Why I Pay Her

I haven't had my morning coffee yet so I'll try not to come off as surly. -__-
*sluuurp* Let's get the good mood started!
Morning coffee is in progress...

Today is one of my two days off so I plan to get some personal stuff done at last (like laundry oh gawd so much laundry!)
I forgot what it was like to work 5 days a week because I haven't done it in... what... 5 years? Yeesh.
It's not like it leaves me exhausted or anything like that, it's work that I find very pleasant and the girls help with stress relief alot (when they're not causing it haha!)
But there is NEVER any time to get things done! I can't do laundry when I get home really late at night and leave early in the morning. And to do anything else important at home has to be put off until I have a day away from the dungeon. Man!

Anyway. My spirits are high, I don't mean to bitch, I'm just a little frazzled. :)

I'm going to the Labyrinth Of Jareth Ball with PrettBoy on Saturday. I attend it every year but this is the first time a partner will be coming with me! I'll have to keep my flirtation and sexy dancing to a minimum. ;) Especially since PrettyBoy can be jealous and possessive and aggressive!
And me working as a Dominatrix, amiright?

Okay, perhaps now I've had TOO much coffee, I'm starting to ramble.
So, it seems like the Eve and Nic conflict has worked out. Go Honey for having a cool head even when under stress. However, I have some more comics pertaining to Eve and Nic's relationship... Can you all hold out for some more or are you going through withdrawal from the real-life stories?
I'll try to hit you with some sexier/bdsm-ier ones after this arc to soothe your kink-deprived eyes. :)

Things are going GRAND at the new dungeon. I love the girls, I love the bosses, I'm meeting fantastic new clients that I hope turn into regulars and reuniting with old ones. :) Good news all around in my life.
I AM painfully aware that next month marks the one year anniversary of everything that happened with our old dungeon and John. It really slammed me last night but I reassure myself by knowing he'd so want to see us doing well and carrying on the business he so proudly started and maintained. :)
I keep my round little chin up!

Okay, like I said, lots to do!
Comic at you guys soon!

Dungeon Wisdom

I've been working alot lately (which is great but also time consuming.)

What Honey has to say is true of this business. I don't mean to imply we aren't actually genuine about our BDSM interest etc but the pro world IS a different world and it IS a business. We need to be professionals, that's why we have the name.

Sometimes girls do have to make nice around here. It's a house full of women, of course catfights erupt from time to time but most girls are pretty good about making nice in the end.

Just wait till we all get in the same cycle! :O

Okay, I'm exhausted. I've been sleep deprived and it's late so I'll talk at you more in detail with the next update. *flop*

Sweet Honey

I don't have a ton to say today. It's nice to see Honey getting a little emotive here, she's usually pretty patient and calm. I'm enjoying drawing this arc but when it's done I'm also gonna enjoy getting back to the more true to life stuff.

I mean, this is accurate in that there's sometimes gripes amongst the dungeon girl ranks about people taking sessions from one another (the subs and mistresses switching roles etc.) But it doesn't happen too frequently.

I don't think Honey likes to be told what to do...

Ummm... That's all for now. Enjoy! I might see TheShocker on Thursday, I'm working the next 5 days so I'll try to do comics at work when I can.

See ya!

Featured Fetish: Figging

Ooookaaaaay. I have a feeling this one is gonna take a teensy, tiny bit of explanation for most of you. *ahem*

FIGGING is when you put ginger root in a bumhole... And... people do this because the ginger causes a very tingly, burny sensation.

Now, this is one of those requests that I vaguely considered not taking because it's a very invasive, penetrative fetish and I do NOT want this comic to be erotica or porn. That's not what it's about. I LOVE erotica and porn and maybe someday when I have more time I'll do more of it but NicBuxom is not the place.
Still, I think I achieved it in a way that's still funny and appropriate for this genre. I hope I'm right!

Okay. Yes. I really don't know what else to say on the matter of figging uuuhhmm... I've never done it! I've never been BIG into the butt stuff realm (or at least not on the penetrative front) and also... I hate ginger! Ha.
Alot of people will carve a little butt-plug type of tool out of a whole root to do this. I showed that here and just felt like doing a very domestic type of look for this one, I think it's cute! Also, as you see here expressed verbally, even after your remove the offending ginger you will STILL feel the sensation for awhile.

I'm feeling a strong urge to tell you people not to try this at home...

Redheaded Snake

I don't have a ton to say today. I'm in a fairly foul mood, to be honest with you all. Yick. It's a number of things, all of which I don't feel like discussing.

I'm happy with how this comic came out in the least. And I wanna say that I'm touched that so many of you stood up for Eve, that's sweet. She may not have many friends in the dungeon but she clearly has a few out there amongst the NicBuxom readers. :)

That's all I'm up for now. We have a Featured Fetish tomorrow and then instead of spoiling you like I have been with updates every day we'll try to get back on schedule. This arc still has a number of comics to go so I hope I'm not boring you!

EDIT: Fucking fuck there's an "L" missing in the word "calls."

Asserting Dominance

Ho shit! It's all comin' to a head!!!

I really enjoyed writing this little arc. I think it's about time Nic stood up to Eve!

Now, as I've mentioned, this is one of the more fictional exchanges I've ever written. Usually what I write is based almost 100% off of reality with only minor changes for pacing (and because I don't do likenesses.) HOWEVER. It struck me as I wrote Nic's response here that something similar has happened to me.

It didn't come out in an all out scream fest like this because I don't have outbursts like that with people. However, there was a Mistress who thought rather highly of herself who began telling other girls in the dungeon that she was going to have me fired. Now, what's really baffling about this story is that I'd thought the girl was my friend. I'd treated her to dinner, hung out with her and Sharky outside of the dungeon and spent hours helping her on many of her personal projects. I don't know why or when she decided we weren't buddies anymore and my other girlfriends who tipped me off to her back talking and threats said she never specified why she hated me so. Weird.

But ANYWAY. I was offended that, no matter what my presumed fault, that she would attempt to put my livelihood at risk. Not JUST a job, but something I clearly love and cherish (as I'm sure you've all noticed. :) )
Well, I knew my standing with both the girls AND (more importantly) with the boss. John and I were close and we had an excellent understanding. He trusted me. He knew I was responsible, honest and dedicated to the wellbeing of the dungeon. AND that I never had issues with the girls. I casually spread word that if one of us were to be fired, it would be her.

And guess who's still here?

I don't want to take credit for her losing her good standing here. It certainly didn't help her case to be on my bad side but she was ultimately fired for issues with money. She did it to herself.

I don't believe in karma in a mystical sense but I do believe you're gonna get back what you give and people with poor attitudes and morals don't make it far.

Would you all miss Eve....? :)

Handprint Shaped Stairs...


I don't have alot to say for some reason... My best friend has been in town and it was good to see him and his fiance a bit even though they were visiting under sad circumstances.

Ummm... I don't know. Not alot is different since yesterday, heh. I'm seeing Mark this Friday in the dungeon so that'll be nice. :) I can take my financial woes out on his balls. Yay!

I guess the only other thing I have to say is that I'm sick of people contacting me about my "hairy fetish" caterings only to reveal all they really want is to eat my pussy. Sheeeesh! You think they'd settle for some leg and armpit worship, those limbs are probably HARDER to find of the furry variety!

I'm sure I've gone over this but to reiterate nobody gets to touch my nethers or even see them, I don't go full nude. That stuff is reserved for PrettyBoy. :) He may not be a hairy girl fan but it sure doesn't stop him!!!

A Matter Of Money

Aha! A turning point perhaps? The plot thickens.

This is FREAKISHLY appropriate! I had this written before any of this was actually happening but I've been shocked at how many of the "Mistresses" that I work with are suddenly available for sub sessions.
Welp, hard times call for desperate measures, I guess?

I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a Mistress once. ;)

I may have mentioned awhile back that I was competing in a 48hr film with PrettyBoy? Well, that went down the drain due to technical difficulties with our cameras! However, we thought the idea was too good just to let go so we're working on it again! I play a VERY small (non-speaking) role but I figured you guys still might be interested so when we're all done with that I'll be sure to post it for your amusement. :)

In the meantime, here's some more Lunatic Odyssey!

And... can I just say really quickly that looking back on these... I look AWFUL!!!
I know I had strep throat at the time (I dunno if we'd yet to reveal/discover that in the videos yet) and that my glands are swollen etc but boy do I look at hot mess. :/

...PrettyBoy looks pretty hot in the pie-eating scene though...



This was an old joke I had that I thought would fit in well to this little story arc I've got going about Nic and Eve. They haven't really gotten along since day one and it may now be comin' to a head...

Had a hairy girl fetishist earlier today and it was really pleasant! As you may have noticed that's one of my favored fetishes. I just feel so much more feminine and natural and like myself when I'm not doing hair removal. Such a pain, such a task, and so much money and suffering just to fit in socially. Bah. It's not for me.

That's all for now. Getting to know the ladies in the new dungeon and having mixed opinions. They're mostly all very fun and friendly, though. :)

Okay, gonna keep drawing while I sit here at work. :) It's more fun to draw in your undies, anyway! :D


Okay, this is the beginning of a 12ish or so page story arc I just made up a few nights ago. Once again, this one isn't based off of a specific incident or anything but there IS cattiness amongst the girls from time to time so it's appropriate.

I should be having a hairy fetish and face-farting fetish sessions sometime soon. :) I like getting the more off-the-wall ones, to be honest. It amuses me. :)

I have a treat for ya'll.
My good buddies (and fellow arty folk) MC and Mary are having a little sale on their etsy SPECIFICALLY for you readers! If you enter NICBUXOM as the coupon code you'll get 10% off your purchase! :D It's a limited time thing, though, so don't dawdle!

Also, I've been meaning to post a Lunatic Odyssey FOREVER. Not like any of you care anymore. We've been safely home for a few months, ha, but whatever, relive what a goober I was (am.)

I work the next few days and have a busy weekend of personal stuff atop that but I will try to draw in the dungeon for you all. :)

Oh, also, you guys as the audience were the mirror in this strip. Was that too weird or awkward? Did it not come across? I dunno. I'm not sure if I'm glad I did it that way or not. *shrug*

Featured Fetish: Balloons

Balloon fetish! What a fun one!
I know alot of balloon fetishists like to see a person blow a balloon as BIG as they can possibly get it before it pops. I know popping is also a huge part of this fetish. I like videos of girls bouncing on their butts on balloons till they pop, which is partially why I chose to draw this image this way. Also, thought it was a fun touch with the threatening pop potential of the needle and balloon.

I've also seen videos of freaky-giant balloons that can fit a person inside. Crazy! Sorry not to add links, you'll just have to do some searching for yourself. But, here's a hint, there's ALOT of this stuff on youtube since it's usually not very porny.

So, I'm working at the new dungeon (or more like the revamped dungeon.)
We're still doing ALOT of work on the place, site and advertising but I will try to get you all some links and photos when things start falling into place. I AM here currently, available to play and so are some of the old dungeon girls and alot of new girls.

Frankly, so far I love, love, love my coworkers. They're all very pretty, sweet girls. And more than that I appreciate that our new owner Mistress Cyan is open to a variety of ladies. John (love him though I do) had more rigid ideas of who could work this industry but Mistress Cyan and her crew are having such a great collection of beautiful women of all sizes, types, colors, shapes, backgrounds etc. It's freakin' awesome. :)
Here's hoping everything stays good. I'll keep ya'll updated!

Up next I'm going to bombard you with a story-arc I made up. It's not from any real experience but things like it can happen. So, enjoy! I'll get that to you soon.

Busy Buxom

Thank you all for being patient!
The dungeon has reopened as Sanctuary Studios LAX and I've been working the last few days. As you can imagine, it's been hectic. I'll be working on comics in my down-time at the dungeon so fret not! Nic and the Buxom Babes are still here. :)