Phantom Fantasy

Just a quickie.
I'm seeing Phantom again tonight, my favorite theatrical piece, and as you can see I'm super excited.

I've been sick so I just wanted to do a doodle jam of what I've been up to the last few days. Yep, this is pretty much it.

Also, I used to hate coloring but lately I've ADORED it. I'm getting more bold with colors and I'm loving it!

No, Not Like With Dragons

So, I initially wrote this as a text based joke more than a visual one and then last minute changed my mind. It came from an actual conversation one of the dungeon gals had with a family member when she was "coming out" to him about what she did for a living. After confessing that she worked in a dungeon he responded, "Like as a princess, with dragons and stuff?"

Adorable, if someone puzzling. Can I blame D&D for that association?
I can blame D&D for alot of things...

Annnnyway, I thought it was cute. I tried to make it a date setting for Nic, since I personally have been doing a bit of that. I also wanted the character to be androgynous, though I've yet to get a girl to actually show up to a date with me. -_- Mleh.

Had fun with it anyway. I'm sick so I'm bedbound, trying to get some art done so I don't feel completely unproductive.
Oh yea, trying to get us back to the regular dungeon sort of storylines instead of boring shit about me being tortured by the cats... Though that's yet to cease.
That's it for now! Enjoy this and I'll scribble another for you all.

Featured Fetish: Hairy

Are you ready for this?
Hairy fetish! Ohhhh yes, one I cater to myself!

I don't know if I've mentioned to you guys recently that for a few months now I've let the leg and armpit hair come back completely. :D
I feel much more sexy and feminine this way, though I can't explain why beyond knowing this is just how women are naturally when we don't seek to change ourselves.
Also, I enjoy the musky smell my pits have with hair.
But it's the leg-hair that I'm really in love with, as you all know. :)

I have MANY clients who adore my hairiness. I'm surprised everyday when guys compliment me on the hair or want to worship it. :) I feel very powerful and strong and feminine when guys want to revel in my body hair. :D

I had SO much fun drawing and coloring this sexy mama! She looks very confident about herself and she's winning me over with those sly eyes. I wanted to go bright with the colors, I hope you all like! She has a sunny disposition, and sunny halo of hair!

I DO think my excess of color sort of swallowed the focus of the picture, the hair, but maybe that's just me?

Anyway. I've been feeling a might bit under the weather lately. Nothing terrible but irritating, none the less. Tea and toast for breakfast improved my mood if not my physical ailments.

Really having a good time dating, still! It's weird to see Sharky from time to time, unfortunately. I hope someday that will feel normal again.

Kitty Slippers

More kitties for you.
It's cold here but kitties are good for warmth...

Ugh, sorry for the dumps and gaps in my updates. My schedule has been crazy and contributing to it is my dating life. Which has been full of many failures and a single success. We'll see where that's headed.

I'm working another con this weekend, I've been really busy with the booth babe work which is super awesome. :)

I'll try to get you guys some legit BDSM comics soon!

Oh yea, and I'm growin' back the mohawk.

Featured Fetish: Ice

Posted this on a timer last evening because tonight I am on a date! It's with a guy I've met with on and off for something like 7 years, we just always manage to reconnect. Hopefully this time is as fun as the rest. :)

So, Featured Fetish!
It's been a long time, right? This is a late one, was supposed to go up a weekend or two ago.
Ice is a REALLY fun torture tool that you can use sensually! If you're not into pain, ice is a great alternative, even in the most vanilla of relationships! I like to alternate my ice with wax to really overload the senses between the hot and the cold.
Also, leaving cubes down panties and such is really fun! Or letting them gather pools of melt in a belly-button while your sub squirms to cast the cold little nugget away. :D

I'm extremely happy with how this came out. I wasn't feeling great when I drew it yesterday so it took me a really long time but it was worth it! Everything about it is great, linework and coloring alike.
I suspect it came out so sexy because I myself have been quite sexually charged. After over 4 years of getting sex whenever I want it it's been tough to go cold turkey the last month or two I've been single. :( Who woulda thought it'd be so hard to get laid!!!

Cattleprod Wakeup Call

Did I mention I moved in with one of the dungeon girls? Yep, that's how I'm living for now. I don't think any of us are clear on how long this arrangement is for but I'm considering it a short-term deal, since I'm residing in a living room and I really don't want my girl or her dude to hate me...

We threaten one another with cattleprods often. :D It is a fun and terrifying living situation.

Okay, you ready for some good news, ladies and gents? :D :D :D

PAS is being reopened!!!
Mistress Cyan, who is quite renowned within the scene, has taken it up. :)
I couldn't be happier! I cried with joy when I heard but had to wait to know I could tell you all. :) They're currently rebuilding and we're not clear on when it'll be done or what the name will be etc etc but it IS reviving and that's all that matters!

I can't fucking wait. :O

Lose Lose

Okay, I swear, this is the last comic about Olive the evil bitey kitty. (Who, yes, bites me even when I DO pet her.) The bad news is, next I'll be barraging you with comics about Beek, the special kitty. :/ As in VERY special.

Uhmmm I've been going on alot of dates. For awhile they all felt like hits but lately they all feel like tremendous misses. Maybe I'm just too used to always getting my way and being put first. Or maybe I demand it. *shrug* We all have our little.... quirks. ;)

Hmmmmkay, that's it for now. I have a big announcement for you all but I'm gonna save it for the next update. Uh... which I guess means, don't hold your breath...
Kidding! Kidding. I'm seriously trying to keep you flooded with updates now that my equipment is working again.

(That's what HE said.)

You Don't Understand...

I have more kitties for you! So many more kitties!!!

Bleh. Giving you a huge comic dump to make up for my lateness. Also, to make the kitty saga as quick and painless as possible. Even as I try to complete and upload these Olive keeps biting me, my stylus and aggressively nuzzling my tablet so that I mess up. Apparently she doesn't want to be a net star...

Petting The Kitty

By the time I finish this arc you will all be sick of kitties. :)

Also, my ringtone is of a client of mine screaming as I spank him.

Excuses For My Absence

This is the real truth about why I can't get comics done. This little lady right here: That's her "I'm about to bite you, bitch" face, cuz I stopped petting to take a pic of her...

I can't blame it entirely on Olive, though, Beek is doing his part by sitting on my keyboard and hands:

It's Raining!!!!

I love the rain. Sharky does not. I swear to you this is the exact face he makes when he has to go out in it. :P

Just a quick sketch. I've been really busy and the next few comics will probably be little pieces of my vanilla life while I get said life in order then we'll get back to the dungeon. :)

Back On Track!

Fuck yea!
Sharky, the techno exorcist, the computer whisperer, has got me back on track.
Everything he touches turns to gold. He leaves and walks away in a fiery blaze as everything I touch explodes.

Seems like I have everything finally in order! I MAY be speaking too soon, considering the last few times everything seemed okay when Sharky was near and then went hay-wire after he left, but I'm going to start a preemptive celebration, none-the-less!!!

Okay, comics soon, just gotta SHOOP them all.