Drunk Comic Update

Oh lawd but I'm drunk right now. BLame all inconsistancies or flubs in the comic on my sobriety right now. Blugh. So, uh, yea I blame Maya and Will right now. Curse you two for influencing my drinking habits. You bastards. You're both soo cute... Damnit. :)

Anyway, aside from the comic possibly being wretched due to me completeting the inking and all of the color in an inebriated state I hope it's funny. wtffffffffffff don't look at the last panel hand things. Waaahhh I don't know. Would it have been better to have gotten it up tomorrow, late evening, at full copacity or is this almost on time but drunken version good enough?
You're going to have to live with my mistakes, I guess. Just consider it part of my charm. Damn that last half-bottle of tequilla I hid in my flasks. Damn it to hell.

Also, where did these scratches on my arm come from? Again, I blame Maya and WIll, who elses fault could it have been?

Ummm I didn't mean this comic to be condescending towards my clients, its just that ther are moments where I can't belive I'm getting paid to do things and often their childish and easy. So, leaving my vocabulary and grammar behind her is today's comic, enjoy, please don't lynch me due to drunkeness a sober comic will be up Wednesday I swear....I've had a bizarre and difficult day I'm owed some altered states.

Lessons Learned

You learn quickly in the dungeon not to compromise for money. Lucky for me I've never budged enough on my moral grounds and principles to come away embittered or wounded but some girls have let themselves be taken advantage of for money. Still, everyone learns it's never worth it in the long-run, or they leave. I'm able to just look back and laugh at the few times I've let myself be bribed into silly little things.

Anyway, didn't mean to get all serious on you. :) This particular incident has never happened. I've let guys wear my panties but never guys that looked too big for them etc. Sorry I let this comic get a bit crowded. I didn't mean to but I don't think it's affected it too badly. I'm happy with how the art is progressing. :)
Also, please don't be afraid to keep voting for me with the buttons over to the left there under the donation button! You can usually vote every 6-24 hours depending on the link and I really appreciate it!

Oh, another things this illustrates subtley is that we ladies always double-up on panties. Some guys want us all the way down to a g-string in session (we don't do full naked) and some days you just don't feel like trotting about in such a tiny scrap of coverage so we wear a fuller-bottom over the top. Also, some guys like to remove your clothing and so this way they can slip a panty off of us without actually undressing us. :)

I also love to shove my spare/top-layer panties into slaves mouths. :D

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
I know it's a day early but rather than delay an update day I figured I'd just get this up at a regular time. :)

So, thursday will be hectic for me. I'm hosting Thanksgiving for the first time, which means I'm trying to cram 10 people into my tiny apartment. AND it's the first time Sharky's family will meet my dad and his wife. We'll see how that goes!

I hope you all have many things to be grateful for this year and that you're all well fed. :)

Oh yea!
And yes, this is a real fetish. It sorta falls into voraphilia but in this instance people are more into seeing a woman being cooked. It's not hard to find, really, and I just thought it was too appropriate for a Thanksgiving update, even if it's something we can't really simulate in the dungeon.

Oh, and I almost forgot the obligatory "whitemeat" and "breastmeat" jokes...
Nahhh I'll spare you all THIS time!

Big Shoes

Heh heh. I own many very tall shoes and it's funny to see clients faces when they see me out of them for the first time. I've even had clients refer to me as extremely tall, one man telling me that he liked how I "towered over the other girls like a giantess." I made a mental note not to kick my shoes off around him. :) I'm actually a fairly average 5'4. But put me in big platform heels and I can easily dwarf most men. It's kinda fun to be tall once in awhile!

I've been feeling fairly hermetic recently and I'm about to further it by simplifying my life and cutting out outside distractions and aggravations that I don't need. Then I can become a more serene and productive person. Plus, people BUG me.
But not you, fair readers. You guys are awesome. :) <3

EDIT: Adding this eyesore poll so you can all help me out with merch decisions! Yay!

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Featured Fetish: Flogging

As requested by FlameFairy, here is the Featured Fetish, Flogging!

A flogger is a whip-like tool that has multiple falls. Falls are the tails or whip ends. It is a HUGE staple of the bdsm community. Flogging is probably second only to spanking as far as more corporal punishments and impact play. The mistress here isn't really using it correctly but I wanted an old-school feel, with her really putting her back into lashing the slave. Most of the time when you flog you want your wrists to work more than your arms but you can swing back for more force. A flogging skill that's greatly admired is the "Florentine" where you use two floggers at the same time. You can get some really beautiful and creative spinning going that way but I didn't depict that here because it's a bit more boring as an image.

When you flog you should aim for the apples of the cheeks of the ass or, more commonly, the shoulder blades. Never hit the spine or the kidney region. Also, it is bad form to "wrap" your bottom, when the tails of the flogger wrap around the submissives body and hit them in the front or sides, instead of your intended target.

I happen to be lucky enough to own an elk-skin flogger that is the softest flogger you will ever feel. Not only are the falls silky to the touch but when you flog with it it's so gentle that you'd be hard-pressed to actually hurt someone with it. Most floggers have more of a stingy sensation when the sharp tips hit you, especially thin leather or plastic/synthetic floggers. However, some floggers with thicker and heavier falls give a more "thuddy" sensation. I prefer thuddy tools and my elk-skin is just that. You feel like you're getting a baseball bat to the back instead of tons of tiny little teeth. It's hard to describe without trying it. :)
On my wishlist I'm asking for a second elk-skin to match my first so that I can have two evenly balanced floggers to Florentine with.

I tried some new coloring here, I hope you all like it. I'm extremely pleased with it and think I'll keep this up in the future. Happy with my lineart, too. :)

Funny Ha-Ha Not Funny Strange...Oh, wait...

The sad thing here is that I really do this to poor Sharky.
I think he gets tired of my excitement about the comic, especially since we seem to share very different humors and most of the time he's smirking at me in a confused sort of way.
Anyway, I make myself laugh and I hope I make you all laugh, too. :)

Disregard the rest of this unless you're captivated by me bitching.
I'm tired, as usual. Feeling a touch irritable today. My roomy and I are looking for personal slaves, mostly for tribute and housework, but most applicants are bullshitters, whinners and timewasters, of course.
We're upfront about our wants so it gets on my nerves that people who DON'T like housework and gift-giving are saying that they do until they show-up and then pout like children everytime they're asked to do something.
I mean, I knew these were hazards going into this but it still gets to me at times, of course. Submissives can be so needy! :P
Part of the reason I've never sought a personal slave before is because I don't have enough time to dedicate to one, not even close. But my roomy is really driven to get this and I thought she could help bear the burden. Would you like to come scrub my toilets? ;P

When You've Got It...

Heehee, sorry, I just love corny jokes. As if you hadn't already noticed. :)

Grr I feel like I'm so exhausted all the time! At least I'm steady about comic work. Been having a bit of a hard time with money and life lately but that happens to the best of us, I suppose.
Also, I forgot to erase my pencil lines and was too lazy to clean them up in photoshop. Please disregard them...

Hmmm. I don't know what to say about this comic except that it's sort of a turning point for Nic. She's moving up from just subbing to more switchy activities. When I started as a submissive I got asked to do Domme work all the time and it was the best way to learn. So, from now on you'll be seeing Nic on both the top and the bottom. :)

Shorted a Turn

Hi guys! It's weird to talk to you all so soon!
But I better get used to it, I suppose. :)

I am so tired. Uuugh. I'm the queen of no sleep.
We had a new submissive over at our apartment tonight cleaning our bathroom to test out for becoming the house slave. He had a good sense of humor and good work ethic, so he seems promising. We just hope he doesn't get too attached, too fast.

Ummm. Not alot else to say right now, I guess. Oh! I've been rising in the ranks on the top 100 webcomics page and I have you all to thank for it! Thank you, thank you!

EDIT: Oh shoot! It's Friday the 13th and I didn't even do a comic about it! Darnation!

Men Aren't Always Honest About What They Want.

I am so farging tired.
There is nothing worse than coming home sleepy and drunk from celebrating a friends birthday and having to sit down in front of your laptop and finish a comic before bed.

Death now, plz.

Sorry for the long title. It's just sorta important to the story here, obviously. Yea, some guys will lie about what they want when you interview and then ask for something completely different in session, which really doesn't make sense to me...but it happens.
I'm not talking about guys who change their mind or get a new, interesting idea, either. I'm talking bald-faced lies. Sometimes guys you see again and again and again and they still always lie at first. I can't quite figure out what that's about... Even shame wouldn't make sense, since you are gonna end up seeing what they really want to do anyway. I have no idea.

Anyway, I'm tired and drunk so I think I'm rambling. I have a 12hr shift tomorrow and I have to get up early because of it. Blah. Okay, yes, enjoy, I'll talk at you all in a day or two.

Oh yea, and you might have noticed over there to the left there are a few new buttons. If you wanna vote for me and push me up in the ranks of the webcomic world that would be awesome but I know I'm new and so I'm not expecting much. Still, every little bit helps. Cool, thanks guys. :)

Can One Be Overqualified?

First Monday update! I'm keeping up with my change in schedule yaaay! Hey, sometimes I have to be proud of myself for the small things.

So, yes, we do have interviews. Interviews are where you discuss with the client what he wants in a session. They're important not only so you know how to act around him (roleplay etc) and what to give him but also so that if he wants something we're not okay with we can tell him ahead of time instead of disappointing him after he's paid. A good example of this is guys who want nipple torture. I don't do ANY kind of nipple torture (on myself, I'm HAPPY to do it TO others) and if a client wants that I need to recommend him to another girl who does enjoy it. :)
Also, sometimes guys want to play REALLY heavy and not all girls can or will take heavy sessions so it's important to make sure everything he wants is in line with what WE want, too. :D
I am a very heavy bottom, btw. I'll probably address that in future comics.

I had fun at the party at my dungeon last night. I cattle-proded MANY people and got to see my client and friend Mark a bit more. For some reason this time felt like I got to spend a bit less time playing with him but it was good to talk and I'm looking forward to more cock and ball torture in the future! I had him try the violet wand for his first time and that was fun as always! I want one of my own SO badly but they're very pricey so I'm hoping someone will be generous and gift me with it someday! In the meantime, I've added it to my wishlist . Christmas IS coming up, after all! :D

Okay, guys, enjoy the update and I'll see you all again this Wednesday, as always!

Happy 50th!

That's right! Happy 50th update, my lovely fans!
And, while I should really be congratulating MYSELF on sticking to it so far I'm going to reward YOU all but updating THREE times a week now, instead of two!
I just felt like everything was moving along too slowly and with my obsessive scripting already stretching more than a year ahead this will really keep ideas from mounting beyond control.
So, I'll be adding Mondays! Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays.
Here's hoping I can keep up with that schedule, that's basically like every other day... I've yet to stumble on the two days a week thing so I have confidence in my own willpower. Plus, I really enjoy being productive.
And this way I can stop being impatient about showing you everything I have in store. :) I think I'm just as excited for each update as you guys are!

Anyway, this is about an hour or two late because for some reason my scanner wasn't working! D: It finally stopped being finicky though. Sorry for the rushed color but ah well.
So, this comic shows you how my strips are actually made, through a slave production line! I'm not the actual artist at all, hahah! Go gimps!

Miny Mistress

Awww, little Mistress Miyu is so cute!
But don't let that fool you... ;)

So, we're finally breaching what goes on in sessions! From this point on you're going to see alot more of the inner-workings of the dungeon. Exciting!

And because I'm so obsessive about this and we have WELL over a years worth of scripts all scheduled I'm gonna jump the gun and tease you all by letting you know that May and June will be FREAKY FETISH months. May was the month NicBuxom first started AND it's my birthday month so it seems fitting. It is in that period that you will finally see revealed the WEIRDEST thing I've ever done. :D

So, for those of you who missed the live broadcast this Sunday here's a few links for you to go and listen to the podcast I did with Webcomic Beacon!
This is a direct link to the mp3 file.
I'm the fuzzy hard to hear one. :P
Oh! And be sure to listen to the VERY end, even past the ending music theme... ;)

I also did the little cover-art for the episode and you can see the full version of it here.
So, those fella's were super cool and I appreciate them having me! Thanks guys!

Also, as mentioned in the podcast, I had a very last minute idea for a costume which you can all peek at right here.
I'm SHOCKED at how many people don't know who Lady Godiva is! I give a quick little run-down of the legend during the beginning of the podcast if you need it. For those too lazy to listen (shame on you) Lady Godiva is most famously known for riding a horse naked through town.
Anyway, I'm rather proud of the costume! Sharky tied his own "bridle" and I made him the little ears. I had the hair lying about and we went for it. It was both terrifying and thrilling to ride around atop him all night. We didn't win first place in the costume contest (just some cute girls in short skirts did) but we won the runner up and got a huge bottle of Cazadores tequila and two nice snifter glasses. :) Yay!

Okay, I think I'm done being a linkwhore now. Check those out. Next update is the 50th update! Should I do something special? Any suggestions?