It Comes, It Goes

That's life. :P

So, I should have mentioned in the last post that the last comic was actually PrettyBoy's idea because he thought this one was too depressing but I enjoy darker humor so I thought this was too funny to pass up. :P

This is another "thank you" to everyone who has helped me out so far. At first it DID feel like a massive amount of money. But, as it always does, life found a way of draining me of it pretty swiftly. Good news, though, I'm no longer in the red. :) And that's because of you guys, so thanks!!!

There's been ups and downs on me getting back to normal. I've started back at work and my bosses and my regular clients have been very accommodating of my injury so that's going well, though I'm working fewer days than when I was at my best. Also good news, I may finally have a car replacement come Monday but I don't want to celebrate yet. Not until I'm driving it away and the money has changed hands. :P

In bad news, however, my knee is getting no care at all. I don't want to go on and on about it but the hospital I've been going to has proved itself completely incompetent. I'm going to try a new one because I'm basically back to square one... I injured myself THREE MONTHS ago and nothing has been done to help me. It's absolutely maddening. My referral to a specialist was DENIED and they couldn't really say why. Ugh. Everything on the medical front is HORRIBLE. I am walking better on my own, the limp isn't as bad. But no doctor has helped thus far. I don't want to bore you all with the tales of the long hours I've spent in waiting rooms (literally up to 14 hours at a time) only to be sent away with empty promises that the next guy will help me and with a hefty bill for a complete waste of my time. Days of this. Being forgotten and left afew times, slipping through the cracks of "the system" somehow. Many tears have been shed. It's an appalling failure in this country and I get to fight through it first hand.

But that's enough of that. Life IS looking better, overall. Once PrettyBoy and I can fight through the medical issues and the car insurance failures (looks like we'll be going to court soon) then things will start sorting out again, back to normal. I feel really up some days (like today) and some days I'm lost in despair. But, again, I guess that's just life.

Also, I've no idea why I drew myself wearing shorts in this comic. I never wear shorts. I hate shorts.