On Perception

Okay wait, wait!!!
Before you FREAK OUT... Keep in mind this post is full of hyperbole and exaggeration. Also, know that I don't mean to imply that anyone is or is not built "curvy enough" or anything like that. In fact, I don't mean to imply that my or "everyone else's" viewpoint is more valid than the other. It's just different perceptions of the word and world.

And, also, I know that not EVERYONE ELSE actual thinks this way. Like I said, hyperbole and exaggeration. It's what makes comics funny.

But, my disclaimer now read, I truly have noticed that when people are describing to me a "curvy" girl I'm picturing something close to my depiction on the left above... only to have them show me a gal that more closely resembles the figure on the right. It's always rather a shock to see a very average to thin sized lady when I'm EXPECTING a remarkably voluptuous girl.

But, that's perception, for ya!

I doodled these ladies on my flight to SanFran. Did something a little different with my coloring this time, too. Just fooling around and having fun.
The XO Ball was WILD. I work alot of adult shows and they're usually fairly tame (in my opinion.) No nudity, no sex, no alcohol etc.

But this one, oh my... There was nudity, there was liquor and there was lots of unsolicited groping... I actually had to slap a guy who tried to grab my pussy while I was posing for a photo with him. What the fuck!
But, despite people getting a little out of hand I had a good time and made some friends. Plus, I was quite popular. I'd go again. :)

I've noticed I'm having some trouble juggling time between NB and time to dedicate to my more serious works, like my paintings. It's really frustrating as I would like to see progression with both but the paintings are MUCH more time consuming... This is what I've been working on lately:

She's a very large wooden cut-out. I have several more waiting to be painted. I want badly to get these finished so that I can begin showing my more serious work in galleries. I wish I could find a compromise between my free time spent on NB and my free time spent painting... yargh.

Featured Fetish: Cowgirls

Okay, so I had a dilemma with this Featured Fetish!!! I couldn't remember if the requester had meant cowgirls as in cow-poke wrangling human cowboy cowgirls or had meant anthropamorphic girls who are half cow and/or dressed as cows...
So I did both!!!

As you can see, ol' Bessy here won first prize over all the other calves. ;P

I really don't have much detail to go on about in this featured fetish... I think the human cowgirl fetish revolves mostly around the aesthetic (much like schoolgirl fetishes.) I'm sure we could tie in things like rough and tumble tomboys being more naturally dominant, something sexy about working with your hands and animals and, more explicitly, knowing how to proper use a rope!!!
I also am a big fan of cowboys and girls. I'm definitely a sucker for a tight pair of blue jeans, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. Good thing PrettyBoy has many of those qualities. ;P

As for the girls who are actually cows, there's often a little bit more to it. Obviously the aesthetic is the main thing but anytime we have humans acting as animals the fetish realm begins to creep in. Add on top of that the whole "ownership" aspect, stables, collars/leashes/leads, being on the hands and knees...

And then there's always milking!!!!  :O

Anyway, overall usually very light-hearted and fun set of fetishes. Obviously you can take any role alot of places but I still think the look is the most important thing here.

(BTW I also think girls as cows are really cute and I would never ever be opposed to being one myself for the right farmhand. ;P)

This one took me awhile. I don't know if I'm rusty or what but hopefully it was worth it. :)

I'm leaving town Friday. I'll see if I can getcha another comic before then but I know I won't be uploading till I'm back home so don't hate me if I disappear for a week. San Fran, here I come!

Session's Over

This was really fun to draw! :D
I had a good time with a little more action and dynamic characters. I know NicBuxom is usually pretty text based as far as punchlines go so it was nice to have some movement.

Also, this is NOT how the interaction actually happened. :P I just thought it would be funny to draw out the drama for one more comic. THIS is more like how it actually went IRL:

Also, I'm really sorry to you guys that follow me on Twitter, for some reason I've been having issues connecting lately. >:( Anyway, there are other ways to get updates on comic progress and other silliness from me, just check out the "links" page in the sidebar.

Uhmmm that's all for now!!! I'll do my best to keep you updated regularly still. It's refreshing to be back on the comic!!! I'm working out of town the last two weekends in September (San Fran and then Malibu) so that MAY mess up my updating abit but I'll try to keep on top of it. :)

See ya soon!

PS I no longer wear the wig at work... It was very short-lived...

Wigging Out

So, uh, yes this actually happened. >_<
SUPER awkward for both me and the client. Luckily we proceeded (with the wig off) and he DID continue to come and see me afterwards. :)
And that, friends, is why I no longer wear a wig to work.

Well, also because it was hot and itchy as fuck and a huge pain in the ass and I didn't love the way it made me look (very submissive!!!)

My hair is growing out again so clients are liking it better. Though it's super hot here in LA so it's starting to bug me.

I almost had this comic finished last night but I was SO TIRED. Still, I'm chugging along again. May take me abit to get up to speed but I'm dedicated to keep updated.

And now, for some shit that bugs me.
Firstly, one of my coworkers has been hassling me about updating for some time now. I both appreciated and begrudged her insistence. But then I finally sit down and post something (admittedly rushed) and she complained that it was poor work quality! >_< At least I'm updating! Sheesh!

Second complaint. A few readers have "complained" that I always draw the clients old and unattractive. We DO mostly get older clients (and most of them are not attractive to me, though I didn't realize my cartoons were reflecting that.) So, for this arc I draw a young guy...
And then PrettyBoy says, "Why do you always draw your clients young and good-looking?"


Okay. That's all. Done bitching.

Lesson relearned?
You'll never make EVERYONE happy.