Then and Now

Okay, last Sharky post for awhile.
Like everything else, this is true. I've had ex's freak out when I draw a comic about them. To be honest, it's just a hazard of the relationship with me. ;)
Also true is that Sharky is ALWAYS supportive of any of my creative endeavors, even if they're at his expense. :) He's the one that really kicked me in the ass and got me to start this comic, like I'd always wanted but never had the confidence to do.
I've had exs that I've never bothered to comic about but who still managed to be wholly disinterested in anything I ever produced, too. Meh. At least I'm past that, now.

Also, the ex-boyfriend character here is not a likeness of any of my real life exs, or of anyone at all for that matter. I just made up some random guy for the role. See, I can be nice sometimes. ;P

Childish or Childlike?

Okay! I've found the time to update! Go me!
I traveled for about 24 hours today. And I've currently been awake for about 32 hours or so. I feel kinda like I'm drunk or hungover. I'm weaving and dizzy. I'm sure a full nights sleep will fix that.

I had a really sweet incident while traveling but I'm too tired to gush about it now, maybe in a future post.

So, yes, Sharky and I aren't all smiles and roses all the time and yes this was a real argument. The other panels are daily stuff and most of the time I just find it amusing and endearing. Also, don't get me wrong, I'm a gamer, but not on the same level he is.
Okay, just poking fun at him a bit. The next comic is the last Sharky comic and then we have the next featured fetish and then back to our regularly scheduled program!

NC is nice. Very humid but I'm enjoying the rain. I'll give you more detailed updates once I've had time to actually do something besides travel! :P

Something To Put On Your Resume!

Hello again, my fellow deviants!
Here's another update for you, with some news as a side.
So, tomorrow I leave on a 2 week vacation to visit my childhood friends. I'll spend a week in North Carolina and then a week in Portland, Oregon. So, during this time I'm expected to update 4 times. I have the next featured fetish drawn already (and boy I think you guys'll like it) but not the other three, yet. I'm going to do my damndest to make sure I continue updating while I'm away but if I fumble please be considerate and understand why. :) Even I need a vacation, sometime!

So, this is my inroduction of Sharky. I wanted to have him pop up asap so he doesn't seem like something new in my life or an afterthought. Also, I appreciate him immensely as he makes this comic (he designed the site layout for me) and many other wonderful things in my life possible. Like dinner and patched pants and such.
Plus, he's SUCH a good sport about what I do for a living. I don't think we've ever really had a problem because of it and his understanding and open-mindedness is of immeasurable value to me. This is why I so lovingly portray him as my sub. ;) Heehee.

Also, just because HE didn't get the joke (sigh) I feel like I should explain myself here, which just makes me feel so lame. The joke is that Coco's asking what he does for a LIVING. Nic is mistaking/joking about the "everything" part since he does so much for her. Get it? Get it?
Is it just me?
Eh...Anyway, I'm super happy with how the second panel came out for some reason. And Coco is lookin' goooood.

Oh, I wanted to just throw out one more little thing, since it pertains to the comic. I had a commission asked of me by the aformentioned StealthBuda to do a scene of poor little NicBuxom herself being scooped up by a giant to be consumed and I thought I'd share it with you all here, since I like it so much. Here ya go.

Okay! I'll work hard all day today to try to get the comics drawn, inked and scanned in to work on for while I'm away. Plus, I guess I know...pack. D:

Featured Fetish: Giant Vore

So, I debated not including fetishes that aren't feasible in real life since we obviously can't do those here in the dungeon and they wouldn't apply to my work, which is what the comic is about.
However, this was specifically requested by StealthBuda and if I love anything it's fanservice. :)

Also, I know alot about fetishes that we can't fulfill, such as this one, Vore. Vore is basically one character eating another, whole. It doesn't usually involve any chewing or tearing of the limbs or anything bloody (that's a whole other fetish) but just gulping the tinier being down whole. And it's not always one giant eating another, sometimes it can be beings of the same size, give or take. I went with a giant woman not only because it was resquested of me but also because I figure that way it will tie into a fetish we DO cater to. The giant lady fetish is a big thing and while we can't become the 50ft tall woman we do have guys come in who want big strong girls to stand over them and flex while they look up from the worms eye view.

Vore is probably MOST OFTEN seen in furry fetish, though it doesn't have to be, and I chose to go a human way to try to keep a little closer to reality. Besides, the furry thing is another fetish entirely.

PS I totally drew her hand backwards and didn't realize till it was too late to change (I'm uploading from work so I can't redraw/scan etc.) Don't make fun of me!
Just pretend it's another giant woman hand-feeding this one from out of view. *shifty eyes*

If You Can't Beat 'Em...

Ah heh heh heh...
Sorry. I amused myself with the title there. Oy...
I suppose I could have reserved that one for a more impact based comic but whatever pops into my mind I just go with. So, that's what you get.

I hope this isn't too obscure a reference...
Effendi is a title of respect in Indian and Arabic culture and it loosely translates to "master." I used that particular word since I think most people might be at least somewhat familiar with it. It had to have been used in Indiana Jones a few times, right?

Also, this is another one of those comics that is funnier when you keep in mind just how white I am. Blindingly so.
This guy isn't meant to be anyone. He just sorta developed on his own. For future reference I'm never going to attempt to do likenesses of clients, in honor of being discreet about such things.

I'm exhausted. G'night.

Something You're Not

Hey guys!
Phew, so, I almost thought I was gonna have to miss my first update.
I just got my copper IUD inserted this morning and for the better part of the day I was cramping and writhing in pain, despite all the painkillers. I just didn't feel up to cranking out a comic and I'd been too busy to get this one done ahead of time. Lucky for you all (but mostly me) the pain has mostly subsided for the past few hours so I'm feeling exhausted but pretty good otherwise. :)
But if you really wanna pity me I will happily accept gifts from my wishlist!
The Things I Want.

Typing and coloring was/is hard because there's a bandaid on my finger from where they poked me for blood. I'm still happy with this update, even if it's simple. It's good it was an easy one for today. Bit of a visual joke here, hope it's not too subtle. In my downtime I really do primarily wear torn up bluejeans and a black hoody. :)

Okay, that's all for now folks! See you Wednesday!

Latina Lies

This is funnier if you're aware that I'm just about the whitest person EVER.

So, yea, I personally have never lied about my background because it's pretty clear that I'm all white meat but I have watched other girls lie about their origin. Darker skinned girls often pretend to be Hispanic or other exotic ethnicities, when in fact they're not. And almost every asian girl claims to be of a different descent that her actual one. :P Guys may not really be into Korean girls but Japanese are a huge fetish, just as an example. You get my drift.
If a guy comes in looking for a certain thing we almost certainly have girls that can fulfill that fantasy, with just a tweak into their actual background. To be fair, guys aren't here for our actual personas. That's why we have made up names, ages and lots of costumes. We're a fantasy. And they don't need to know that at home we sit around in pajama pants and avoid shaving our armpits! Not to mention where we were born etc. :P

Featured Fetish: Tattoos!

Didn't I tell you I'd give you a Margarita pinup to show off her Virgin Mary Tat? :)
So, alot of the guys who call in to play with the girls request girls with no piercings and no tattoos. Then there are the ones that are specifically INTO tattoos and body mods. I wouldn't call it a FETISH of mine as it's not a necessity for me but I do think tattoos are extremely hot. I guess as an artist it appeals to me that we can permanently decorate our bodies with designs and art. Very cool!
I had alot of fun with this pinup since it's a bit more traditional but I'm not great at drawing and coloring tattoos. Practice makes perfect, though!

Relative Size

Oof. Speaking of relative size I think you have to click on this one to read the text. :( Damn me, I should remember to only do tall comics, not wide ones.

The fans have spoken!
The outfits will continue to change. :)
Thank you all SO much for the input! It thrills me to hear back from you all. Squee!
And the truth of the matter is, we DO change outfits daily, of course. We get requests for all kinds of specialty clothing and we have to do laundry too (wait, didn't I already draw that scene? :P) just like with our normal clothes.
I own SO many outfits, you wouldn't believe. I'm still trying to sell a bunch just because there's no room in my closet!

And speaking of my closets...Uh, so who wants to move in with me? :P
Our roomy is moving out and we either need to find another or find a cheaper place, and soon. If you know anyone in the LA area looking for a room please don't hesitate to send them my way!

Alot of folks first concern with my job is the matter of safety precautions. We don't have security on site except for during the club nights. Nope, during working hours it's just us ladies. Our boss and his big wolf and our house slave used to be around more but now they barely are at all. We don't have cameras anywhere on the premises (except the parking lot and more for theft/hit and run instances) and so we really are locking ourselves alone in a room with a strange man everytime we play.
Despite that we have never had a case of rape or murder or anything like that. For one, we handle these guys credit cards often so we will have info on them. And even if they work in cash only we have a GOOD description, they probably have wives and families they don't want knowing about this place and we can walk out of sessions anytime we want.
Not to mention the men tend to be terrified of us. Would YOU want to take on a house full of amazonian, pissed off dominant women carrying whips and paddles?
I wouldn't...
Plus, we really do know how to take care of ourselves. We're all strong women who are clear about our limits and not afraid to speak up for ourselves if a guy steps out of line.

Hey wait...did Coco just call me fat?!