You Don't Know Me

Heehee, yes. This has happened to me a few times! Oh man, getting name-dropped right to your own face is a bewildering event. Luckily, I am able to laugh at it later... not to the person's face. :P

So, uh, don't be ACTIN' like you know me!
Or at least, think twice about it if you're talking to a short, chubby little bald girl...

Also, Nic TOTALLY looks like she's hitting on the girl here. I did NOT intend for that to happen but hey, you know, sometimes you get flirtatious. It's something I'd totally do so it's okay... plus I like the added implication of the last line now... like she's gonna GET to know Nic. :P Giggidy.

Devil and Angel Moran

Okay, I admit this is basically filler.
We have Sharky's cousin in town from Israel this week so we've been really busy running around and showing her LA and I didn't have time to sit down and knock out a comic. But I DID draw her, as devil and angel. :) And you guys know how I love devil-girls! ;D
So, here you have it! Enjoy until Monday, when I have a new and real update for you guys. :)

I'm off to see Scott Pilgrim again!

The Concise Answer

Heehee. :D
Man, I wish I had the balls to actually respond this way... unfortunately all of my balls are crushed and withered. ;P

I do see alot of repelled fear reactions when I tell people what I do, though. :/ I'm SERIOUSLY not big and mean and scary. I'm actually very fun loving and easy going. Unless you attack me first, of course... Then apparently I get pretty fucking scary. Oh, self-righteousness. You make me aggressive.

Anyway. Rambleramble. I don't have alot to say about this one other than I think it's HILARIOUS. And I like the art, too.
I think the break was good for me. It's brought me back MUCH more excited about drawing and therefore the comics have been coming out smoother and of better quality.

Seeing a client tonight...
But not for bdsm purposes! I'm teaching him to use a computer! Weird. I don't know what he wants to learn exactly so I hope I can figure it out...

And Sharky returns tomorrow! :O
I guess I haven't complained much about him being gone so you guys may not have noticed he was missing. Plus, he's left his fingerprints all over the website. :) But in a good way!

Anyway, lalala, off I go to clean house and be all domestic and shit. No, I will not wear a maid outfit. No I do not have/want a personal slave to clean for me. Unless he/she does dishes....

Featured Fetish: Tickling

Writing this from my mum's place tonight, cuz I saw my lipsync client out in this area. :)
It makes me cheerful to still be working. My future is still uncertain but it doesn't look as gloomy as it did a few weeks ago. I just hope everything keeps uphill for me. :)

Thank you all who bought t-shirts and things from the store and to those of you who donated! I can't express how much it means to me in these hard times. I promise to keep rocking you all with tales from our late dungeon...

But first, Featured Fetish time!
I know tickling is a big one! The twins sure are enjoying it!
Gosh, I just LOVE tickling, from both sides! It's such a fun fetish and I have to shout out to all the ticklers out there, you guys are some of the SWEETEST players I've had the joy to meet!

People have different specifications to their tickling fetishes. Some people prefer it with fingers and hands, some with feathers and tools like vibrating toothbrushes etc. Also, some people like the restraints involved, some prefer it to just be free-form.
I like ALL of these! I've starred as a victim in a few tickle clips and movies that are likely floating around someplace online. I just watched my copy of one last night and it made me happy to see the rooms of PAS and the girls happy and playing. :) Maybe someday I'll show you guys a screenshot or something, depends on how brave I'm feeling!

Everyone has a most ticklish spot! I won't tell you where mine are but where are yours? Bottoms of the feet? Armpits? Someplace less obvious?
Share with us your dirty little secrets! :P

Featured Fetish: Waxplay

Here's an on time Featured Fetish for you all but there's a missed one I'll be handing you all on Monday, too. :) Gotta have some bright, colorful news after all that sad shit sooo.....

Okay... before I even touch the subject of the FF, I gotta tell you all BIG news.
See the new page link on the sidebar over there to your left? Fuck yea, I gots merch! Fly the Buxom flag with new tshirts, stickers and prints!

And I'm just bubbling over with new ideas for stuff, so the more of what I currently have that you guys get, the more I can produce!
Not to mention, and I hate to take a serious note, but of all the times in my life NOW is one where I need a little help with money. And with getting this whole NicBuxom project off the ground. New directions are great, but I don't have PAS to back me up anymore. :/
So, if you've been putting off tapping that little donation link banner down there for awhile now you can help me out and get coooool shit in the process! I hate to beg, so instead I'll trade. :D

Okay, Featured Fetish!

I loved waxplay long before I knew what that was. As a kid I was allowed to burn candles in my room and I always loved sticking my fingers in the hot wax, dripping wax on my palms and body, watching the splatter, scrapping off the dried drippings, rolling hot wax into balls and sculptures...
I don't know what it is about the hot liquid but it's very soothing. I always thought it felt alot like a hot stone massage. I've never had one but that's what I relate it to in my mind. :)

Waxplay can also be stingy and painful. The heat of the liquid that hits your skin can be determinded by how closely you hold the candle over the flesh. The further away, the cooler it is, having more time to fall. The closer, the hotter.

Different candles burn at different rates and temps as well. There are plenty of custom made candles meant purely for waxplay and those tend to burn at low temps. They can be made out of all different mediums and in all different colors. Lots of people have preferences or boast which types are best. My only warning is that SOME candles not intended for this play can have scents, dyes and other things that can irritate skin, so PLEASE be careful about what you pick to play with.

Also, don't drop the candle on your victim. I've seen it happen alot and no one likes it. :P

I guess that's about it. It's pretty straight-forward as a fetish, I think.

Plus, it's really pretty!

I've been busy with TheShocker the last three days and I'm very tired now. I've been doin' well as far as seeing my clients privately but I really want to find a playspace of my own. Maybe someday soon I'll be able to afford some nice little dungeon for myself. :)
So, uh... buy my shirts and shit. ;P

And don't forget to give Sharky a HUGE, HUGE thank you for all of his work and time and for making this all possible for me. :) He's been the biggest driving force behind this comic, always kicking me in the ass to keep me working, the real life master behind this art-slave. :P

But, other huge helps to me have been the fantastic GWS , Collar6 and Reddit.

Everyone else, all of you, who've linked me and pimped me out, a huge, huge thank you! I'm flattered that you all think I'm worth sharing. I'll keep it up for you!

In Potentially Bad Taste

No, no! I agree with you!
This joke is in potentially bad taste. Far, too soon...

Except, that it's not a joke.
My grandma really gave me this card. -_-

I had to explain to her (thank gawd I have a sense of humor) why it was perhaps not the best card after what happened.
This will only be funny if you're on the up-and-up about what went on lately. Otherwise, you're just thinking I'm weirder than usual.

Oooh dark humor. How I love thee...

Seeing TheShocker today with one of my old coworkers. Actually, we're seeing him the next three days, in my house!
It'll be his first time seeing where I live. I hope he likes it!
I already had SpankySub by here the other day. He very much liked my paintings and art that adorn the walls.

Gotta say, one of the upsides to working independently now?
I can have wine during sessions. ^_^ Mmm.

I have more comics coming for you in the next few days. Trying to stick to the old 3 days a week schedule (mon/wed/sat) and I owe you a FF that was missed.

Somedays are better than others, I guess that's life.

Haha, gawd, I SWEAR I didn't concieve of this to be such a sad post until it all came out.
I do have a dark sense of humor and I think it's exaggerated in dark times.

Anyway. I miss you guys! I wanna come back.

Here's what's been going on, STILL no one is sure about the future of PAS. We're all hopeful and helpless. In the meantime I've been painting alot and reacquainting myself with the friends I avoided while I mourned.
I've been seeing clients privately and so far that's working out quite well so, this may become the story of an independent Dominatrix, instead of one working from a dungeon.

Except, not anytime soon. I still have scripts to last us a year or more and I'm not prepared to abandon my beloved dungeon-gal characters. Perhaps someday in the future, when it's not so raw, Nic will relive what's been going on here in reality...

But, for now, I wanna get us back to my fantasy world. I may post one or two more moody reflections of the times and I don't promise consistancy in coloring or style but if you'll give me that then I'll get us back to our regularly scheduled program.

Somedays are better than others, I guess that's life.

Oh, and PS, I totally got all of your amazingly kind posts and emails from all over the web. I responded to very few, I know, but trust me, you all warmed my heart deeply, just knowing you were out there listening.