A Few Words

I didn't want to say much until things became more certain. Now, the certainty is cloaked in layers of sadness and disbelief. Today would have been the day I was to update about my 4th anniversary to Sharky, but suddenly there are far heavier thoughts to attend to.

I can see most of you were able to find news of this rather quickly. It wouldn't be difficult for you to seek out the details and so I won't go too much into that here. But we have lost a member of our family, the head of it. You never expect murder and arson to take place in your own home. You never expect it to be by the very hand of one of your own. It is a TERRIBLE tragedy. And amidst the sadness and loss of our dear friend and compatriot there is a gaping unknown. Many of us are hanging in limbo, our livelihood snatched from us and our support group disbanded. The future of PAS is still uncertain for now.

John was not loved by all. He had a gruff nature and could be ruled by his emotions. Many people had their beefs with him but through it all he still offered us a family and a safe haven. We'd still come back home, like you do with any family, despite disagreements. And while John seemed to many a hard and uncaring overlord, if you have ever witnessed a girl or friend come to him with tears in their eyes you would see the way his voice and eyes would soften. If you were ever in dire straights John would help you out and send you off with a loving, "Take it easy, kid."

He cared about people and he cared about our community and he cared about us girls. He was proud of his business and he'd made it what it is. And he offered me the best job I'd ever had. PAS wasn't even a job to me, it was getting paid to do what I love. I was given a community of strong, and wonderfully unusual women to call my friends and I was given a place that would change my entire life, for the better. PAS made me the confident and happy woman I am today. PAS gave me a reason to finally start doing something with my art, like I'd wanted since I was a little girl. PAS gave me a way to make a living doing what I love and to do it on my own terms and my own time schedule.

And John made that all possible for me, and for us.

Even amongst my own sorrow my heart goes out to his family, who will suffer worse than any of us. Thank you all so much for your kind words. I know this is a comic and that it is comedic and that my characters are not real but we are real people and Eve and Coco and all the others are culminations of the pieces of the very real women I have worked with and loved. Your respect of us and of John and of his family and the living he's left behind is greatly appreciated. There is terrible mourning in the underground communities here in Southern California. Your outreach and support does not fall on deaf ears.

Thank you.
And may John's legacy continue with us.
The Buxom babes still have a place to play and will be back to their deviant ways soon. Nobody can stop that.


The comic is on a hiatus, I don't know until when.

We had a tragedy at the dungeon this morning and I am attempting to sort all sorts of things out.

I apologize and will return eventually.

Bad ArtSlave

This is what I think of my punishment!
Hey, I have to rebel in little ways, right?

Alriiiiight I owe you guys one more color one. The next one will be multiple panels and all that but I figured I'd give an artistic grumble. Plus, someone suggested I show Nic getting punished since you all can't do it IRL and I thought it was a cute idea. :)

I've been super grouchy lately so watch out!

EDIT: PS I forgot to say a few things!
I'm not gonna be a Comicon, sorry, I'm too busy. :( But have fun! Next year I will have a booth! Just wait! :D And if you see the awesome people there wearing my t-shirts please say hi, they won't bite!

Also, we now have little buttons below so you can share the comics with ease if you so chose. :) Enjoy! Spread the word!

Featured Fetish: Watersports

And I don't mean water polo. ;P

It feels like it's been awhile since I did a Featured Fetish... Hopefully this one is as big a hit as the last. :) (We discovered so many new sticky fetishists out there!)

Watersports! Refers to all things pee related. :) Now, there are lots more hyperspecific names like "golden showers" which is used when peeing ON somebody else. And typically, that's what this fetish consists of. It's rarer to find someone who just wants to watch someone pee. Usually it involves one partner peeing on another and oftentimes consuming the pee, too. :)

I think it's funny that people have been "correcting" the titles of my Featured Fetishes because basically every single one has MULTIPLE titles. It just depends on the group and region which is used most commonly. Around the dungeon we generally use the term golden showers more frequently but I went with watersports for my image because I chose not to have the gal peeing ON a partner. I guess she could be showering the ground...

Now I've done this playfully with partners in the past (just to try, in the shower) but never in the dungeon because fluid exchange is illegal and we don't take our panties off anyways. This one doesn't specifically do anything for me but I've heard guys say they appeal of it for them is that they, "like anything that comes out of a woman's body."
I could see that.

I think watersports are cute in a rebelious sense. Anytime a chick pees on something to show derision or pees out in nature I get a thrill at the novelty of it. I love peeing in the woods. :)

At least pee is sterile!

Okay, so, I've been WAITING for someone to bring up my two missed comics and therefore my two punishments! Nobody really said anything but luckily for you all I am an HONEST art-slave (can't you tell yet?)
So, I owe you guys two colored updates. The next two will be full color. :)

I've been in a little bit of a funk lately so my production rate is way down. :( Hoping to shake it off soon. Damn us moody artists!


Yes, I have really watched a Mistress make a man eat dogfood.
And while I would likely never do it myself (unless it was asked of me) it's still REALLY funny to watch. :P

Humiliation sessions are the best. Especially when the ladies make them do it publicly in front of all of us girls so we can watch and laugh. :D

It's sweltering out here in LA. :( I'm dying! It's terrible! I hate the heat. I've been going into the dungeon early cuz they have nice A/C. -_-

I'm working on getting a new laptop soon cuz this one is old and has lots of problems and keeps overheating. Shouldn't stop production but I'll let you all know if I have any issues.

Seeing TheShocker again this evening. All I have to say for now, it's too hot to think. :(

Double Trouble

Heehee, have you all missed Eve and the other girls as much as I have?!
I feel like it's been forever and a day since they've made an appearance but worry not, they're back to populate these pages again. :)

Now, I must admit, the original script for this did not have any debil/angel gal references... :P I couldn't resist.

I have more for you! Let me work, work, work. Sharky is home for now, he'll be off again to Israel next month but for now my travels must abate as I need to replenish funds! It's good news for you all as it means I have more time for comics. :)

Urrmmm I think that's all for now. I'm seeing TheShocker the next few days but I'll try to work comics in around him. :)

Have I used this title before? :/

What's In A Name?

Look, I haz moar for you!

So, not trying to be snooty with this but I swear to gawd every person I talk to has dated or known a Dominatrix. Now, I'm not saying I'm the only one out there... But I'm pretty sure most of the guys who tell me they've been with a Domme have just been with a cute little girl who decided to call herself a Domme.
It is that easy, afterall. I know lots of people who just claim the title but don't fit the role.

Not that there isn't always room to learn!
Also, I really do have terribly messy writing...

So, despite Mark's colorful suggestion that he get to cattleprod me for every comic I miss... *glare* I like the idea of you guys "punishing" me for slacking by making me give you colored updates for each comic missed. So far that seems to be the suggestion that everyone prefers so I'm starting it today!
Now, I'm not going to adhere to this for the stuff I've already missed. I'm already bombarding you with comics and if you give me a week we're going back to 3 updates a week...
But after the 17th (which is the next Featured Fetish) we're going to be instating this rule. If I miss an update day (and I'm not talking updating a few minutes after midnight, no fair!) then you all get to punish me and reward yourselves with the next update being full color. :)
Whatta ya say? Even I need some discipline once in awhile!

Okay, off to work a bit early for me today. Enjoy!

The Internet Welcomes Few

Yep, this is basically how ALL of my interactions on the net go. :P

Now, I'm sure this is a totally familiar scene to ALL of you. And while I made this comic extreme (as most of them are) and therefore it comes off more as trolling, there is ALOT of disrespect shown to our fellow man and woman on the internet.

Firstly, yes, I AM familiar with Penny Arcade's theory on this sort of thing. And of course they're totally right! But it got me to thinking about some stuff I haven't covered that's very important to me...

Now, sure, you've all heard me go on and on about loving yourself no matter what your size, color, complexion, gender, whateverthefuck. And of course I aim the message primarily at women, since I find they tend to be the most lacking in the confidence department and I think it's silly...
But there's more to it than that.

Yes, of course you should love your bodies! They're gorgeous and desirable. HOWEVER. I take issue with media (and the majority of people who fall for it's awful propaganda) telling us all that the only measure of a woman's worth is her physical form. That's bullshit. And to think that someone would dismiss us so easily purely on our outer appearance.

Now, before I preach, let me support the accusation. Nevermind the countless clothing, perfume, music, whateverthefuck else commercials and billboards and bustop signs barraging us from all directions. Let's look at popular sitcoms. Now, males can be overweight, balding, slovenly... But they can still play a millionaire, a genuis, a successful human being! And more than that, a DESIREABLE human being. No matter how ugly a guy is, he's almost always paired with a slim, cultural standard of beauty for a wife.

When I was in Puerto Rico I watched tons of fat, hairy, old guys walk around in speedos and shorts. Now, I have NO problem with that. What I have a problem with was any woman with a waistline bigger than my thumb cowering under towels and robes around the pool. These guys have no fear of letting it all hang out because they know their brains or wallets or social standing still mean something. But the women could be reduced to a worthless puddle of nothing and cast off if she didn't fit the leggy, thin, tan mold society has forced upon us.

Now, if I come off as angry, it's because I am. I'm incensed that anyone has bought into this ridiculous idea that all there is to a woman is her form and that anyone would dismiss someone based on something so silly. But, I wanted to address this as an issue of love.

So maybe we're not six feet tall and clear skinned and blonde and blue-eyed and perfectly tanned and busty and slim and a Barbi look-alike. That doesn't mean you're not worth something. All of the women in the world who don't conform or come naturally to the "standard of beauty" still are smart, creative, loving people. We all still have worth beyond our outer shell. If you talk to these women you will see them for the brilliant, funny, unique, talented people they are. Whatever happened to liking someone for their BRAIN or looking deeper than skin?

Now. I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir. But this isn't meant to be a lecture. It's meant to help you re-evaluate the next time someone writes you off for being unattracted to you. Who the fuck cares? You could tear the assholes a new one with your scathing wit. Just smile in knowing you know better than them and what an impossibly vast and beautiful world is available to YOU, while they sit locked away beating it to porn in their mommy's basement.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, too. ;P


EDIT: Oh gawd it says "fist" instead of "first!!!"
Oh well... it's the character's typo, not mine. :P

Here Comes Summer!

This was meant to go up on June 21st, as that was the first official day of summer but hell, the day after July 4th is good enough. :P

Hopefully everyone gets that this is mocking a certain popular old sunblock logo. :P I just put a puppy-slave twist on it. Wear your sunblock, guys! I know I turn into a horrible pink monster without it. Not that I go out in the sun often...

Sooo I've been really undisciplined (haha) about comic updates lately and I don't like that! I've just fallen out of the habit but I need to get back into it. I was trying to think up a way for you all to "punish" me if I miss update days. Something that will benefit you all. Maybe by making me give you extra sketches or something? If anyone thinks anything up, lemme know! I put myself into your capable, sadistic hands. :P