting too much. I'm going to reopen my commission sale to keep me busy and to try to bring in some money to help me out. I'll do a more major announcement about it soon but if you're reading this feel free to write me about it! :)