Gah! I live! If only barely... So, I've been absolutely SWAMPED lately. And I don't want to go on and on about it but, suffice it to say, I have way too much on my plate. It's nobodies fault but my own but let's chalk this up to a lesson learned... still, in the meantime, the last thing I need is anymore responsibility clogging up the works. And so, I am FIRMLY ending the commission sale. I'm sorry for the short notice but you all had plenty of time and I don't want to make the current commissioners suffer any longer while I try to work my way through their mounting numbers. D: Ummm... so that's it for now. Been working and traveling alot as usual. Took on the role of Casting Director for PrettyBoy's upcoming Season 2 of his post-apocalyptic western web series Mad Nation. We're going to launch a kickstarter soon and I will be asking those of you who can to help us out with that. We have a crew of AMAZING actors (hand picked by wonderful little me) and it's going to be a badass season. Thanks to my involvement we have some really hardcore female characters, something the series has never shown before. It's gonna be good! Keep your peepers open for it! I can't say much more other than sorry for my absence and sorry to rush through this comic. I've gotta get it to you guys while I can. D: I'll try to keep updating as much as I can but it's proving to be a busy year... Upsides, though, are that our apartment and roomy are still awesome and I should FINALLY be getting a car sometime next week. Jezuzchrist has that been a long time coming!!! I will update you all more soon. Sorry this story line is getting dragged out WAY beyond where I wanted it to. I hope at least some of you are enjoying it. :/