Belated XXXmas

Good Morning, People!

Um, happy belated holidays?
So, I'm back! Today was the first day I felt truly better so I cranked out this late xmas idea for you all. :)

I spent around $400 (no insurance) trying to figure out what was wrong with me. They still don't know. It is suspected it was strep, tonsilitis or mono. At any rate, the docs have me on antibiotics and I'm finally feeling a little better. Still not 100% but I'm not dying now. :)

SO! Back to work! I'm going to do my damndest to catch you all up because I don't want to sacrifice any story-line or my anal organizing. I can make no promises about what the schedule will be like for awhile here but I'm going to try to (maybe) update every day until we're back on schedule.
Please don't hold me to it.

To everyone waiting on pictures, commissions and otherwise thank you SO much for being patient.
I had a really crappy Christmas, I was too sick to see my family and I haven't even been able to send everyone their gifts yet. :( Sharky took really good care of me, though, and I'm trying to play catch-up and get back on track with life.

It's nice to be among the living again!
Happy New Year if I don't post again before then. :D

PS all the well wishes were really awesome you guys, thanks. :*)

Out of Order

I've come down with something and I'm really very sick right now. I don't know when I'll be well enough to start updating again. I'm hoping to be better by Christmas or I won't get to see any of my family. :(

Happy Hanukkah!

There we are.

Thanks for waiting, everyone!
So, today is the dungeon's holiday party. I'm gonna party and eat and socialize with the gals and then stick around to play with my new toy (the violet wand) at the club afterwards. :) I'm looking forward to it!
Plus, I get to drink for free all night. Yay!

Maybe I'll get some photos of me using the violet wand and post them here. No promises, though. :)

So, like I said in the previous line-art post, I'm not Jewish but alot of my friends are and this was Mia's really cute idea. I could get behind a holiday that had a menorah made of women! :P

Alright, not alot else to say about this one. We've got two more standard updates and then I'm gonna try to get you all a Christmas pin-up. I'm not Christian, either, but my family has always celebrated that holiday so it's a traditional part of my life that I look forward to.
I am SO unprepared for it.

Okay, happy holidays guys, whatever you may celebrate! :)

Unfinished Update, Will Complete Tomorrow

Okay guys, it's past 5am here and I just don't have the strength to color this entire thing right now so please accept this until I get some rest and have time to complete it tomorrow.

This is a Hanukah update. I'm not jewish but many of my friends are, since I've made many close relations with Israeli's via Sharky. This was actually Mia's grand idea and it was just too cute to pass up.

IDEALLY you can tell which girl is which from this but maybe it'll be a bit easier with some color cues.

This is the first time that the comic is going to be signifigantly late and I have guilt about it but frankly my health is just SLIGHTLY more important. I had a REALLY busy night at work tonight and didn't get home till 2:30am so that's why I fell behind.

Anyway, keep an eye on here today/tomorrow to see this in it's full glory. :)
Thanks for understanding, you guys.

Electric Vengeance

Ugh, I'm so tired you guys.
This is another short one which is just so mercifully timed because I'm exhausted and I have a session first thing early tomorrow morning so I'm already up too late. Blah.

Yes, I get to cattle prod TheShocker on the cock but he really has to be in the right mood so it doesn't happen EVERY time he visits. And usually he can only take one. My other client is the star pupil of the cattle prod variety as he can take it AS MANY times as I can dish it out on the cock and balls. Now THAT is a shit-ton of fun. Oh, Marky, don't ever change. ;)

Alright, I'm off to sleep. Tomorrow I have to bellydance during a vampire roleplay in a three-girl session. That should be fun! :D

Pleas Fall on Deaf Ears

Ahhh. A short one but the joke really didn't need more than one panel. :)
I should have explained in an earlier comic but forgot that "mercy" is the house safe-word. That sorta brings this joke home. A safe-word is a word agreed upon before play so that a bottom can effectively communicate to a top when they want the scene or an activity to stop. It's particularly important in role-play scenarios because pleading could be involved as part of the role and everyone needs to know when begging turns serious and means it really needs to stop.
It's true that sometimes The Shocker doesn't see/hear us calling out our safewords but he doesn't do so maliciously and we've all gotten really good at communicating with him when we need to.

So, The Shocker has finally gone home after four days of play. I'm extremely tired but very, very happy. He's one of my absolute favorite clients and he earns the title as such. Such a nice guy.
I think I forgot to mention in the last update that not ONLY did he get me the violet wand with most of the standard attachements but he also got me three extra attachments, one of which is a threaded plug that allows for almost any clear standard light-bulb to be used, regardless whether or not it is dead! He brought me a number of different bulbs today and we tried them all. I knew the candelabra one would glow orange but I was really surprised to see one of them glow GREEN! The color is affected by the gases in the bulb but I'd never seen a green one before so that was a really pleasent surprise. :)

He also got me a hitachi wand! I've only played with it once so far and the experience was VERY intense so I'm going to lay off that thing for awhile! :O He also brings us fruit, cupcakes and other little treats sometimes. He got me a bikini that is nothing but a few strings, doesn't even have a cover in the front, but I think it looks kinda silly on me. I think it's made for thinner gals. :P

Alright, I'm very tired. One more comic on The Shocker come Wednesday and then we move on to some holiday cheer. :)

The Shocker

I almost forgot to post this one up. I've had a long two days with TheShocker, he likes to play multiple hours.
I want to reiterate that the client characters look nothing like any of my actual clients so this is not at all representative of TheShocker. The stories, though, are true and acurate.
The cattle prod is actually a favored tool of mine. It's terrifying, which is why I love it. I can both give and take it and I like it both for different reasons. I enjoy taking it when we do the "cattle prod games" with this client because he'll play with multiple girls and we'll have games of chance (and some skill, like gambling) to see who gets proded and who does the prodding. I tend to be REALLY good at these games partially because logic is on my side and partially because I know TheShocker well after playing with him for over 2 years now. This comic basically depicts that sort of session, as we tend to all run about screaming alot. :)

We played yesterday and today and I'm going to see him again Sunday so I'll let you all know if there are any fun revelations when I put up the Monday update. I'm tired so I might not sound it but I'm just thrilled to death because TheShocker bought me one of the presents I wanted the very most off of my wishlist, the violet wand! Oooh it's my FAVORITE electical tool! He got me the entire set AND bought me extra attachments. I cannot WAIT to get my hands on some submissives to tickle and tingle with this thing. Ahhh I'm so happy.
I actually cried a little when he gave it to me, it thrilled me that much.

Anyway, I figure you guys might have a few questions about the prod. It's more scary than painful, though it DOES hurt pretty good. It feels like a sharp pinch or a bee-sting but it's a very fast and brief pain. I think the anticipation is the worst part. It doesn't course through your body like a taser or anything like that, it purely zaps the surface of the skin where it touches. Most people tend to kick and jerk when hit with it though I've seen a few take it with barely a flinch. A favored client of mine (MrMark) is that way and I'm excited to see him in the new year since he's one of the only people who will let me prod his cock and balls. It is SO fun, I love him!

The violet wand is an electrical toy that feels more like static shocks and is known and named for the beautiful purple "lightning" it emits. I love it as a toy for public play since it puts on a fantastic show. My favorite thing to do with it is to ground the person I'm topping with it so that the current is flowing through them and then conducts wherever I touch them. It looks like I'm shooting lighting from my fingertips, it's pure awesome.

Anyway, enough gushing about my favored toys and more sleep. We have another prod update coming Monday for you all. :)

Dick of Gold

Oh gaaaaawd why did I stay up so late doing this? *sob* Why am I always awake at 5am?

Okay, I'll make this short.
For the record, dicks made of gold don't get into my panties, either. :P
So I made a little mistake when I drew the last comic. I'd intended Nic to be more glarey and not actually doing the face-palm thing because that's the reaction I wanted at the end of THIS comic. But since I'd done it I didn't want her to be reacting in exactly the same way here so I worked on some more exasperated looks. I settled on her face-smashing into the rack next to her. But here are some other sketches I was considering:

That's it for now. I'm gonna try to sleep and I'll entertain you all more in a day or two. :)

PS: I just applied to win a corset, electro-toy and suspension cuffs over at ! Cross your fingers for me! :)


Yes, this is an actual quote from a client when he was asked why he visited a very pricey and specialized dungeon expecting sexual favors. Some guys must really think that they're special enough that girls will just drop to their knees before them, while they hold themselves virginal before all others. It's baffling. But at least he doesn't think we're whores, right? :P Oh wait...
So many backwards implications!

Friday's comic (the one after next) and a few after that are scheduled to be about a very specific and interesting client of mine. He's a wonderful regular that I'm very close with. Funny enough, he will be in town that very day to see me! :) So, good inspiration to do him justice, I suppose. Maybe I'll chat a bit about what goes on.

Righto. I'm tired and I have a busy week of clean-up and commissions so I'll say goodnight to you all for now! See you Wednesday! :)

Welcome Frog Princess!

This took me WAY longer than I expected but I'm happy with it so it's worth it. :)
I did this because I'm really excited for The Frog Princess, which comes out next week! I admit, I've always been a huge Disney fan (the animated stuff anyway) and when I was younger I wanted so terribly badly to work for them. I developed my style by emulating their works and as a child I was always horridly offended that there were no black animated Disney heroines!
I'm thrilled they've finally come around and I hope desperately that I won't be disappointed!

So, when I initially did my research I could only find tell of 8 Disney princesses but I had nine characters. I figured I'd just toss Alice into the mix and make Honey dress as her. But just before I sat down to draw the princess I realized there was ONE more princess that everyone had been forgeting about. Nala! Heeheehee. Honey is less than pleased with this but now I've officially got them ALL dressed as Princesses.

So, in case you couldn't all tell this is Missy as Belle/Beauty, Coco as Pocahontas, Prissy as Aurora/Sleeping Beauty, Natasja as Cinderella, Nic as Snow White, Honey as Nala, Eve as Ariel, Margarita as Jasmine and Miyu as Mulan. :)
Coco has some rad extensions going on.

Alright, I'm sleepy so I don't have much more to say for now. I hope you guys enjoy this and I hope my beloved Disney doesn't sue me. ;)

Oh yea, and PS, this is not a fetish that I'm aware of, although there's PLENTY of Disney porn around. :P

The Cost of Love

Alright guys, so here's a sober update for you. :)
In case you haven't noticed I'm a bit of a lush but I try not to let it affect my comicing if I can help it. To clarify on my last post it wasn't me comparing clients to children, I LITERALLY have gents who want to just tickle, play tag or hide-and-go seek and other such activities and games typically enjoyed by children. Those clients are awesome and fun and easy and I'm amazed that I make money doing this. And, of course, just like it says in the comic, sure I could make minimum wage at a babysitting job but I'd much rather make a few hundred instead. :)

Anyway, moving on from that. I have had a very bad few days hopefully concluding my bad month. We have some personal things to work out around here and hopefully they'll all be resolved within the month. I'm not saying I'm taking time off or anything like that but if I'm late or short with you all please be somewhat forgiving. I'll do my best, anyway. :)

Yes, we get propositioned for sex. No, we are not prostitutes, no we do not do any forms of sex, penetration, fluid swapping, none of that. Still, guys ask and often bribe. Generally the bribes are laughable, as shown above, but I wouldn't do it even if the money was good. Only Sharky gets such privalages from me.
The comics this week deal with money. I think there will be one or two on the same topic next week, as well.

Christmas is coming up! I'm not religious but my family has always celebrated it so it's a tradition that has come to mean good food and lots of family together, especially the ones who live out of town that I don't see often. I'm really excited to see both sides of my family and to give them all the gifts I'm putting together for them. If anyone's feeling generous and so inclined I always love gifts from my wishlist.

You guys are the greatest, thanks for sticking with me. I've seen a huge drop in my ranking on the comic sites...I sure hope it wasn't due to my drunken update. D: