Featured Fetish: Sticky Gum

I'm baaaack!
I know I already mentioned that I'm home but the first week back was jam-packed for me and I'm only now getting back to my usual routine and finding moments of free time. I've had a really eventful welcome home sort of time and it was all great but I'm really happy to have some alone-time again!

So, I took my very first person I've met via this comic to the dungeon Saturday night! I had a FANTASTIC time and from what I could tell, so did she! She was a huge hit, all of my friends are disappointed that she's leaving town and won't be around more. Loved your presence, Little Goda! <3 Come back to us someday!

Okay, this is a Featured Fetish I didn't get up on time (it was meant for the 19th.)
Now, I've never done this fetish myself and we can't really get away with it in the dungeon because it'd be WAY too messy. So I don't have alot to say on the matter, unfortunately. I can say the first (and one of the very few times) I've witnessed this fetish was here. Now, since this was requested like almost all of the FFs I'm sure there are people out there who could enlighten you on the topic of this fetish better than I!
If this is your thing, tell us about it! What's appealing about it? How's the best way to enact it? Is cleanup terrible? (That's one I wanna know!)

I'll be working to get a great many comics up in the next week or two so be sure to stay tuned for the catch-up. :)


Okay, this is an old comic I'd been saving for an emergency (like if I got sick or who knows what) and I figured now would be a good time to use it. I have a bunch of comics drawn up but I'm an idiot and I lent out my scanner! So, let this one tide you all over till I can snag it back and get back to the current stuff. :P

I'm back home from Puerto Rico! There's too much to tell really but I'll try to get you guys a few choice pictures and tales from the hundreds that I have!!!

And don't worry, missed featured fetishes and such will go up as well! We'll catch up!

Also, yes, I've had marriage proposals and guys wanting to take me away and dudes who wanna date etc etc and some get REALLY, really attached, some to the point of being stalkery. :/

Okay, I'm back at the dungeon for my first time today so I'm going to dart off. More soon!!!

Debilgal Deceit

Ooo those dastardly debilgals!


Probably getting back to Nic comics after this. Hope you enjoyed the little break as much as I did. It all ends in bondage, doesn't it? ;P

And oh yea, PS, Sharky pointed out something interesting that I didn't realize I was doing... I have my character Nic interacting in real life situations whereas the real life me only interacts in made-up ones. Weird, eh? Is it that I live in a fantasy world? :P

DebilGal Debut

Just a little side-story thing cuz I feel like taking a break from the dungeon. Hey, I'm on vacation, alright? Maybe I wanna think about stuff besides work for once. ;P Probably gonna do one or two more of these before we get back to the regular stuff.

I'd already had an idea that I'd have two devils instead of a devil and angel but Sharky improved my idea much but suggesting MULTI debilgals! I credit this comic to his genius. :P

And it really, really IS the DebilGal's fault that I'm slacking. They're taking up all of my comic drawing time. See?

The Weirdest Thing I've Ever Done

If this doesn't make sense, be sure to read the comic previous to this.

So, a bit of a kickback to one of the very first comics. Of course, when I started this well over a year ago I didn't know when this would be revealed or how the character would change so I put a new spin on the old snapshot of this.

This was always actually a really fun session but all of the other girls couldn't understand how I could keep a straight face. For some reason I don't laugh during silly sessions, I just immerse myself completely in the role!

We have played with the idea that this guy did this stuff purely as a joke, to laugh at us girls doing something so weird, but why would you repeatedly pay over $100 a pop for a joke? I'm pretty sure the dude was serious.

So, something is wrong with our water here. We only get scalding hot water, no matter where we set the tap at. Some dudes came and replaced all the parts and looked everything over and they still couldn't fix it so now there's a chance we'll be changing rooms. UGH, such a hassle. Plus, we got to find this out by slinking back all sweaty and gross from the gym so we're currently drying in our own yuck. *sigh* Well, I AM a dirty, dirty gal. Literally.

Exorcist Fetish?

Yep. This is the jist of the weirdest thing I've ever done. I've played with this guy many times and while he sees other girls I don't think any of them have done the "possessed" lipsynching besides me. Among autism talks, car commercials and Gilligan's Island recordings this guy had lots of other really weird clips that he'd warped to be deep and scary. I'm gonna throw up one more on this before moving on and that'll be the end of the Freaky Fetishes officially.
Not that there won't be lots of other stuff to freak you guys out. :)


Featured Fetish: Forced Feminization

"You didn't think we were inviting you up to our room to fuck you, did you?"

Forced Femme is a favored fetish of mine! I get this alot, probably because I look formidable enough to actually force things on guys. I'm a strong gal. :)

Forced Femme is all about women FORCING a man into dressing up like a woman. Anything non-consensual is top of my list which is probably why I prefer this to just plain cross-dressing. :) Don't get me wrong, I like both, but the added bonus of shame is great. I love to call sissy's names and parade them in front of the other gals to mock. It's some good times! I love to pair forced femme with some discipline, too. Hairbrush and hand spankings go great with this fetish.

Okay, sorry to be brief but the net is sketch here and today is Sharky's birthday! He's 29 and we're all going out for sushi on this hot, tropical night. See you guys in a day or two with continued updates into the lipsynching fetish.

Here on Gilligan's Isle

Here's an update from Puerto Rico!
I had a TERRIBLE experience getting here, ugh. I was supposed to arrive Thursday evening. But when I landed in Orlando, Florida for my first layover they told me my next flight had been canceled. So, I spent some time with an agent and they booked me on another. Except the flight they booked me on didn't seem to be going anywhere. After a few hours of standing around with angry people they told us the plane had been struck by lightening (no joke) and that we couldn't take the flight.

At this point, I'm used to LAX, which is a HUGE airport that has flights 24hrs a day. I forgot that most airports are not as sizeable and not in major cities equiped for full-time business travel and such. Apparently, this 5-6ish flight was one of the last few going out of Orlando and the hundreds of people expecting to catch it were shit out of luck. Just like me...
So, I stood in line with all of these angry, tired people for 3-4 hours before they told me they were sticking me in a hotel room over night and my new flight was at 7am. I didn't arrive at the hotel until about 10pm. I immediately took a bath for an hour or two, got a 4 hour nap and then woke up at 4-something-am in the morning to catch a shuttle back to the airport. The 40min flight jump from Orlando to Miami went smoothly and I was certain I was almost to my destination, tired and sore as I was. Except my connecting flight from Miami to Puerto Rico? Plan malfunction. ANOTHER canceled flight. Awesome.

So, I get transfered to yet ANOTHER flight that doesn't load until an hour after it was supposed to, likely because of all the angry fliers with me complaining and holding up the process. I finally get on the plane and people are milling about for an hour. The flight attendents keep coming on over the intercom and begging us to sit down so we can get on our way. When I see there are no more people lingering in the aisles I relax a bit, sure I'm finally on my final flight. But minutes pass with no movement and no word and I peer into the aisle to see flight attendents scowling over something worriedly. They finally tell us that there is WATER ON THE CARPET and that we can't fly with a wet carpet.

This is when I'm FINALLY ready to lose my shit. I have been polite and gracious this whole time, I have lost a day of my travels with no compensation and I have had THREE flights canceled in that timespan. Luckily, they tell us that once they dry it we can leave so we sit on our asses for an hour and then we go. AT LAST! The moral of the story is to never, ever fly American Airlines. I won't do it again. Apparently all of their planes are falling apart at the seams. SCARY.

My mantra through all of this torture was Louis CK's words:

So, late last night I made it into Puerto Rico safe and sound and I slept forever. Uuugh. But, I can say that it's GORGEOUS here. It's hot but not as hot and wet as I suspected it would be. I'm sure when I hit the rain forest I'll be eating those words. The beach is gorgeous and we're RIGHT ON IT. I'll get pics up very soon. The water is SO warm. Mmmm... I'm not even a beach person but my god, it's like paradise here. I can't wait to show you guys photos.

Okay, so, talk about the comic time. This fetish is REALLY hard to illustrate via comic. You kinda need to hear me make the sounds. Still, hopefully I got across what was going on here. Yea, I didn't lipsynch to MUSIC. I had to lipsynch to a sloooow, deep voiced clip from Gilligan's Island. This is very real but also very unique. It gets better, just wait! There's two more updates to this fetish, both of which will let on what the weirdest thing I've ever done is. But first, I know today is a Featured Fetish day so I'm gonna give you one of those tomorrow. Then we'll be on our merry way!

Talk at ya'll soon!