Please Hold

EDIT: I'm really sorry guys, it's breaking my heart, but I just can't get this scanner to work and I have only so much time (and patience) to fight with it before real life interrupts. I've gotta admit to a hiatus again until I get settled and find a way to resolve my issues with technology...
In the meantime I'll keep drawing, I just don't think it's fair to string you all along with an update here and there when I find time to visit friends with working scanners. :(

Here's hoping I'm back soon. :(

I am the grouchiest of grouches.

Because scanner is not working with new computer. Please stand by until sourpuss Nic can fix these technical difficulties.

Vegas Break!

I'm off!
See you guys Friday!

Featured Fetish: Lactation

I'm puttin' it up early cuz I CAN, mothafuckas.
The powerrrr...

Featured Fetish tiiime! Whoo!
Can you tell I'm pumped? I'm in a silly mood today. I gotta have some good days after all the low ones. :) Bear with me.

Again, not a fetish I am fluent in. One that seems pretty self explanatory to me. Obviously part of the appeal is the breast attraction, I think especially because MOST breasts that are lactating are fuller and larger. I think also the appeal, again, is any sort of fluid coming from a woman.

I could be off base on this one because I've never done or seen lactation fetishes in action, just discussed it or admired photos. You also don't have to be pregnant to lactate! Some ladies just do it, some can do it through careful manipulation and you can actually take a pill that will produce lactation in you. Very interesting stuff!

If you have something to add, please do! :)

This was fun to draw. As you can tell I added a level of silliness in it, I just love the idea of a chick trying to catch her own fountains of milk!

Not So Punny

I know how some of you feel about that last comic... I should hope this one satisfies you! ;)
I love self-referential jokes.

Uploading this from my ma's place cuz I'm staying here a few days. After that I'm looking to move out fairly soon so I should be a busy little bee. I'm hoping that will not interrupt our comic schedule.

Very Punny

Have you noticed I like really bad puns? No? Yea, I know, I'm subtle. ;)

Okay, sorry for the delay, I was FREAKISHLY busy with AdultCon over the weekend. Which was a shit-ton of fun, I might add. I posted a coupla of pics up on my twitter account and I'm currently too lazy and burnt out to post them here. My eyes. They burn...

I have good news but I don't think I'm allowed to broadcast it yet so I'll do my best to keep you all informed as soon as I can. Life is really looking up for me here in LA and because of that I wanna take another moment to sincerely thank all of you who have donated, snagged merch and commissioned me. You guys are SERIOUSLY helping to keep me alive. And to keep me comicing (I need new pens already.)

Anyway. Tired now. Enjoy! I've been giggling tremendously over the last few comics and I have more for you soon that amuse me greatly. Also, I've been extremely happy with the art lately.

Ever Feel Like You're Being Punished?

Aaaaaand another one. I know I should spread even my catch-up updates out a bit but I posted this one so quick after the previous because I'm behind but also because I didn't love the last one. *shrug* It's my comic, I'll give you as many updates in a day as I like! /Domme

I'm super sleeeeepy. I've been so busy, man, life just never stops. :( I sure wish it had a pause button. Yarg.

Anyway, I've been skimping on the coloring skills but I thought the linework on this one (as well as the concept) was super cute. :D
I make no promises about updates over the weekend but I'll do my best to find the time.

See you after AdultCon!


Kinda a throwaway and not my best coloring job but I admit, I'm feeling a bit rushed trying to keep up.
I've been crazy busy setting up for AdultCon and tomorrow is the first day so I'll be booked pretty tight over the weekend. Still, trying to get you comics as quick as I can and to color them as punishment for being late. :P

Anyway, a little bit of happiness at my current state. I drew this one up before the break-up with Sharky else I probably would have included someone else at the end there, but we ARE staying friends so it's okay.

Alright, no time to say much else. I shaved my head, though. There's a pic up on my twitter account if you're interested.

Hopefully I'll actually receive some of the pics from AdultCon, unlike with DomCon. >:(

Featured Fetish: Furries

Featured Fetish time!!!
Furries. Probably THE most common internet fetish. Now, I made the decision to portray furries more as they see themselves than as they look in real life scenarios. Primarily because it's just more fun to draw that way. :)

We personally never had any furry fetishists in the dungeon but that's not to say they couldn't have roleplayed with us, there. Just to be clear for those of you who don't know (and I suspect you ALL do) furries are people who roleplay as an anthropomorphic half-human, half-animal creature. Some furries actually believe they have animal "spirits" and whatnot or that they should have been born into a certain animal's body.

As with most major fetishes there are TONS of subcatagories to the furries. There are fur-suiters (the people who dress up in elaborate outfits of their characters) and the plushifiles (the people who have sex with stuffed animals) and baby furs or cubs (the people who combine their furry persona or fursona with infintailism or adult baby fetishes.)

And the list goes ON and ON.
The characters can be anywhere from a simple wolf to a winged tauren leopard koala fox with bright green spots. You get the picture.

The lingo and subtypes are far and wide and if you're here on the net I'm sure you've seen and heard most of it, it's too much for me to cover here. But, I hope you all enjoy the little pin-up! I just made some random characters up for fun.

Now, in the news of my LIFE.
So, Sharky and I broke it off, I am now a single lady!!!
No worries, we're staying friends. HOWEVER, I am looking to move out and would REALLY like to get my own studio dungeon. It's expensive to live here in LA and so I'm hoping you guys will take an extra look at my store and/or donation button or think of commissioning me! I'll post more details about such in the future.

My life is turning into a country song! Lost my dungeon, lost my friend, lost my lover and lost my home. Curses! But at least I still have the comic. It's SOMETHING to keep me going.

How Not To Heal Bruises


So, this wasn't a practical joke being played on me or anything like that. My coworkers actually stand by their claims that toothpaste will make bruises fade faster. I personally do not know if this is true or not... What I do know is that after following their directions to slather my ass in toothpaste and then to wear panties over it all through the night I was PAINFULLY glued to my panties the next day. When I confronted them about this they claimed I'd just used the wrong brand or a toothpaste with the wrong ingredients or something.

So, maybe all of you out there know something I don't know but I do NOT stand by the toothpaste remedy. >:(