Marking Fee


So, yes, we do charge "marking fees" in our business! Sometimes also called "heavy session fees."

And it's not JUST because a heavy beating is hard to take. More importantly, it's because if your ass (or back or whatever) is torn to bits and you can't work, you're going to miss out on money!!! I can't get my body smashed and tenderized and then walk into another paddling. And even if you're not sore, many clients don't like to play with girls who are "marked" or bruised. For some it's because they're worried about hurting us or think we can't take it as hard but for many it's the idea of seeing another guys work all over your body. Most clients want us pristine and clean and all to themselves, they don't want to think about the last guy who put his hands on us...

So, the marking fee helps cover any missed sessions after you're left with bruising, whether it be because you need a break or day off or because another client may pass you up.

Most men who like to hand out heavy beatings understand this and are very accommodating. Others are very stingy and don't want to pay extra. And frankly, that really pisses me off. You want to come in here and fuck me up so badly that I can't sit right for a few days and you want me to walk out of here with only $50 for it? That's fucked up. Let's have a little consideration here! Not only do I chance losing money and have to endure alot of pain and discomfort but sometimes there's a small cost for aftercare, too. (Arnica, epsom salts and lotions etc.)

Many of my heavy players know to still tip me well on top of my marking fee but still others just pay the bottom dollar required. That's alright but it's nice when a guy knows you put up with ALOT for him. Especially because I personally will play with no safewords if my marking fee is covered. I COULD be requesting breaks and asking the client to back off but if he's willing to pay my extra fee I won't, I'll just let him swing away and endure. A tip atop my fee shows that the client appreciates my hard work, endurance and accommodation on this front.

And I am a VERY heavy player when I'm compensated. Here's a snapshot of what my ass looked like about two months ago when I took a "no safewords" heavy beating from a Mistress and client.

This is just from the first few hours, after a bath to wash off the small amount of blood. The bruising became VERY dark in the days after. It took over a week to heal (and I was healing fast) and I had to sleep on my belly for a night or two. You can see WHY there are extra fees associated with sessions of this caliber. And why I'm pissed when people don't want to pay alittle extra to demolish me or the other girls. >:(

Please, tip your masochists!!! :)


So, I mentioned I'd started wearing a wig to work? It didn't last long. This story arc will show why. :)

I looked very submissive in it and while it was cute it wasn't doing me any favors. I'm a fan of just being myself, even at work, so I'm back to rockin' the natural hair. It's growing out so it's more feminine now, hardly a mohawk anymore with how shaggy it's gotten.

Uhmmm not sure what else to update you guys on. I'm working on paintings and I have some galleries holding spots for me so I'm REALLY excited about that and should I ever have gallery showings I would love for any of you local readers to come on out and see my more professional work and meet me in person. :)

I'm going to be at the XO Expo Erotic Costume Ball in San Franciso in about a month. Anyone else going? I'd love to meet you and show you our TENS units. :)

Aaand TheShocker is here so I have to run! More comics soon! <3

Featured Fetish: Devoteeism

Hi everyone!

So, this is a Featured Fetish that I've been meaning to do for a long time. It's one of those that can be controversial and I enjoy talking about fetishes that may not be well known or accepted because you rad readers always chime in so wonderfully in the comments with your own knowledge of these fascinations. :)

So, Devoteeism!
Like with many of the fetishes I talk about here there are alot of variances between each fetishists own attraction but it can loosely be defined as being attracted to someone with a permanent and marked disability. This goes for amputees, paraplegics, the blind and more. It doesn't usually matter which part of the body is affected, although each person who engages this fetish has individual preferences.

Devotees, like any people, can vary widely in how they act out their fetishes. This is part of where the controversy surrounding this particular fetish comes from. While many devotees are loving and doting care-givers (likely the majority) some are fascinated by watching a disabled person struggle with their disability. The porn industry that caters to this fetish can sometimes be disturbing in nature as they often verbally condescend the disabled actors/actresses and/or depict them struggling. (But, honestly, I believe any porn can show the negative side to sex.)
Another side to the controversy is that devotee fetishists are sometimes viewed as seeing a person just for their disability, instead of personality. Again, this is widely debated in the community, with disabled persons themselves having conflicting views on devotees.

However, controversy aside, many disabled people find loving, caring romantic partnerships with devotees who love them for all that they are. This can be a blessing to people who, being different, can be told by society that they are not allowed to be sexualized. Like any adult person, disabled people are just as deserving of love, sex and relationships. :)
That's why I chose to depict a more intimate image of a devotee with his partner. They're making eye contact instead of his focusing on her amputated legs. I decided on the leg amputation because it allowed me to take a very traditional image (a gent sweeping his lady off of her feet) so that hopefully her missing legs are an afterthought until you notice her wheelchair in the background.
I know some other parts of the controversy surrounding devoteeism don't like that disabled people are often depicted as weak and feeble and so I'm sorry if this came across this way, I just wanted to show a closeness between the two characters AND show the devotee providing and helping her in a gentle, romantic way.

I hope this was enlightening! Please share if you have your own stories or insight to add!

I've been painting, working and helping PrettyBoy with his acting a ton lately, leaving me with very little comicing time! I'm mad at myself about it and I swear I'm gonna get back in the swing starting now. :)
PB and I are going to a reading for a new webshow he's acting in tonight which means I'll have some sketch-time while they rehearse!
More multi-panel comics coming atcha soon!