That's Unusual?

Are you as pumped as I am?
I'm pumped.

Hey, let me have a little pride in staying with my update schedule! I've been good! LOVE ME!

Sorry. In a weird mood. But then, when am I not?

Also, am I the only one who thinks little chibi Nic is abso-fucking-lutley adorable?

I worked a bit this weekend but didn't make half as much as I'd expected. Know what I'm talking about? You know what I'm talking about.

Ummmm... I guess that's it for now. This comic script is not that great in my opinion and I plan on making it a recurring joke. So, uh, keep that in mind in the future and don't go geeking out on me telling me I'd already used this joke. I plan to change the punchline slightly each time but leave the basic overall sentiment.

Anyway. You don't need to know the bones of my story-lining and whatnot.

ALSO, I had this one all happily finished and then somehow managed to delete a layer of shading along the way and only noticed too late to get it back. Pleh. So, the coloring was better the first time I SWEAR.

Kay, see you guys on Wednesday. I'm 5 comics ahead on linework but this is the last one I've finished coloring so I've gotta get back on it.

I Want Happiness. I mean Hamminess.

I'm so dumb for always coloring on an LCD screen. It means the image looks totally different on other comps (the colors specifically.)
Oh, well. It looks FABULOUS on my laptop. >:(
I am legit happy with my linework and coloring lately, though. :D

And seriously, ladies? You're fucking fine. I swear. Get over it. Geezus. Don't make me jiggle my fat thighs at you. You're beautiful, you're gorgeous, you're fine, now carry it well and rock it out!!!... And have another sammich!

Thought you might have missed the gals so I give you another one to bring them all back. :) Even if I AM making fun of them. Or... I guess more myself. Hard to say.

Decided not to go with the place I looked at. The potential roomy was awesome but the place made me a bit nervous and honestly, it's just not the right time for me, yet. I can't WAIT to get a place for myself but I'm trying to be really careful with money for now. Can't waaaaait for dungeon to reopen. I feel like I'm just killing time until then...

But at least it means lots of comics for you all!

To be honest, I am enjoying having more time for art. It's been awhile since I haven't felt like I'm rushing through doodles, sketches, painting and coloring. For once in my life I have some room to breathe and it's pretty relieving...
Not that I wouldn't jump at the chance for another adventure!

Right, so, that's it for now. I'm working with TheShocker all weekend but I'm ahead on comics so that won't slow down the updates. Also, I'm probably gonna spend the rest of tonight working on some more so we should be good!

See you guys after the weekend! <3

Don't Beg

I like irony!

I am a grouchy face this morning. Meant to update this last night but my internet here is limited so I held off. I wish I was still asleep in bed. >_< *grump*

Going to look at a potential roomy situation today. I haven't been actively looking to move again quite yet but an unusual opportunity presented itself and I figured I couldn't pass it up without at least poking my nose around a bit.
My biggest concern is money, at this point, seeing as I'm not working as steadily and regularly as when the dungeon was open.

So... we'll see.

Update you all on Friday!

Mistresses Are Cruel

About time we got some BDSM back up in this joint, eh?
Also, I felt like you might have missed the Mistresses so I gave them a little face time. Though... you may not be happy to see them. ;P

So, I'm changing one tiny little thing around here. Now that my work schedule doesn't impede this I'm going to update Mondays, Wednesdays and FRIDAYS (instead of Saturdays.)
I just like the flow of the schedule a teensy bit more AND I can now call the Featured Fetish updates "Featured Fetish Fridays!"

Nice ring, eh?
Oh yes. The FFs are coming back. I owe you guys whole bunches. I'm gonna keep doing them on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month for now and see how that goes.
And we ARE back to schedule now, 3 times a week!

Also, I hope you guys appreciate that I've been tossing you a bit of color to make up for my absence but don't get used to it! I haven't decided yet if I'm gonna stick with color...

Though, admittedly, I really am enjoying coloring lately... Hm...

The Sound Of Masochism

(Apologies to Sound Of Music... Don't sue me!)

Skinny Mirrors

Yep. Not to be a "Cathy" but yes, I have these moments.
I can be a girl sometimes, okay!?

If only they had "skinny mirror" glasses so the world could see me as I'm made to see myself.

I kid mostly, though. Y'all know I love the way I look, right? But it is funny to look in a mirror and KNOW that's not how I appear in reality.

Speaking of which I got two new dresses at Goodwill tonight! I am unaccountably excited about them. I think PrettyBoy is turning me into a girl... *shudder*

Uch. Rereading what I just wrote makes me feel like a blithering, vapid barbie. IGNORE ME!

Lazy Artist

I don't WANNA!

Okay, I've been lazy. To be fair I got NO chances to work at all on this last road trip because we spent almost all the time driving (and I get carsick) and then I spent my last week here completely wrapped up with my best friend who happened to be in town. :)

BUT now that Valentines Day has passed I'm back to having lots of free time to update! Huzzah!

No, truly, now that I live in an area I'm less familiar with and have less social contacts in I should have lots of free time to keep up with comics.
I'm still working so there may be blips here and there but I'm gonna try to get a good buffer going now that life has FINALLY settled a bit for me.

Good news: I have a new boyfriend named PrettyBoy. We made it official this V-Day and so far things are going swimmingly. :) He moved back to CA here with me and is working and doing quite well for himself!

Bad news: The dungeon reopening got pushed back again. Now I have to hang in there and busy myself for at least 3 months more. UGH.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'm working on a legit update today and will probably give it to you all tomorrow.