Happy 4th Birthday, Nic Buxom!

We interrupt this kooky story arc to wish NicBuxom a happy 4th birthday! That's right, four years the comic has been running, phew! Somehow it feels longer... Maybe because SO MUCH has happened and changed for me since I began this comic. My life is now almost completely different from what it was, but I still have my dungeon work!

And, honestly, life is better now. It may not be as EASY and settled as it was when I started this thing but I think I'm happier. :)

Speaking of birthdays, mine is in exactly one week! I'll be 28, oh geez. Wasn't I just a kid yesterday?

This comic is partially inspired by an old coworker of mine that I was quite fond of. She used to call her big, glorious booty her "birthday cake!" XD

Anyway, I'm keeping VERY busy with commissions and comics and work and life. I may have a car in the works, I hope this one goes through. My knee is feeling better-ish. I walk much better now but it still aches alot and I still struggle with things like stairs. No heels or running, either... but mostly back to normal at this point. Other than those two things life is excellent. PrettyBoy and I are doing wonderfully and our apartment and roomy are fantastic. Work has been keeping us both busy and we've got our creative side endeavors in the works as well! These last four years have been very up and down for me but I feel like I'm growing up and I'm finding it's hectic but enjoyable. :)

I'll return to the previous story arc soon! Happy Birthday Buxom!


So, alot of people didn't seem to be catching on as to where this storyline was going but hopefully it's now becoming very clear. :3

I have many more of these to upload for this month so we're just getting started!

Anyway, I'm completely exhausted. -_- This month is eating me alive.
DomCon was fun, but stressful, as usual. Those of you on my twitter or facebook page got to see lots of photos of me wearing very little clothing hah. I'm too lazy to post them here so go find them on your own. :P

I have about a week off now, mostly because I totally messed up my dungeon work schedule this week, blargh. -_-
I'm going to spend that week jamming on commissions and comics as fast as I can so hopefully I'll knock abunch of those out. Thanks everyone for being patient.

Now, I rest. *phew*


This is a continuation of the last post, make sure to start the story arc from the beginning! Go back one page!

This is a special made-up story-line for the birthday month of May! Both my birthday and the birthday of the comic, itself. :) The comic is only 4 years old but I'm 28! Yikes!

That's all for now. I'm working on art while in the dungeon because I'm on such a tight schedule this month that I've got to double-task! DomCon is this weekend, I'm looking forward to it! I'm waiting till the last second to pick out what I'm going to wear, haha. See you there!

Client Down!

Okay, disclaimer right now! This is NOT a real story. I've never seen a client die in session and I've never heard of it happening, either. I'm certain it probably has happened to someone, somewhere, but not in my experiences. :P
Sometimes we do get old guys that I sweat about playing heavy with but it always turns out fine.

So, this is not one of my usual true stories. This is a totally fictional story arc that I'm doing for the month of May! It's my birthday month AND it's the birthday of the comic! :D That's right, the end of May is the FOURTH anniversary of NicBuxom! Yays. :3

So, I know I usually do Freaky Fetish Month but instead I'm doing this random arc. Hopefully you guys still enjoy it, it's just a silly idea that I've been kicking around for awhile. :P

Also, I rushed through this comic and I feel like you can tell. :(
I wanted this arc to be really pretty and special for you all but this month is CRAZY for me so I'm going to be rushing horribly the whole time. Blaugh. This weekend is DomCon, one of the biggest BDSM themed conventions, ever! And it's run by the world renowned Mistress who runs my dungeon, too. :) (By the by, if you live in LA and want to attend DomCon you should email me! I may be looking for another pair of hands to maybe help me sell TENS units over the weekend! Plus, it would just be nice to see some of you there!)

Anyway, yes, there's DomCon, there's MY birthday, there's my MOMs birthday, there's other conventions to sell TENS units, there's business meetings... and then the commissions and comics and life in general doesn't stop so yaaargh. I have barely any days off this month. Just swamped. So please, everyone, be patient with me!

Anyway aahh.. yep, I guess that's all... Feel free to send me presents for my birthday, I've been shamelessly asking for things off my wishlist because I freakin' feel like it. Aaaaannd... enjoy this arc as it progresses!... I guess that's it! See ya!


Admittedly I rushed through this one abit. I'm a little swamped between commissions and getting back to work. Even though I'm only working two days a week at the dungeon now it DOES eat those days up entirely and I've still been traveling with my TENS unit job. I just got home from Arizona and I'm drowsy from the long weekend.

I guess this comic isn't one of my funniest but it's something that happens ALL THE TIME. I can talk day and night about illegal activity but can't and WON'T ever actually do it. Still, sometimes clients are too convinced by my performance (or perhaps it's just wishful thinking) and assume we can take things beyond the laws and limits. Most of them are genuinely surprised when I stop them and remind them that we're just roleplaying. I've even faked orgasms (something I've never done in bed!)

So, there's not alot of news on my life. Still at a stand-still with the medical issues and still no new car. I've committed to a few cars only to have the seller vanish or demand more money at the last second so it's not going well. :( Still... it'll be solved eventually, I suppose. I'm very impatient for my life to move forward and past these difficulties so I can get on to worrying about something else...

So, the last matter to chat about, it's officially May! And many of you may remember that May is USUALLY Freaky Fetish Month. It's a big month for me because it's both my birthday month AND the month of the birth of the comic. :) Of course there's also mothers day and DomCon so it's a busy time of year. I don't suppose I'll see any of you at DomCon?

Anyway, regarding Freaky Fetish Month. I've run out of good ammo. I have afew subpar strange fetishes that don't translate well into comics or that aren't that weird in my opinion... and I suppose I could scrape by with the "bottom of the barrel" freaky fetishes but I'd rather not do something lackluster in celebration of a momentous month. So, instead, I'm going to surprise you all with a bit of a side-bar storyline. It's just abit of silly, cliche fun but hopefully you will all enjoy it and if it's well received then maybe once in awhile I'll pick it back up again for kicks. :)

So, I will do my best to update with frequency but between everything going on and my new idea being a little ambitious (and commissions to still keep up with) I may struggle abit. But I'll try hard and I'll update soon! Come and see me at DomCon!